Asking for help at work is tricky

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I was hoping to transition to a different position at work.  I had been helping out the current employee with her job and enjoyed it.  She was leaving the company to pursue other interests and I felt that I would do well at the position.  The company's owners agreed that I would do well and we started the process of training me to do the job.  Here is the tricky part.  I am still doing my old job as well.  These are both full time positions on their own.  They know that I need help but they are taking months and months to figure out what help I am going to get.  They want both jobs done fully and correctly.  How can I get the help that I need without coming across as failing at my job?

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Unfortunately, this is all too common. The irony is that if you leave, they'll have no choice but to hire two new employees, since no one in their right mind would take a new job with an 80-hour-a-week workload unless it was remunerated accordingly. You've probably already done this, but is there any chance you can try to subtly call attention to the aspects of your old job that you don't really have time for, while focusing on the new one? In the meantime, get your resume together and think about your prospects elsewhere if your bosses continue to drag their feet. 


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One way to resolve your situation is to talk to your immediate manager about the predicament you are in. Assure your superior that you like your new job but you are feeling overwhelmed by juggling two jobs at once (your old job and new job). In this way, you show that you are concerned about your performance and also you have the capacity to try and resolve conflict amicably. Hopefully your immediate superior will give your issue the urgency that it deserves. 

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Communication is key. Talk to your immediate supervisor or boss immediately. They seem like they are just dragging their feet in hiring another employee because you are saving them money. Let them know that continuing doing two jobs makes you feel burnt out and it lowers your effectiveness as an employee.

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