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    Hit My 7th

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    Hit My 7th

    I've hit my seventh post! Cheers!
  4. ModernMajorGeneral

    How to smear the enemy?

    This feels a little mean-spirited, and I personally prefer to find a way to work with or make peace with someone than smear them. That being said, look to the Southern United States for inspiration. It's actually very similar in spirit to the last bit, "you're well-preserved for your forties". Compliment in the most vicious backhanded way possible. Make them seem unreasonable for getting upset at the idea. A common Southern phrase comes to mind, "Bless your heart." If you ask any Southerner what that means it is the furthest thing from a well-wishing sentiment.
  5. ModernMajorGeneral


    I'm not entirely sure how to answer effectively, but this intrigues me. So, simple does not equal easy, or vice versa. It certainly sounds like your life is incredibly thoughtful. Without knowing more specific details (I wouldn't ask you to share anything additional unless you're comfortable) I'd say that if you feel you have an easy life then you should count your blessings and enjoy what you find so easy! A simple life can still be hard, and an easy life can be immensely difficult. That being said, it sounds like you're overthinking the concept - which seems to feed into you losing sleep over it! If it's a simple life, it's simple, you can find the nuance in it. If it's an easy life, it's easy! Enjoy what you've got! Hope this helps! Just my two cents!
  6. ModernMajorGeneral

    Music food to the soul

    I agree wholeheartedly, music nourishes you! I also think that music is a divine way to conjure up inspiration. Even just the general mood of music feels like it can inform a new idea or a brand new perspective. I like to think that some of humanity's greatest achievements have been, at least partially, been accompanied by music in one form or another. It's hard not to think that when we were taught to spell and memorize facts with little tunes that our brains latched onto.
  7. ModernMajorGeneral

    Weird & Strange FACTS of the world

    I love fun facts like this. Also, an addition to the fact about Cleopatra. Not only was she not Egyptian, but her family (The Ptolemies) were Macedonian/Greek. This is super cool to know, because the Ptolemies descended from Alexander the Great's general, Ptolemy I Soter. This family had a horrific habit of looking at their Greek heritage as being superior to the native customs and language. Cleopatra was the first one in her entire dynasty to actually learn the Egyptian language so she could communicate with her subjects.
  8. ModernMajorGeneral

    Some subtle ways to be happy in life.

    My single best tip I can give to anyone on the front of finding happiness in life is actually to come to terms with the idea that sometimes things are just negative. It is totally natural to get stuck in a bad mood, and its absolutely fine to acknowledge when a situation is damaging or harmful. A lot of people like to claim that just denying negative feelings will eliminate them, but more often than not I find that it simply bottles it up until it becomes toxic in its own right. Allow yourself to have your emotions, deal with them, and then move on. And it can be a really simple change to your lifestyle. Just don't fixate on bad situations, but don't avoid them. It's more an exercise in honesty with one's self, and it can clear up why something is hurting you with very little energy.
  9. ModernMajorGeneral


    First and foremost, make sure that you're focusing on achieving a healthier lifestyle in a way that is kind to yourself. Watch what you eat and exercise, but be sure to take time for your muscles and your mind can adapt alongside your healthy habits. 1.) Measure your food. You don't have to count calories, but you can absolutely limit what specific ingredients are entering your body. Too much sugar is a no-brainer, but too much of anything can be detrimental! 2.) Sleep is a big one that no one likes to admit to. Getting a solid amount of sleep helps to stimulate your brain performance and mood, which has a direct impact on everything else in your life. Not getting enough will make your energy sluggish and you simply won't want to make any changes. 3.) Stay active! Even if its small bits and pieces of exercise, your body will react magnificently to it! 4.) Balance your diet out with supplements. Don't be shy to grab some multivitamins in order to balance out what your food habits might be lacking.
  10. SableC.

