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2 Tips For Using Your Phone While Travelling

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Here are four essential tips for using your phone while travelling.

1. Turn off data roaming

When your phone uses data roaming, it accesses the internet using another mobile network. You are still billed by your own provider, and these bills are much higher than your regular plan. To switch off data roaming, go to your phone’s settings and select Mobile Networks. Press Data Roaming, then choose the option to turn it off.

2. Buy a local SIM card and plug adapter

A plug adapter is essential since it means you can charge your phone no matter where you are in the world.

A local SIM card can save you money, thanks to the cheaper rates, but only if you’ll be staying in one place for a long time and making calls and texts to people who are also in that country.  Your phone needs to be unlocked for a local SIM to work.

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