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All of these High Class Games coming out..

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Hey Everyone,

I just got back from the local Best Buy, and ended spending well over 100$ for Unreal Tournament 3, and Call of Duty 4.

Well, Personally I think my money was well spent!

I don't play that many games, life gets really busy where I live, but if you like a good shooter, I HIGHLY Suggest you run over and get Call of Duty 4. It has some excellent graphics, and really if you need to kill an hour, this is it.

On the other side, all of these games all suck your computers energy. Some of my friends use older PCs, and they already can't play these games. Do you think that all these constant upgrades are really worth it for the games we end up playing? I use a Dual Core processor, my brother just got a QUAD-CORE Processor (That's four cores each at 2 Gigahertz. Thats about 8, i have a dual core processor of 2.4 each, about 5.)

Sometimes I wonder if these devils of addiction are really worth all the money you send into them, your thoughts?

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