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Venting-Legitimate Expression of Self or Just Whining

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We know the drill.   A co-worker approaches us on break.   The day started too early and there is still a long time before quitting time.  The boss seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown and everyone is now walking on eggshells.  Time for some commissary between fellow combatants.   Your co-worker starts.  The day began on the wrong foot.  She spilt coffee on her new pants.  She had to use one of those portable stain lifting products while driving down the road so as not to be late.   She gets to work only to discover that she cannot remember her new passcode assigned just the day before.   Then she takes a tangent to vent about the changing of the passcode.  Then, it is your turn.  You tell about your child forgetting to tell you that a project was due that day until 9:00 p.m. the night before.  So there you are scrambling in the craft drawer in a mad attempt to have something, anything to turn in.  You go on to tell about your boss coming in demanding a reason for your failure to respond to his e-mail that you never received and so on.   As you return to your desk, you feel a little guilty as you wonder did you justly air grievances or did you just whine about the unfairness of your live.

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