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Wants versus needs

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No Problem

Sometimes our needs and wants differ and create conflict for us.  Do your needs and wants tend to differ or do they tend to be the same?  For me they often differ, but occasionally they are one and the same.  It sure makes my life easier when that happens!

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It's all about balance. To do the things that you need so that you can live the life you want. 

Of course, that is easy to say but not so easy to achieve. I believe in working hard but in the progress always making time for yourself and for what you want. 

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Jenny Bliss

Goal setting is very helpful. Once you have a list of things you want you can divide each achievement in tasks, after that you can prioritize what is urgent, what is important or both. This way is easier to keep a balance between wants and needs because you have a clear idea about what you want, therefore providing what you need should become a stepping stone. Mind mapping can help, you can even use apps for this.

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Every time I catch my mind wandering into desire, I ask myself if I really need what I'm longing for.  It is tricky to decide if the thought is related to a mere craving or a real need. I find that there isn't a general rule to apply: I just investigate the intention behind my need and determine if it is genuinely necessary. 

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