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The 5 Most Important Trends in Blogging

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1. I've found out that "The size Matters" -the traffic to your blogs captivates you (the blogger) to deliver influential and quality content.

2. "The End-of-Comments" -has in ways kept bloggers in trying positions and worry hence getting them into different actions such as seek information and ways to curb this since it's what everyone would never wish for -a dormant blog.

3. "Engagement" -I'm very certain that this is the Era of Engagement. If your post are not engaging and your followers ain't engaged, definitely, it's negative and the purpose of blogging is failing.

4. "Influence" -Content of blogs that outreach in values, impacts, facts and advice seems to be making massive visitors. This should be key in the Bloggers mind.

5.Last but not the least i found out was "Great Graphics" -caputure you followers and visitors minds. There is a power in not saying a word, so to speak! Because when i think of Instagram and Pinterest, or Shutterstock and Flickr, i actually know I'm right!

Blogging isn’t going anywhere and will continue to evolve in its role as one of the most important content creation, publication, and distribution strategies for businesses and individuals online. The trends in blogging I've outlined here are the most important in terms of their impact on the blogging landscape, but they are far from the only trends impacting bloggers and blogging generally. For more trends you'd wish to add on/ask, please leave a comment or message.


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