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Top 3 video games of your childhood

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Just for fun, post the top three video games of your childhood. Which ones were your favorites? Here are mine:

1) Pokemon. I still play Pokemon to this day because it's so fun and nostalgic for me, but the top Pokemon game of my childhood would be Pokemon Sapphire. I played Pokemon Yellow first, but Pokemon Sapphire was and still is my all-time favorite. The graphics, although nothing special, are so bright and colorful. The music is great too. 

2) Mario Kart, on the Nintendo 64 specifically. My favorite track was always Rainbow Road. I practiced a lot as a kid and became an expert, and now I am the Mario Kart champion of my family. My nieces were here to visit last week, and we all played Mario Kart on the Wii U. It's so fun to see how the Mario Kart games have improved with more racers and more tracks. 

3) Animal Crossing. I had this game for the GameCube as a kid, and I absolutely loved it. Even though the original game is pretty repetitive after a while (at least in my opinion), I never got bored and would play as soon as I got home from school. I have New Leaf for my 3DS now and I really enjoy it, and I also just started on Pocket Camp which is so cute! 

I'm really happy that my favorite games from my childhood are still playable, and that there are new ones in the series too. I'm able to introduce the games to my kids someday, and they can enjoy them as well!



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My favorites are:

1) Mario Kart. I started playing the Nintendo 64 version when I was around 6. I continued to play every game in the series until the Wii version. I couldn't continue playing the newer ones due to my budget. Mario Kart Double Dash had to have been my favorite out of the series because I spent most of the time playing with my dad and my uncle. 

2) Crash Bandicoot. This was for the PlayStation 1. It was my first platformer. I remember having a hard time at some of the later levels where I would die often, but I never could be upset because the death animations were hilarious. I've never played another game where, if you miss the platform, your shoes flew into the air. 

3) Super Smash Bros. Next to Mario Kart, this was the most played game during my childhood. My sister, cousin and I would play most of the week and feature almost nothing but Pokemon battles. We couldn't afford any of the standard Pokemon games so this was as close as we could get. 

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My favorites are Mario Kart, Minecraft and Counter Strike 1.6. I started out with Mario Kart at my Wii that I literally just got when I was 10, and that was the first actual game that I loved. Then, I moved onto Minecraft and played it for a while, but eventually, in my early teens, it got boring. I played Minecraft from its release to the first Beta. Then I moved on to Counter Strike as all my friends played it, and it definitely was an amazing game.

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That's a tough choice, depends on what part of my childhood we're talking about. I have always been really into MMOs (online games), so my top three games would be online games too. I've played these games in my early teens, and they would be:

First would be Teeworlds. Kind of an unpopular choice, it's really not a popular game! I loved competing against other people in that game. I've always loved competitive games.

My second choice is Maplestory. I've always been really into anime, so the cute anime-style graphics of this game really made me enjoy it. Plus, I love side-scrollers.

The third game I'll choose is Nostale. It's a bit similar to maplestory, as it's graphics fit the anime style as well. Although, it's a bit more boring than my first two choices. You have to grind a lot too.

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This would probably be Minecraft, I used to play Minecraft a lot back in the day and actually quit only about two years ago which wasn't very long ago, to be honest. It was a very innovative game and definitely has a lot of memories that I carry on with me.

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Telcee Green

Keep in mind that I am 49 years old. The top three games of my childhood were "PacMan," "Ms. PacMan" and "Frogger." The Atari 2600 came with a game called "Breakout." I also enjoyed playing "AstroBlast," "DigDug," and "Centipede."

I could play for hours on my Atari. Kids today have no idea how much fun those games were. They cannot even imagine how the system worked. 

I have video games that I enjoy playing now and if you compare the graphics, of course today's video games beat those of yesteryear without a doubt. However, I wouldn't trade my experience for anything in the world. 

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Forum Helper
  1. I have played Mario , that was the greatest game of my childhood , i was playing all day with my dad on Nintendo .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  2. I liked playing counter strike 1.6 on the PC , I was crazy , all day i called my friends to go to the computer rooms in my town and play

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If I have to back to my pre-18 years, I'd have to go back to the Atari 2600 and the wild days of going to the arcade!  Spent many hours playing.  Just let me pull up my rocking chair and list my favorites.


  1. Tempest-I can't really remember what purpose of this game was I just remember spinning the dial and shooting things before they shot me.
  2. Centipede-A classic but again shooting things before they got me.
  3. Pole Position-As a kid there really was nothing greater than pretending to drive.

Atari 2600

  1. Skiing-I'm not very athletic and not much for snow but this one allowed to pretend I was an Olympian!
  2. River Raid-Just basically flying over a river shooting things before again they shot me.
  3. Super Breakout-Yes, Breakout was fine but Super Breakout you could pick your own sounds. 

Yeah, great times!  So much so that I've never stopped playing video games.  Kids today don't know how good they have it today.  I had to pretend those sticks on the screen were people!


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My one and only console as a child was a Sega Genesis.  Sad but very true.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog - Classic!  I still remember hating it when I would pick up a decent amount of speed only to hit those darn spikes and drop all my rings.

2. Primal Rage - Fighting games in our house was frowned upon by mom, so she made us turn off the gore option whenever we played.

3. Super Mario - I didn't play on my own N64 but whenever a friend had this game, it was all I ever wanted to play!

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Ser Ney

I am an 80's kid and during that time the games that I love to play are:

1.Mario - It is an all-time favorite game.

2.Donkey Kong 


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My favourite games from childhood are:
1. Mario Forever- I played it when i was like 7-8 years old and I had a great time although,I couldn't reach world 3 and got stuck in world 2,but it was awsome
2. Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood- This game really hooked me because it was my first FPS game and also made me interested in history
3. NFS (Most Wanted,Carbon,7)- If you were a boy you couldn't hate this game,it was amazing to drive the cars of your dreams and beat others in illegar races or escape the police

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I am loving this thread. It is definitely interesting seeing someone say 'back in the day' when referring to a game that was only created 9 years ago.

1. Mario Brothers - The original NES of course. This game was my best friend during some formative years which were spent moving from city to city and having to endure bullying in school.

2. Pac-Man - Is there anything better than the 'chomp chomp' sound?

3. Tetris - The very first time I played Tetris, I was about 7 years old and on holiday in Greece with my family. It was used to keep me entertained while the adults enjoyed the beach. I on the other hand, spent countless blissful hours honing my gaming reflexes.

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I have been playing games since my childhood. The first console that I bought was a Sega Mega Drive 2. I bought a few cartridges for it. My most favorite game was " Street Fighter Champion Edition".  Another game that never let me get bored was " Snow Bros ". The third game that I use to play for hours was " Demolition Man ". It was inspired by a Hollywood movie and it was a great source of entertainment for me.

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