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Digital or Paper Books?

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I prefer paperback books because there is just something I really like about holding a physical copy of the book I'm reading and turning the pages. I do read both paperback and digital books thought, and if I am reading a digital book I prefer using something like Kindle instead of looking at a bright screen because I often read at night and before bed and prefer not to use electronics much at that time.

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On 4/11/2017 at 11:57 AM, OffshoreWorker said:

There is nothing better for me than the smell of a printed page...and the feel of actually holding a corner of a book and turn it to the next page. So I guess it is paper please. 

I agree. I've tried e-books. Just cannot do it! 

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I love the tactile feel of a book in my hand. I love the smell of the pages. I love being able to take it to the beach and not having to worry about the sand or sea destroying it like I would an electronic device. I love collecting books too and having them in my home. I do have a Kindle, and I have lots of books downloaded, etc. However, if I were forced to choose between the two media, I would always choose the hard copy over the digital.

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For me, is a paper book. The reason is simple. With a paper book, my attention is fully concentrated on the subject.  I’m hardly distracted when reading a paper book. I do read the digital book though. But my major concern with the digital book is the distraction that comes with it.  Because a digital book can only be found on gadgets like laptops, tablets etc. And because these gadgets come with other programs and apps, it can be hard to concentrate on the subject when reading a digital book.

Aside from the distraction, the digital book can be a very good option. Very handy and can be accessed at any time through the internet and gadgets.  Unlike the paper book that can be access mostly at home and in the office.

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When reading a book, nothing beats the feeling of holding its cover, touching  each page  as I carefully turn them, and yes, the smell of the ink printed on the paper. These moments are what I long for when I read books; the complete experience.

However, the idea that I can carry hundreds of books in my bag amuses me. When I was little, I dream of having my own library. Today, that dream is fulfilled. Thaks to ebooks, I can have a library in my pocket.

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