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Living in a Dorm

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Has anybody had the opportunity to live in a dormitory?

I live in a dorm while going to college, and I can say that I have had the best and worst of times living in them.

On the negative side, the bathrooms are always crowded, and there is absolutely no privacy, since there are only two toilet stalls and three showers. Also, the walls are just about paper-thin, and noisy. You can hear just about anything going on, from the room next door to the elevator down the hall. The food gets old after a while too, even though it started out tasting fine.

Not everything is a negative though, there are great things about living in dorms too. I get to live with hundreds of other people, and it's so easy to make friends. I'm centrally located on campus too, so I have easy access to just about anything that I need.

Does anybody have experiences living in dorms as well?

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