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At the time of your Death

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What makes a person great?

Having graduated from a prestigious school or university? Having a progressive career? Being rich and famous? Having a great personality? Being a people-oriented person? Listening to your parents? Being a good friend?

These questions are all focused externally and has an audience, which means surroundings have an influence on what would be considered as great by others. How would you consider yourself as great? Association with the external world may be vital in seeing our potential but only the person can determine when he or she is at the greatest or not. 

And that's why some people have regrets regardless of what they've achieved wherein others who've lived simply as perceived by others have led a full life. Only the individual can create the meaning of what's great for oneself. So aim to be at your greatest at the time of your death, which is somehow still unpredictable. In that sense, live well everyday. As much as you can, act without being affected by external influences that will only leave a negative impact.


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