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Alyssa Eddy

Dear Me in 5 Years...

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Alyssa Eddy

Dear Me,

I hope you are doing well and thriving in life like you should be. I hope you stop letting people treat you badly and start treating yourself better. You are the only person in this life that you can always count on. It sucks but it is true. I wish you the best.




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Dear me in 5 years,

I know you're good enough to keep things on track. And I am pretty sure we have a new member of our family. One sweet little baby girl, so our son is not alone and bored!

I hope you've managed to get that degree already. You've delayed it long enough. Although maybe after all those years they'll just give it to you without question!

Another thing I hope you did is to take your driving license. I am currently struggling to carry our 2-years old son, even though I weight almost like him. I don't want to picture you carrying two of them... And let's hope we'll manage to avoid this problem with the second one...

Another thing I am pretty sure you did is rock that blog. I am this close to doing it but there is always something that I miss. It'll get going with time, I know. It must! 

Anyway, I wish you've put on some weight, bought that apartment and got rid of all the problems I currently have. I think its time to have some calm days in our lives.


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Daezee Chayne

Dear Me in five years,

Congrats on quitting smoking, I knew you could do it! I see you also wrote that story down, is it going to be a Trilogy like I thought? Don't worry if you haven't finished it yet, we will prevail!

Your sincerely,

Me right now

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Dear me in 5 years,

 I hope that you already figured what you want  and how to achieve it, i know that we have been through a lot and i hope that you are still strong  as i have always known you, or even stronger. 

I know that you moved forward, defeated your mental problems and gotten used to you health conditions.I have pushed you a lot, stopped you from getting some of what you want in life, forced you to do stuff you didn't like, but, it was all for your sake, for this moment and for the great human being you have become .

Keep being nice and remember to accept and  cherish  yourself, life is so short so make the most of it!.

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