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The Loss of the Living

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There are diseases in this world that exact a terrible price.  The price is not only paid by the sufferer but, loved ones as well.   Alzheimer's is such a disease.  It strips away all those things that make a person a person.  It takes away peace of mind, memories and eventually, voice.  It is elusive in the beginning.  It may start with the simple misplacement of objects, a forgotten word, or the forgetting of an address.  It moves forward most insidiously.  Panic attacks may follow as the person wonders and worries about these changes.  Paranoia may set in as concerned loved ones make the person feel as if people are "out to get them".  As days and nights start merging, they lose a sense of time and place.   Eventually, the present falls away, people are confused for those from their past.  Finally, they fail to recognize any one and cease to respond.   They refuse to talk, to eat and to react.   As each day passes, a little more is lost so that while they are still living they are also lost to you. 

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