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  2. JuliaMarie321

    Hit My 7th

    Hit my 7th! Thank you!
  3. JuliaMarie321

    Ketchup Warning

    I'm sorry but I just have to disagree! If I'm cooking a meal for someone I will go to great lengths to make sure it's made just the way they like it! Not something that I think they should like. We all have different tastes. What tastes good to you, may not taste good to me. People look at me crazy when I tell them I don't like seafood. It is what it is! You can't force your opinion of what you think tastes good onto them.
  4. JuliaMarie321

    Creativity Lull

    I enjoy drawing and painting and find that I too will go long periods without doing anything. Lately though I find watching YouTube videos of others drawing and painting quite inspiring. Also I seem to get inspired when I get outside more and close to nature. Remember to take good loving care of yourelf first, try putting some soft soothing music on, and pamper yourself. Surround yourself with love and beauty, and I think you will find the inspiration you desire. You deserve it!
  5. JuliaMarie321

    Take that Break

    My Mother always said to, "sleep on it"! In the morning you'll have a clear head and most likely an answer to your problem.
  6. JuliaMarie321

    Why I'm travel

    I Also love to travel. I do find though that it can be very expensive and many people may feel they cannot afford to. As a matter of fact I just recently purchased a nice, but older, motorhome and am looking forward to driving it out West this Winter. I have found if you really want to travel bad enough, there are ways you can do it that won't cost a lot of money. YouTube is a wonderful source for videos from people like me who do not have a lot of money, but have found ways to travel and stay all across the US. Check out "nomadic life" in RV's on YouTube if you are interested!
  7. JuliaMarie321

    Thunder Storm or Snow Storm

    I find I sleep much better during snow storms than thunderstorms. The snow falling is quiet and peaceful, whereas thunderstorms can be startlingly loud and visually frightening with the cracks of electrifying lightening. I find being snuggled up in a nice warm bed comforting during a snowstorm, knowing that the snow outside is falling softly to the ground.
  8. Yes, since I have retired I drive much less than when I was working. I reported this to my insurance agent and I now am covered as a "pleasure" driver. I received a deduction on the cost of my premium.
  9. I have found this to be true and find myself shopping every 3 years or so. I recommend calling at least 3 different brokers as not all seem to deal with the same companies. My Mother just did this as her auto insurance went up $200 over the past year. She was able to get the same amount of insurance with a top reputable insurance company for $300 less per year.
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  11. cherrybunny

    Hit My 7th

    Hi! I'm done with my additional posts. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
  12. cherrybunny

    Age of Technology

    It's quite ironic, isn't it? I guess this is all because information is vastly different from knowledge or wisdom. Information can be true or false. Even if a body of information is true, it may not even be of any use to you! Sadly, wisdom isn't as prevalent on the internet as information. Wisdom requires experience and a certain level of open-mindedness to attain, and that takes a lot more effort than just reading things online. But hey, who knows? Maybe someone will be able to invent applications that can share huge bodies of wisdom in a snap!
  13. cherrybunny

    An Unusual Hug

    Oh wow, sugar gliders sure seem fun! I actually wasn't aware that you can take them in as pets before reading this post. Sadly, I haven't really owned any exotic pets before. The animal protection laws might be relatively stricter in my country, so I'm not sure if I could ever own one. At least I get to share some of the excitement when reading stories like this!
  14. cherrybunny

    Covid 19 has increased traffic on sites

    It's crazy how much change has been happening these past few months! While it is true that there is more time for you to set up a website and earn from the increase of internet traffic, a lot of companies are stepping up and warding off the effects of the pandemic on their businesses. Can you believe that some companies are actually shifting to remote work permanently? It's really huge! I mean, a big part of this shift includes an overhaul of company processes, like with how meetings are handled, for example. Video call services are actually racing to tweak their systems to accommodate better human-to-human interactions. It's funny how a lot of these changes wouldn't have happened, if not for the pandemic. It's a nice thought when you think of the speed of innovation we're in... but, on the other hand, it's a bit scary to know that a single thing can bring so much change to the world.
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  16. JewelsCat22