    Movie Theaters

    I haven't been to the movies in ages, so decided to plan a cinema trip over Labor Day weekend. Which movie looks good right now? I'm not into scary shows, but I'm open to any other genre.
  11. The media plays the all important oversight role in checking the excesses of the government of the day. While this is happening the people hitting the ground to get the news remain unprotected for blowing the whistle of government officials all this culminating to death for some of them. The role of the media is very evident in this present times when resources are scarce. I am of the opinion of having a worldwide association media staff that will protect and serve justice to the workers in this noble profession. Many have had their lives cut short and families left desolate just because someone wanted the truth muzzled. The government needs to play a protective role of the people it leads but often times this is not the case for the media industry. A lot needs to be done if we are to ensure the continuity of this important part of society.
  12. A fast gaming laptop can cost you a lot of money on purchase. They are quite expensive and go over the 500 dollar mark but its not entirely impossible to find one on the said budget. The downside will be playing games that were quite popular long ago with low resolution graphics What we considered: Storage. Graphics. Random Access Memory. CPU speed. Let us dive right into it. HP Notebook 15. The cheapest of this list retailing at 385 dollars at Walmart. Has a RAM of 8Gb and internal memory storage of 256 Gb. Has a relatively low CPU speed at 1.2ghz with a resolution of 13.66 by 786P. I t will most likely play cheap and low quality games due to its specifications. It is suitable for light gaming. Acer Aspire 5 slim laptop. Retailing at 500 dollars on Amazon this is definitely a better option than the Hp. Boasting a solid 20Gb RAM and a hard disc capacity of 512gb and a CPU speed of 3.50ghz this will play some modern games but not those with superior graphic requirements. It is a solid machine that will handle the tasks assigned to it properly. Dell Inspiron 15 3511. This one has a 12Gb RAM with a CPU speed of 3.60ghz. High resolution of 1920 by 1080P on a 15.6 inches display. Amazon have it retailing at 490 dollars. Some games will be too much for it but will handle most of them well especially those with low resolutions. Have a look at them and decide the one that suits your needs.
  13. G R

    Dream Travel Plans

    No restrictions? Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway. You don't need a visa to live or visit there. It is actually against the law to die there (Don't ask me how they punish you. lol) due to the permafrost not letting a body decompose properly. Temperatures range between 6 degrees and -30 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. -34 °C). It stays dark from October to March It is halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Call me crazy, but that's on my bucket list.
  14. Life is a gift to explore the goodness of this world we live in. Health is of paramount importance to a person and the life they live. More often than not we do things that self destruct us and we do not even know anything about it. Here are some expert tips to enjoy a fulfilled healthy life. We are what we eat. Take healthy food and limit intake of too much cholesterol that is bad for your heart. Vegetables pack in a lot of vital nutrients that is important for growth and overall well being. Limit alcohol consumption and avoid cigarettes at all costs. This is due to the fact that they have harmful chemicals that impurify the blood making the user a candidate for chronic illnesses that destroy time and resources. Physical exercises improve ones life by creating an avenue to let go off all the bodily stresses that accumulate over time. Research has shown that inactive people tend to be at risk of contracting lifestyle diseases than physically active people. Keeping yourself hydrated. Seventy percent of the body mass is water. That statistic alone is enough to stress the importance of water to the health of a person. Drinking clean water regularly is enough to keep many ailments at bay.
  15. Hi Anonymous mum, Kids behavior can be become erratic and unpredictable. One minute they are all good and being disciplined then the next minute they become rowdy and almost annoying. Experts say that tantrums are a way of capturing the parents attention but needless to say they can be caused by a myriad of other factors that influence the occurrence of a tantrum. However kids are kids and are bound to be fussy at times. I will share some tips that will calm the child down and if repeated when they have a tantrum will help shape their behavior. Find out the cause of the tantrum. Know why they are behaving that way Calm yourself down first and do not act immediately out of anger as this will just aggravate the situation Find a quick distraction to occupy the mind of the child for the moment Wait patiently for the tantrum to stop Stand your ground on the decision you have taken Hold your child firmly until the tantrum passes.
  16. The youth are the future. They have so much energy and vitality to keep the world moving. However they get lost along the way on matters finance making themselves vulnerable to the harsh economic demands of our time. All is not gloom though as some measures can be taken in individual capacity to salvage the already dire situation. Some pointers include: Technical vocational skills. A skilled person is already economically empowered in that they could be emp0loyed or be employers who rum small to big enterprises. The government needs to intervene in this space to subsidize the educational costs that are quite hefty thus creating a vibrant workforce. Developing advocacy and leadership skills among the youth. Positive leadership skills and the knowledge of looking after your interests and those of others will surely play a big role in creating a big pool of financially empowered youth who are self dependent. Investing in financial literacy. Knowledge of finance and how to handle money matters is very important in overall growth mindset of a youth. The youth themselves need to seek information on finance to have a clear understanding of how money works. The bottom line is that the youth have a lot of opportunities at their disposal and need to tap into the ever flowing stream of money.
  17. Toyotas are solid vehicles but can get a little fussy when they start breaking down. Things to look out for in this kind of situation: A weak or almost dead battery. Batteries power almost everything in the car where most of them have a lifespan of five years. have yours checked and replace with a new one to prevent starting problems Stuck or jammed starter. The starters only job in a vehicle is to simply turn the engine so it could start. An auto electrician will diagnose and check if the unit is faulty and needs replacement or servicing. Faulty fuel pump. When this unit is not working well fuel will not reach the engine hence the engine wont start. A technician will have to retrieve the pump from the vehicles tank and check for its operation. It may need replacement or servicing. No fuel. A vehicle with no fuel in the tank will not start.
  18. Men in the world over are concerned about their performance when it comes to matters of the bedroom. The testesterone hormone plays a big role in how this delicate matters are handled between two love birds. Blue pills come in handy to those who cant seem to rise to the occasion. They however have significant side effects to the body when used. Blue pills affect the flow of blood in the body to a specific organ of male reproduction. The effects include a stinging headache, blurred vision, increase in body blood pressure, dizziness, nausea blocked nose and never ending stomach ache.
  19. SableC.

