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Just Coffee Please

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It seemed simple.  Walk into the shop, go to the counter, place your order, pay for your order, receive order and leave.   First problem, apparently there is no such thing as simple.   Perhaps, my order was complicated at some unknown level.  I mean I wanted coffee.  Just a cup of hot coffee.   Not a latte, not a frappe, no syrup, and no milk, soy or otherwise.  Just a cup of hot coffee.   The expression was blank as I placed my order.   Coffee?     You want a latte?   What flavor?  What type of milk?      No.  Just hot coffee.   You know the stuff where the beans are ground and roasted, you put it in the machine add water and presto hot coffee.   Hmmm.  What flavor?  Just coffee, hot and black, please.   As the line behind me began to backup, I  wondered how desperate was I for this coffee.  I mean wouldn't it be simpler to just give in and order a latte with some weird flavor and milk alternative.   But, no, I had rights.   I wanted coffee, pure and simple, hot and caffeinated.   I stood my ground and after a look of confusion, the barista called for the manager.   The manager gave me a strange look, how could anyone not want all the bells and whistles when it came to coffee.   After what seemed like an interminable stare down, I left that shop with coffee.  Just coffee, pure and simple, hot but, possibly decaffeinated.     

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