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In our lives today there are so many bad things happened in many places, like crime and accident. That is why CCTV (CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION) is really important to have, because of this we can know and we can see what is happening even the situation is not new. Sometimes it solves crimes and other bad activities that people make, it's very helpful to get the right move to do things on that particular situation. 

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I once had a close call but was saved by CCTV in the office building where I worked. This particular incident occurred a long time ago while I was still working at the bank. 

It was a Friday afternoon and there were lots of customers on queues which unnerved every staff at that moment. I lost concentration for some couple of minutes then later realized I was missing about 100k, making my ledger short of balancing. At first, I thought maybe I might have double credit a customer but couldn't trace any such transaction. As you may already know, banks do not take likely shortages and as such has to be paid by any staff who runs short before closing hours. I didn't have that kind of money to pay. Just when I almost gave up, a security staff suggested to go over the CCTV. Then Boom! There it was. A colleague who I thought was a good friend of mine had taking the money. He immediately got arrested and the money retrieved saving me from certain mishap. 

Drawing from my personal experience, am compelled to say CCTVs are life savers. Imagine If there wasn't a CCTV, I would have been in so much trouble. Now imagine other situations even worst than mine where CCTVs were able to provide closure or solve the cases depending on the nature of the situation. So yes, I think the presence of CCTVs benefits the society as a whole. 

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