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Hit My 7th


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I hope that clicking the submit button below will mark a new beginning in my online ventures as a freelance writer.I have all that it takes to deliver high-quality content on blogs and forums and this website will be a good platform for me to get started.

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I'm super excited to report that I've just made my 7th post. (Woot!) 

I'm a deft writer with zero formal training and a natural knack for keeping the reader engaged. Feel free to test that theory....or should I say: Please test that theory; often! 

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Hi there!  I just hit my 7th post and now I'm awaiting you're review.  I do hope that my mistakes are too few for you to notice, :) 

I made my posts without a draft and typed it in directly using a smart phone I'm carrying, I couldn't wait to finish it at home so I started writing and finished my 8 posts while travelling.  I do pray that my posts would merit my acceptance in your organization.

Thank-you and God Bless!

Noel Angeles aka Kakashi2020

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Hello Mods hope you are having a great one.

Hit my 7th post and kindly ask that you overlook one that was posted by mistake (CGI and Movies nowadays). I searched everywhere for the delete button, couldn't find it.

However, I hope the others are fine. I'm available and willing to work with you guys, if you so desire. Thanks in advance. :D

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