    Staying Active During the Pandemic

    How are you all staying active right now? Have your local gyms opened back up yet? I don't go out much, and I don't have a treadmill, so I try to walk a lot in my kitchen - back and forth I go about 100 times. I know it sounds silly, but I figure it is better than not doing anything. I hope to be able to get another treadmill someday. I really liked having one before.
  17. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  18. bluemoon

    Hit My 7th

    Hello, I've posted the additional posts requested. Look forward to hearing from you.
  19. The internet is changing how many of us work. The company I work for has allowed employees to work remotely for several years now. We are only required to be on site for meetings and client visits. I don’t know if online/remote working will ever outpace jobs requiring working on site (conventional jobs). There are many jobs that cannot be done remotely: medical professionals, auto mechanics, construction works, store clerks, hair stylists, and many more. While a good number of people like working on computers and/or online, there are a lot of people who do not and would prefer jobs that require working at the office or jobsite. It’s good that people have different ambitions, talents and likes. If we all worked online, our society would fall apart.
  20. bluemoon

    Don't go to college.

    Current studies show that college graduates in the USA earn more than non-college graduates in every state. However, I don’t think the statistics tell us the whole story. In the US, many employers require a college degree even when it is not really needed and then underpay. Recently I read about the way Germany handles their education. When a student graduates from high school they have the equivalent of either an associate degree or trade school training. Most jobs/careers in Germany do not require a college degree. College is free in Germany, but attendance is lower than in the US.
  21. bluemoon

    Adoption prices & wait times

    We adopted our son when he was 10 days old. There are reasons for the long waiting periods and for the high costs. In the USA, there are very few babies available for adoption. Some sources estimate that there are 36 couples (or people) wanting to adopt for every baby or young child available for adoption. It also takes time for adoption agencies to complete background checks, home visits, etc. It is time consuming to make sure that the potential adoptive parents are good candidates. The cost is high because there are a lot of expenses involved in setting up and completing the adoption. The agency staff who handle the case studies and paperwork need to be paid. The agency has overhead to pay as well. Some adoption agencies are for-profit entities, so a profit might be added. Adoption fees usually cover the medical bills for the pregnancy, birth and baby. Then are also legal fees for the adoption. From what I’ve heard, the waiting period and costs skyrocket if the adoptive parents decide on an international adoption. This is largely due to the strict laws in most countries regulating foreign adoptions.
  22. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  23. daveyk

    Hit My 7th

    Hello, I have finished my seven posts. I hope you enjoy reading them!
  24. cherrybunny

    Hit My 7th

    Hi! I'm done with my 7th post! Thanks so much for this opportunity. I genuinely enjoyed the process. I'm hoping for the best!
  25. cherrybunny

    The Pain of Being a Failure

    Oh my. It's nice to see that a lot of us are like-minded here. If I could throw another quote into the mix: The real victory is seeing failure as a lesson. It is when you allow it to help you and not consume you. A lot of my friends and family are obsessed with perfection. It gets tough sometimes, since their standards inevitably get passed on to me. But I try to introduce them to these ideas little by little. It's intensely draining, though. I wish I could channel the wisdom of every poster in this thread and make them realize and understand what they've been missing for so long.
  26. cherrybunny

    Dealing with a Breakup

    Many people cite the Five Stages of Grief as a sort of guide to "knowing where you are" in terms of getting over someone. The problem is, I seem to be cycling through all stages at once, but I mostly alternate between anger and depression. I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, but I guess it's safe to infer that I'm far from getting over my ex. We haven't really been together for long, but we've known each other for more than eight years, and we've been good friends for around five of those years. Familiarity seems to be a big factor that makes it hard for me to get over our relationship. To make things worse, he got over me pretty quickly. I really don't know what to do at this point. He was my first boyfriend, so this is all very new to me. I've tried plunging into a new hobby and surrounding myself with different people, but nothing seems to do it for me. Is there something I still need to do? The anger and sadness is getting terribly out of hand-- to the point where it's already affecting my performance at work. I just want to be okay. I would appreciate any form advice or wisdom.
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