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3 Ways to Become a Better Writer

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Writing is a way to speak without having to do so in front of many people. You just want to express yourself and be spared from the humiliation of saying something you didn't mean or you just want to be an anonymous entertainer. Here are 3 ways I used to increase my writing skills:

1. Read a lot of books

I found that reading helps me to learn more vocabulary words and expanding your vocab increases your ability to become a better writer. 


2. Practice writing

I practice writing whenever I have the chance to, whether it's writing short stories or posting on my favorite social media site, I find myself enjoying writing even more. You are able to increase your skills through practicing by getting feedback, increasing spelling and grammar skills and increasing your data intake. The more you know the better the variety is when knowing what to write about. When you write in your favorite way, you make it more enjoyable to practice!

3. Look up lyrics to your favorite songs

When I come across a song that I enjoy singing along to, I spare myself the embarrassment singing along to a song I don't know the lyrics to by looking them up. I find so many great ways that artists use figurative language to enhance their material and make it sound great. What better way to use a simple writing hack? You will see similes, hyperboles, personifications, metaphors and more. Take those and make your own, soon you will become a better writer than you were before!

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Nice write up by the way, you nailed it!

I have been a writer for long now it is always something to enjoy, writing is not just about the whole practice like you want to write a test, no! It should be a daily habit and you must do it with discipline.

My own three  rules on how to become a better writer:

1. Keep a daily journal

Writing on your journal everyday gives you ideas and ease on writing, just like you keeping a diary tell your journal about everything that happened throughout that day, this is often a good start. I keep my journal I write on every now and then. Try it out it will help!

2. Reading

Reading is not a normal thing people do like before with ease, now the whole social media have taken over; some people can't read hardcovers for others  e-books while other people can't read the both. Which ever it is, just read and write down those things that you don't understand, you can always revisit them later when you want to.

3. Always write

There are times you get this writing blocks and you feel you can't continue and you want to quit, well am proud to tell you that all the books you have read all started like that. Just keep making those mistakes and flaws when it is time for the second draft, you will appreciate the fact that you didn't stop.


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