What is your lucky number?

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How superstitious are you? Do you have a lucky number? I do. It's 9. Throughout my life, the number 9 pops up randomly and in the most random ways. No, I haven't played the lottery with its variations because I do not actually carry weight with it. It does not have magical properties for me, but it makes it more fun when you order food and you're guest 9. Don't you just feel like this time your food is somehow going to taste better? Is this a thing? Or am I just "a little-stitious?"

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Katherine, actually there is a thing with numbers and it's called numerology. It's the study of numbers and has been in use for centuries. Being able to calculate your numbers is a valuable tool in understanding yourself and your life path.  For instance, if you added up your birthday, it would probably add up to 9 as it seems to be your number.  


June 18, 1969

6+18+1969= 49=4+9=13=1+3=4




Either way, my life lesson number is 4 and ironically, my favorite number. As a 4, I am meant to learn about Foundations. The number 9 being the last number of the single digits is about Endings/Beginnings. I find numerology to be fascinating and am constantly amazed by it. Almost seems magickal.

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