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Tipping... The Outdated Wage

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Tipping has risen up the ranks in hot topics. To tip or not to tip? Most people agree you tip by percentage. Some people believe you tip by service. But what if you didn't have to tip because the employer paid the worker a proper wage. What if you could tip them because you wanted to? What if you couldn't tip at all?

Some tipped workers prefer the tip system as they can make a decent amount of money, while other tipped employees don't make enough to make ends meet. I believe we should raise the minimum wage, for tipped workers as well as everyone else.

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I agree, most places have waiters share they're tips now anyway, they usually no longer make more than the minimum wage after sharing their tips at least this way they would ensure they get the minimum. Besides if restaurants are so concerned with having to pay waiters, they could just not hire any and have patrons pick up their dish rather than use a loophole to not have to pay workers their fair share. 

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