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People do love spells and use black magick

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Black magick and love spells are nothing to joke with, If you used any magick to harm someones energy or ur family or anyone for that matter, you will have karma come back and bite you in the butt! Iv have delt with someone who was jealous of my relationship and wanted what I had. She used a love spell on my Capricorn. She took my happiness away , she was a aquirius Female named Alexis, My Name is Alexandria, I am a taurus-gemini Cusp of the zodiac signs. My intuition and higher self gave me all the insight I needed to know. I had to walk away from my Capricorn, when I walked away he came back to me. I had to let go of him to be able to break the spell because u cannot take.. someone who is ment to be with someone else and try to make them yours, because what is not ment for you won't stay... This experience taught me alot and now I know what unconditional love is because of this experience.

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