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PC games - Old vs New

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There is something about PC games from the late 1990s and early 2000s that, to me, really hit the spot. I feel games these days are to wrapped up in novelties and in hyper-realistic graphics and pay less attention to story content and immersing the player into the dimensions of the game.

Let me know your opinion and what your all-time favorite PC game is.

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Most of the popular PC games today a far too violent for my tastes, so I gravitate towards older point-and-click games. I enjoy a good mystery or something along the lines of fantasy (aren't they all?) if they don't involve bloodshed. Older hidden object games are a straight-forward way of wasting time. While I now own a number of titles I've also discovered that I'm not very good at playing PC games. So, I stick to playing card games on my computer; I guess i'm getting old.

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