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  2. Bawa Solomon

    Solution to child training

    Training children takes great work and responsibility. You need to be responsible in time consumption that is time you suppose to spend on your children. OK let me break this down. By default children are designed to respond easily to someone who is willing to be like them. You need to be humble most times in dealing with there issues. You need to play with them, shear there thoughts and even ask them for advise. Is difficult for adults to do this. But I feel is a shortcut in training your child if u train your child as your friend. And remember chip in God's word to the child and he will never forget. Thank you.
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  4. Bawa Solomon

    One thing you must not say to a child

    My experience was a sad one. Not able to perform my early morning duties as usual, my mom grew angry, she said some nasty things like "you are a very lazy child. You don't like work". now I objected telling her not to say such, instead let others say it.As my mother, all I need is her encouragement with the little service I render despite my busy schedule.
  5. Bawa Solomon


    Responsible parenthood doesn't mean only having money to satisfy children's needs. It goes a long way to creating enough time for there upbringing. Well you can say is time consuming, but the truth is a child abandoned in the street cannot think of obeying his irresponsible parents. Check out my next post with theme solution to child training
  6. Countressa

    Hit My 7th

    I HIT MY 7th and I apologize for the few entries that are longer than 25 words because I am just obsessed with words!! I hope you all add me to the paidforumposting family because it would be an exciting journey for all of us!
  7. Countressa

    Celebrity Crush

    I do have a lust like fascination with several male actors but I have one favorite celebrity. I do not know if alot of other black women have this infatuation or not, but I do for Dwayne Johnson. I was so obsessed with this man that my brother had to reveal to me that Dwayne was a former wrestler for WWE!! I thought he first started out in the acting field as his first,public tv appearance. I watched him two times wrestling and thought he was the most handsome, broad chested man on this earth!
  8. Countressa

    Wedding Situation - What would you do?

    Why would your sister-in-law have you pay for everything when the polite thing to do would have been if she offered to. By the husband's sister telling you that she would pay for all of your daughter's expenses because she knows your having financial problems, would have been the most kindest thing to do.
  9. Are there any romantic-natured, intense, creatures of habit in the PFP forum, like I am ?? If so, you know what it feels like to get that "craving" to want to bingewatch movies!! I find myself so enchanted,caught up and mesmerized during movie watching that I watch more than two movies on Netflix: in one sitting(minus the bathroom breaks that usually take just 5 minutes each). Some people are what I label as "part time watchers", they just watch one movie and then they are satisified, all day. One movie starts my obsession after 4 pm, and after that one, its 2, 3, or sometimes 4 movies, back to back, and I feel emotionally drained by that hour of latenight.
  10. Countressa

    When I Grow Up

    All of the wondrous things I wanted to accomplish when I grew up were basic desires every woman has. When I was seven, I vowed to be a caring,loving, and helpful mother to two healthy children. Now, I have only but one child but I am content with that. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur when I grew up. I am still working on making that dream come true. As a child, I was always so considerate of my brothers and parents' feelings; and that consideration for strangers and family, has spanned over the decades into my adulthood.
  11. Countressa

    One thing you must not say to a child

    One thing you must not ever say to a child is "You are stupid!" because now, I am parenting a 17 year old with the help of my mother. I think of when my daughter was about 6 years old and I was angry to the point of belittling her with the word stupid, but I controlled my temper and did not let it come out of my mouth. Never call your kids stupid or dumb is my advice to all parents in this world.
  12. Countressa

    Love isn't a fairytale

    In order for love not to be a fairytale, you need to be an optimist. The optimists of this world believe that love heals all wounds. Pessimistic people just are complacent with whatever dysfunctional relationships they could latch on to. If you are a optimistic person, you never thought love was a fairytale because you always "lived in the moment"; believing in the attainable.
  13. If anyone is familiar with the movie featuring Dustin Hoffman where he dressed like an older woman; then here it is. The movie was called Tootsie and there was a song, "It Might Be You", sung by Stephen Bishop. This song is the story of my life and is so heartfelt too.
  14. SarahLGlover

