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Tension And Conflict

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Tension and conflict are an inevitable part of any relationship. However, tension and conflict must not necessarily lead to the destruction of a relationship. It is important to keep the lines of communication open in times of tension. You must never make the mistake of giving your partner the ’silent’ treatment or just storming off without giving them the chance to explain themselves. The lack of communication will only make the situation worse.

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Conflict that has not been resolved can be destructive to a relationship. Each party needs to be aware what his/her default way of resolving conflict is. As we grow, we develop habits and approaches to resolving conflicts. These may need to be re-visited and evaluated. There are times when avoiding is the best approach in a conflict and there are times when confrontation is the best approach. There is no one best approach for resolving a conflict. 

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I agree that unresolved conflict can be devastating to a relationship. For example, if the parents of a special needs child could not agree on whether homeschooling or public schooling was best for their child then the parent that spent the most time with the child would make the final decision. However, the other parent would be left feeling irrelevant inasmuch as making major decisions in his or her child’s life. Later, an argument over leaving the kitchen light on would stem from that one unresolved issue that left one parent feeling unimportant.

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