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Hit My 7th


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Thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to apply here as a writer on your Website. The process was fun and I do hope to experience more of it in the near future. I have finished my seventh post.  Regards.

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Hi There!

I have successfully completed my seventh post and am awaiting my review! I am so exited to hopefully begin posting regularly. This has been a very entertaining application process. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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Hi, PFP Staff! I've on the Lucky 7th post here, so wish to take this opportunity to apologize for hitting the "submit reply" button on my Chicken & Rice recipe post for "What are your favourite slow cooker recipes?" before converting those ingredients to UK/British/Euro measurements.

I'm a military "brat" and I have lived all over the world. I love chatting with other nationalities, so I hope there's an opportunity to do so in the future. Thanks for giving me a chance to participate in something fun and educational and engaging!

@Aingealicia I'm giving you extra points for a fun poetry response! And since I have absolutely no power to do so, so it's kind of like getting an expired coupon! haha But it's the thought that counts! Thanks for sharing an entertaining 7th post!  :-)

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