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Making tragedies as stepping stones to Success

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As last year came to an end I was involved in serious injury whereby a motorbike ran over my foot as I came from work, that made me be admitted for a three week period. The previous month before, I'd lost my two beloved pets due to the additional working hours I was pressured to spend at work -after the company was hacked. All in all, I took a vow this year to goal-orient myself in hardwork and commitment to excel in all my endeavors when I get right-back on my feet! And as long as I'm breathing, this is my driving force- ''In pursuit of success!''

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There are a few things in life that we can be reassured of. These are Life, Death,Tragedy and Triumph. At some point in life, we will be faced with any of these instances. Ultimately, it's not when but how we perceive to handle our circumstances. Human beings are extraordinary, even more so when we consider that we are connected to the bigger picture being the world and the universe. Every now and then we should stop and think that we were not the first, we definitely will not be the last and we've existed for countless years through many different ordeals, personal and otherwise. As such we should embrace every moment that is available to us. Nature is always a great example for us. Trees are always rising towards the light, the earth is always healing itself despite the many atrocities. So to must the nature within us to constantly strive for the better prevail throughout our lifetime. 

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