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Tori Loft

The Greatest Teacher of All Time

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Tori Loft

 I've come across many teachers in my life. But none of them is comparable to a certain one. He is Mr. Experience. As you well know, Mr. Experience is the best teacher. If you can't learn from him you might not be able to learn from anyone else. He is the greatest teacher of all time. 

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I agree, Tori. You never really learn until you see the consequences of not doing something, or not doing something properly, or doing something you shouldn't. You can only hope that the mistakes that you make aren't so bad that you can't come back from them,  but the truth is that someone telling you just isn't enough.  


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While I agree that experience is the best teacher, there is a danger of creating 'a recency bias' whereby one develops a wrong viewpoint based on past experience. For example, if a man is cheated once by his wife or partner, there is a danger of that man then saying 'women cheat in marriages.' Clearly such a lesson based on experience would be erroneous.

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That is true, bad past experiences is one of the major reasons people have difficulty relating with others.

Unfortunately, forgetting the past can be hard.

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