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The beauty of pure Michigan

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  I was born and raised here in Michigan and have been here for 54 years. Although I have traveled and seen many beautiful places, I always come home to the vast and glorious wonders of my home state. People have asked me many times why I have never desired to live anywhere else. It's actually an easy question for me to answer. Michigan has so much to offer. We have our urban cities, that is true, but outside of that is a great abundance of hills and valleys, the awesome great lakes, the woods and the greenery. You can hike, bike, run, swim, camp, explore and the sight seeing is amazing. We have coastlines of beautiful water and lighthouses. It's a photographers dream come true. These are only a few of the reasons I choose to stay here in pure Michigan.

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Zirkon Kalti

Many nice places now are being abused by too many tourists. If only it were like the days before. When people know some good places that are cheap to visit for holiday, they just keep coming. Eventually, lots of trash piled up in the area and no one wants to pick them  up.

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I have only been through Michigan in passing, but it sounds beautiful. I certainly understand what it's like to have a deep connection to your home town. 

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I really admire folks from Michigan for taking so much pride in their home. Whenever you meet someone from there, you find they're always trying to teach you stuff about their state, like that it's shaped like a mitten... or that the state's residents are called “Michiganders.”

This is the polar opposite of my state, Florida. When I was a kid you used to hear the word “Floridian” on the news sometimes, but I don't think anybody uses that word anymore. People are just totally jaded and cynical about state, which I don't get. I honestly don't think it's such bad place to live, even if I don't live there anymore myself.  The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess. 


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