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Does this adage ring true, “a jack of all trades is an expert to none, and a rolling stone gathers no moss”! The world seems to be driven by money more than anything and has killed a lot of craftsmanship. The majority are not passionate about work but do different errands to attract the gold. 

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Sort-of. A person wants to be trusted---to be valued as 'worth providing-for.' Much provision is made available by money, so more money makes you able to provide more---more safety, more shelter, more security, more sustenance.

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In a fast-paced world focused on profit, specialization seems to be valued more than versatility. However, being a jack of all trades can actually be an advantage in certain situations. It can allow for a wider range of skills and knowledge, making one more adaptable to various situations.

One should not underestimate the value of craftsmanship and passion in work. It is important to find fulfillment in what we do and not simply to pursue money. Ultimately, a rolling stone may not gather moss, but it also misses out on the satisfaction and sense of purpose that comes with honing a craft.

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