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What kind of music you usually listen?

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There are a lot of music produce by so many artist today but I would still prefer to listen the 90's and 2000's music. I just love the vibe and the beat of the music it brings back a nostalgia of my childhood days. 

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I drive my wife and kids crazy in the car because I jump around the stations so much.  I only listen to literally about 2 beats before I move on before I settle on something.

I don't listen to anything from a particular time-frame.  I jump from a few 60's, to some 70's, lots of 80's, like the 90's, 2000's and today.  

When I am at home on the computer I listen to Synth-wave.  Love it for chilling.  

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I am in constant search and evolvement around new music, but I think I have found the genre that suits me the most. It is a combination of old and modern. I listen to Deep House mixed with ethnic vocals of Asia, Africa, South America, and Balkans. It can really touch your soul and get you to the dance-floor at the same time.

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