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Tori Loft

My first pet was a cat. It was a gift from my dad. Before then I had never liked cats and so I rejected the gift. But my dad assured me that  cats are nice and that he had one when he was young. I decided to give it a try and today I can't imagine a life without my cat. I named my cat Lee. Taking care of Lee gives me joy.

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I’ll never forget my first pet. It was a puppy German shepherd, so I named him Shep. My mom would always keep him in the back yard. Well, one night there was a heavy rainstorm, but my mom still would not allow Shep to come indoors. The next morning I found Shep dead in the back yard. I was so devastated that to this day I refuse to allow my children to have a dog. I told them that once they have their own homes then they can get a dog, but for now they’ll have to settle for fish.

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My first pet was actually my family dog. My father named him Skippy and I loved him.

He was always catching big rats and chickens who strayed into our house. He ate the chickens on the spot but for some unknown reason couldn't eat the rats.

So my brother would roast the rats — they were usually big — and serve Skippy. One could see that he enjoyed eating roasted rat meat.

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Since we lived in a condominium, we weren't allowed to have big pets. My parents bought me 4 turtles because of my love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When the pets got too big, we released them back to their habitat. I'll never forget my 4 Ninja Turtles.

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