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Social media versus real life

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Garth Strummer

I was driving close to my suburban home last April. It was a beautiful spring day. Over on the sidewalk is a young man walking with his girlfriend and his dog. He has his face fixed on his phone. I want to pull over and yell, “Dude, it’s a lovely day, you’re out with your lady and your dog that love you and you have your face stuck on a screen looking at trivia. Life’s right in front of you and you’re missing it.”

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So sad that one can miss life due to the fear of missing out what is happening on social media. The danger of social media is we can miss what is happening around us while we are immersed in the make believe world of social media. We take our partners for granted and then wonder when our relationships start to disintegrate. In this digital age it is now more imperative than ever to practice being present not just physically but emotionally and psychologically when we are around family, loved ones and friends. 

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Sadly, our gadgets are becoming the center of our universe. Everywhere we go we can't seem to detach ourselves from our gadgets. Slowly, it is taking over our lives.

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