    Musicals that should be included more often in playlists

    Next To Normal. Its such a brilliant and raw portrayal of mental illness, and it’s affect on families and relationships. It’s also got one of the best performances ever by Alice Ripley. Other than that one, some of the old movie musicals, like Singin’ in the Rain or Kiss Me, Kate, should get more play time. It’s honestly criminal that those old musicals get the shaft simply because they were on screen rather than stage.
  15. Honestly? I hope so. I’m a stay at home mom, so I’m speaking from that community. I know there are a large number of us who are conflicted over what we feel is what we need or want to do with our children, and the fact that life sometimes require two incomes, or even one if it’s a single parent household. So if there were more options for work at home jobs, we would be able to solve our issue and earn from home, without worrying about being caught in a scam.
  16. TravelBug

    Your skin care regimen

    I swear by natural or semi-natural products. My skin is very sensitive and can't take a lot of processed products. I use Dr Bronner's Peppermint Liquid Soap as my cleanser and an Origins moisturizer, as well as Kiehl's avocado eye cream. Then every other day or so I do a face mask with natural oils. I do notice my skin has been getting a bit drier, but the oil keeps my skin in check.
  17. rikemich823

    Mental Health

    I used to feel much differently about this topic, then I was personally hit with a spell of minor depression. Even such a small bump in the road for me really opened my eyes to how serious this issue is. I started seeing a therapist and was able to start practicing techniques to help myself improve. However, I realize that my experience is on the far easier side of the spectrum than what so many others suffer through
  18. rikemich823


    This is a very important topic that doesn't get discussed enough, and one I have personal experience with. I'm a dog owner, and we do our best to seek out biodegradable bags and other things for our pooch. Unfortunately, companies have begun selling green colored bags they present as biodegradable, but in fact don't meet the standards in California. All they do is break down into microplastics, which of course are terrible for the environment
  19. rikemich823

    Understanding feminism

    As a man, it has always confused me why people are so anti-feminist. As far as I'm aware, feminism is just the understanding that everyone deserves to be treated equally and given the same opportunities. I for one have met more impressive women than men in my lifetime. As far as the OPs point, this is certainly an issue that remains, and one I think may take longer to get over. Guys tend to be overly prideful in my experience and this can really get in the way of solving their problems. And the fact that I just said that kind of feeds into the issue you presented. It's a tough fix
  20. rikemich823

    Dear Me in 5 Years...

    Dear me in 5 years, I hope you've figured out what you want to do in life, and how to quit wasting time. Unfortunately, wasting time seems to be the one thing you've truly mastered in your 25 years. These goals will certainly work together. Figure out what you want, and you won't be wasting time to avoid it. At this point, I don't really know what it is that's making you hold yourself back so much, but there's always hope that you can get it together. You have a great family and friends that love you. Don't push them away, ask them for help! Even though you may feel shame in asking, they want to be there for you. Best, Me
  21. rikemich823

    Vaccinations in the antiscientific era. A reflection

    There is no direct link between the MMR vaccine and autism. This is junk science, and the writer has actually had his medical license revoked. I think this issue comes down to the amount of information available to people, and how much of it is unverified. People have a natural tendency to believe things that line up with their currently held beliefs and latch onto anything that supports it (confirmation bias). Unfortunately, the expansion of the internet has led to there being conflicting opinions on solidly determined issues (look up flat earthers for a good laugh)
  22. rikemich823

    How do you stay motivated?

    This is something I really struggle with, and find that I have to sort of over-compensate by writing things down CONSTANTLY. I try to place sticky notes everywhere that I will see them consistently. Whenever I see those sticky notes, I know that I placed it there for a reason, and there's a feeling of not wanting to disappoint myself by not listening to myself
  23. Being from San Francisco, I feel like I am beginning to see this as a growing trend. However, it doesn't really work for me personally. Also, I think that you may see things get closer to 50/50 in some of the larger tech hubs, but more rural areas (or even just smaller cities) could struggle to get to this point. There is also no replacement for in-person interaction - even with more video conferencing platforms coming out - so sales positions will likely continue to be in-office
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  25. With the continuous growth of the internet and ways to make money with it, will people one day be working online more than offline jobs such as construction, etc? That's not to say that these jobs will disappear because, of course, we will always need them. I'm curious if they'll ever fall behind in numbers in comparison to internet jobs.
  26. Reubentz

    why people fail in businesses.

    people fail in business because of many issues includes; poor planning, lack a role modal, they haven't respects towards money, they don't need to read books, most of them spend their earning and profits in Liabilities and not in assets e.t.c
  27. Is there are any legit site which can make money online from them?
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