    The YouTube Rabbit Hole

    When I can't fall asleep, I watch cute cat videos on loop to help me wind down. Nothing's more calming than watching a cat sit in a tiny box, make kitty biscuits, and cuddle with their buddies. It gets me ready to drift off in no time. @G R, I watch those too! I have no desire to live that way, yet I find the lifestyle interesting and mysterious. Which creators do you follow in this genre?
  20. SableC.

    Hit My 7th

  21. daanielsyengo

    Hit My 7th

    Hello? I have hit my 7th post.
  22. We have so many currencies in the world. Almost every country has its currency that they use to buy and sell goods. However, there is a big drawback of having different currencies because when doing international trade, you have to convert your money to that of the country you are buying from. That may lead to loss if your currency is of low value. Having one currency can eliminate trade barriers and losses.
  23. daanielsyengo

    Prayer Moves Mountains

    If you are a believer, then you know that prayers to God are very important. God is ever listening to his people and praying to God can give you many things you have been looking for. However you should note that God answers prayers in various ways. He may give you what you want right away, tell you to wait, or not give you what you want because maybe you deserve something better.
  24. Farming refers to growing of crops and rearing of animals. Some people think that farming is a business for the low class people in the society. However, that is not the case as farming can bring you lot's of money when you grow high returns crops such as tomatoes, onions and garlic.
  25. In most cases, parents shy away from talking about sex to their kids. That is because they see it as an awkward topic to discuss with their little ones. However, sex education creates awareness for the kids that helps them to know their worth. They learn that their private parts should be respected, that they should avoid sex before marriage and that irresponsible sexual behavior brings sexually transmitted diseases among other things.
  26. Global warming refers to the long-term heating of the planet earth. It is mainly caused by fossil fuels such as coal and gas that form a blanket in the atmosphere thus trapping the sun's heat. As a result, temperatures rise gradually making the earth very hot. Global warming has negative effects such as skin diseases, excessive rainfall, and drought.
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