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Hit My 7th


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Dear Admin,

I have written 7 posts and this is my 8th one. I hope I have completed all the requirements and am eligible for reviewing. Hope to do a good job for this forum. Thank you or your time and effort you put into to review our applications. 



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I hit it! My most awaited seventh post is done! This would be my last and eight post as you have mentioned in the instructions. I enjoyed writing all the seven posts because it was raining outside and it was the right time for me to have fun while writing. Truly speaking, this is the first time that I am realising that writing comments is a serious task unlike what we used to do on social media sites. Awaiting your approval to proceed further!

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And I hit my 7th. I enjoyed this writing time. I first responded to posts as part of online college courses. Professors often use this technique so students can discuss the coursework. I look forward to your response.

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I have just completed my 7th post and I must say that I had a difficult time choosing only 7 from all the wonderful posts to be found here. I look forward to having you review my posts and choosing to make me a member of your wonderful community opportunity!

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