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Vaccinations in the antiscientific era. A reflection

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We are living in dark times for scientific progress. In a modern witch hunt of ignorance against knowledge, vaccinations represent one of the favourite targets for all the most atavic fears and retrograde beliefs of humankind. As a doctor, I’ve probably heard it all: people who just keep on believing in a 12-case study declared a hoax 20 years ago, even when studies on more than 600000 children prove the contrary; parents receiving death threats because they asked for the vaccination of their immunocompromised child’s classmates; parents who are still contrary to vaccinations after their own child spent more than a month between life and death due to a preventable disease; politicians bragging about sending their own children to pox parties.

I’m starting to think there is nothing, absolutely nothing we can do to make antivaxxers change their mind, but I see some light on the horizon. The youngest generations are less prone to irrational beliefs and prejudice, instead they are showing critical thinking and empathy. Kids are the ones asking for immunisation to protect that classmate who just got back from hospital. Kids are asking Reddit how to get their vaccinations done bypassing their parents’ authorisation. There is still hope for the future.

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