6 Myths You Probably Still Believe!

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Let us refresh our memory for a minute! 

        How much time do you spend on your phone reading myths every day? Do you realize the ease of ludicrous influence you believe, and debunked accepted wisdom your forced into from social media? As we heard this past year, a few myths circulating the internet such as the "Flat Earth" nonsense. Only a few retweets, perhaps a celebrity that endorsed the deal, and a sluggish day for the newsboom everyone is on the True/False scale. Remember mom saying do not eat a meal before you go swimming, the result is bad cramps. This is not true - however I have swum on a really full stomach, that was not a comfortable feeling! Dissimilar myths such as the hottest planet might be Mercury, I believe there are planets beyond planets. That childhood cut we all get that grandmas doused Hydrogen Peroxide on, at a cellular level will only extend the wounds healing time. Lastly, the "Banana Tree" is really a Herbaceous plant/herb. These myths are all appropriately dashed.  Everyone, you are welcome!

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