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When is the moment you are waiting for when the present is now. Focusing too much on the goal makes people overlook the process they're going through and so under appreciate themselves. There are instances of longing to have a job and moving on with life when one is still a student. Graduation would come along and finally the person obtains the job. He or she is happy with the changes, at least momentarily. There will always be the next good or bad thing while you're alive. 

Even without obtaining the goal that you have in mind yet, things are happening at the moment so notice it. A goal is necessary but is not the only thing necessary. Every interaction counts because when you reach a goal, what comes after is still life. Living for the sake of an objective may end up suffocating. Work hard and let the goal be a result of how well you've been living. Continue to look forward to things you want to do while setting objectives but don't forget to pay attention to the present moment and the efforts you're exerting.

Whatever you do, you'll still be here. Do notice your existence.



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