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Were You Helpful or Considerate Today -- Or Did Someone Do Something Nice for You?

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Did you smile at someone today? Did you open up a door, or give someone a hug today? 

Was someone especially nice, and surprised you with a gift? Or, we're they helpful in an unexpected way today? 

Just think, if everyone chose to brighten someone else's day (on a daily basis), even if in a seemingly small way, how much brighter could the world be? 

What are your thoughts?

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Hahaha...This is a nice question. I recently opened a PC gaming shop at my town. The kids in the region were pretty exited about the place and soon they started flocking. Some to play and others just to watch their friends play. The amazing thing with this kids is that their minds get absorbed in the game that time seems to fly faster.One of the regulars, a young boy about 12 years old had reached his peek of enjoyment, his mind fully immersed in the virtual world he was traversing. When his time elapsed I had to tell him to switch of the computer. "Please, ten more minutes", he said. "pleeaaase". Seeing the passion he had in his eyes I became considerate and added him time.

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My husband, our three children and I were in a long line at Chick-fil-A. There was a car approaching from our driver side seemingly needing to drive through the line in order to get to the other side, so I made an opening for her to pass. Instead of driving through the line to the other side, she got in front of us in the line. Well, once we ordered our meal and arrived at the window to pay, the associate told us that the woman in front of us had paid for our entire order.

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