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  2. Nickel

    Share Something Unique

    In elementary school, I would jump from one obsession to another. I would get library books about dog breeds and memorize each, then I moved to Beatles song lyrics and did the same. However, the one that still makes me go "huh?" is cocktail recipes. I was an odd child!
  3. rc1887

    Hit My 7th

    I just hit my 7th post. I can't wait to join the team again!
  4. rc1887

    Life-changing books

    The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin was a book that really impacted me. I was at a really low place for a while, and I picked up this book to read. Some of the practices in the book I still use now, and some of them I have forgotten. One of my favorite things deals with getting things done since I can be a procrastinator. Rubin talked about a one-minute rule that she implemented to see what type of impact it would have on her happiness. Basically, if a task could be completed in less than one minute, she would make herself go ahead and do it. This pair of shoes in the middle of the floor would take less than a minute to put away. This load of laundry would take less than a minute to start. This blanket would take less than a minute to fold. Doing lots of one minute tasks throughout the day helps keep life more organized. It is so simple and easy to do, which is why I found it so inspiring.
  5. rc1887


    I drive a lot for work, so I recently started listening to audiobooks on Audible helps pass the driving time. What I want to know is if there are cheaper alternatives? I know that there are older royalty-free books that can be streamed for free, but I specifically want to know about more up-to-date popular books. For instance, right now I'm "rereading" Robert Jordan's audiobooks, and all of audiobooks in the series would be very expensive by the end.
  6. rc1887

    Dating offline

    I think it's possible, just much harder than it was. Online is so much easier in a lot of ways, so I believe that is why people prefer online dating so much right now. Think about how many things are done online instead of face-to-face right now. It's hard to strike up a conversation with a stranger now. Of course, you can also find a friend-of-a-friend or someone from work, but there's only so many of those people to choose from.
  7. rc1887

    Do it scared

    This is actually really good advice. Sometimes I'll take a deep breath and tell myself to just do it. Don't think about it, just do it. Afterwards, I usually feel a sense of accomplishment, even if it was a small task that I got done. I'm glad to hear that you were able to push past some of your fears and be successful doing it. Facing your fears, even when you're scared, can give you confidence and eventually you might find that you don't have the same fears anymore.
  8. rc1887

    Coffee alternatives

    Caffeine can definitely be addictive. If I go too long without it, I will get a crushing headache. I drink coffee in the morning, but I wanted to cut out my afternoon caffeine (Diet Mountain Dew) so that I could sleep better at night. I slowly cut back from a full drink to half a drink. I traded the soda for ice cold water instead. I found that the coldness of the water helped to give me that jolt I needed to stay awake during the middle of the day. Now I'm not drinking caffeine in the middle of the day, and I'm able to go to sleep easier. It wasn't that hard for me to cut out the afternoon caffeine since I did it in small increments.
  9. rc1887

    Best Harry Potter film

    I like binge watching the films one after the other. If I had to choose, I would say the first one. My preference is not necessarily because of how it was directed, but because of the story. My favorite part of this type of story is the main character finding out that they are special. In the first movie, Harry goes through the whirlwind of finding out he's a wizard and exploring his uniqueness. That is what I love the most, the initial jolt.
  10. rc1887

    Dog Recommendation

    My sons have been asking for a dog, and honestly I'm a bit hesitant. If it were the right type of dog for our family I would be more open to the idea. I was hoping I could ask here and get some breed recommendations. I'd prefer a smaller dog breed that is good with families. Also, one that doesn't shed too much and can be easily trained to go outside to do their business. In other words, one that isn't too high maintenance. I recently met a Yorkie at an acquaintance's house and really liked her, so I was considering maybe that breed or a similar one. I'd really like to get some thoughts from people that have more dog knowledge than me.
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  12. SableC.

    Share Something Unique

    Share something unique or cool about yourself. For instance, I'm a lion tamer - well, sort of. I was bored to death while staying at home during the height of the pandemic, so I taught a tiger (orange tabby), a lion (floofy tortoiseshell), and a panther (black cat) to do circus tricks. Our act was the entertainment during work Zoom breaks and the highlight of the day. I'm happy to be back in the office, but I do miss all those extra cuddles. Let's hear something about you.
  13. Pokcare

    New fascination with birds

    It'd be nice to feed them, but the place where I'm staying doesn't allow that. Recently, I've read about ravens and learned about the many things they can eat. I was fascinated by how they could eat almost everything. You can even befriend one by leaving corns in your backyard. Depending on your location, what you're doing gives you a good chance of having a raven as a friend.
  14. Aryanprince

    What is Your Dream Job?

    My dream job is online job because I want to work in the home base
  15. Aryanprince

    How I do work here?

    Hello all friends am new here I don't know about this work so please guide me
  16. SableC.

    Road Trips

    No, I really don't. I haven't even thought of it. I enjoy driving and find it relaxing, but I always stick to the interstate when I can. I don't pay much attention to the landscape either. I'm more or less on a mission to get there. Your route sounds nice, though!
  17. Nickel

    Road Trips

    Whether it's cross-country or to and from the store, do you have a favorite driving route? In California, there's a curvy stretch of northbound I-280, north of Palo Alto, where you drive between towering green hills on the right and Crystal Springs reservoir on the left. Sometimes there's fog above it all. I love it!
  18. Pokcare

    Socially Distant Holidays

    Things are better now but, yeah, I still believe it's better to be safe than sorry. We canceled many of our plans because of the new variant, so it's a bit of a bummer. I'm just thankful I'm staying with my family. Health is wealth; for now, other things can wait. Stay safe, everyone, and enjoy the holidays.
  19. SableC.

    New fascination with birds

    We have a squirrel that has been cleaning out the bird feeders before the cardinals and chickadees can get to them. I bought the squirrel some corn cobs hoping to entice him away from the bird feeders, but he only goes for the corn after he's eaten all the sunflower seeds.
  20. Nickel

    Socially Distant Holidays

    My mom's visiting for Christmas this year. She almost cancelled when news about Omicron came out. It seems like a mild variant, but we'll still take the usual precautions. Have a nice and healthy holiday!
  21. Migi

    Type of Christmas shopper

    I can't remember the last time I went shopping for something related to Christmas decoration or specific Christmas gifts. My family celebrates two birthdays in December, so we mostly think about food for the birthdays and the upcoming holidays. We also send cakes or fruits to faraway relatives by ordering online. We prefer to spend money on pleasing our palates during holidays instead of just the eyes.
  22. SableC.

    What are you watching?

    I'm digging the new show, Ghosts. It comes on CBS and there are some fantastic comedic moments that keep me tuning in each week. It has a unique story, I think.
  23. Pokcare

    Christmas Shopping For An Adult

    Yeah. I'm starting to think I'll appreciate picture frames if I ever get one because pictures nowadays are all digital. The hard copy will always give a different vibe. If you're on the practical side, even groceries could count as a Christmas gift!
  24. Nickel

    What are you watching?

    The only show I follow right now is the latest season of The Great British Baking Show. Next weekend is the finals, and I honestly can’t tell who could win.
  25. SableC.

    Christmas Shopping For An Adult

    I'm gifting digital currency to some of the folks on my shopping list. I figure that it's an interesting gift that they're unlikely to already own.
  26. EchoUnderfoot

    Staying Active During the Pandemic

    I've found that a step counter has kept me more active! If, at the end of the day, I haven't reached my step goal, I'll be sure to go on a short walk to help reach my goal. It's a small thing, but it has worked wonders for me!
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