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  2. Your skin care regimen

    It hurts a bit when I peel the mask off of the hairy area (such as the eyebrows). Otherwise, it's not painful at all. I also don't think my skin gets dry afterward. It feels tight but not in an uncomfortable way. I will keep you updated! Tea tree extracts are expensive around here, though. I could get other extracts or essences twice the volume for a cheaper price. For now, I decided to buy some sheet masks with tea tree extracts, so we'll see how it goes.
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  4. Actually, the current political climate makes me feel more secure. The economy is flourishing and illegal entry has been reduced dramatically. Our military is strong and getting stronger. Nevertheless, preparing for the worst has always been important to me. I fully agree that everyone should be prepared for disasters. Just notice how hospitals are filling up lately, with some emergency rooms going on "bypass" because they can't handle the load of cases coming in; and this because of an uptick of flu and norovirus cases. Imagine what could happen if a true epidemic broke out. We are never as secure as we think we are.
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  6. Hit My 7th

    Tah Dah! I HAVE ARRIVED! lol, I await outside the gates and hope to gain access to the community of friendly people inside.
  7. Back when George H. W. Bush was president, one of his cabinet secretaries, Jack Kemp, said the country would starve if the borders were closed. He was a proponent of having a year's worth of food stored at home. More food is imported than in Jack Kemp's time. Stores don't really keep inventories like they did in the past. The US government used to have a strategic food supply. It was a national storage of wheat. We no longer have that, and we aren't a socialist country that provides for anyone but the poor. Cavemen stored food for the winter as did your ancestors. Does the current political climate make you feel as though you are secure enough to not need it? Under what conditions can you imagine the borders closing?
  8. How big would your ideal home be?

    Adesuwa08, That ornate Vanderbilt castle down in North Carolina is fairly dang big. It's a square mile. So to break the Guinness book of records you will have to think bigger than it. My ideal house would be a 2000 square foot Earthship. Earthships are made from vehicle tires stacked with dirt in them. They are then buried. One side faces south and is all glass for a huge indoor edible greenhouse that is partially watered by the toilet. There are almost no bills, just telephone, and internet. They aren't connected to the grid. I want to live as cheaply and as environmentally responsible as possible.
  9. bellastar It's all in where you want to live. My brother lives in Utah where one can hardly buy a house for less than a quarter of a million dollars. He says he doesn't know where his kids will live when they become adults. I live in a small town in Arkansas where I just bought a 2100 sq ft house. I found it in the local newspaper for $29,000. I just called the woman up, offered her $5000 down. She said the payments would be $300/month without interest, so I took it. Looking online, they say that the town has a high crime rate. It's not true. The police department warns people that they really should start locking their doors to their houses. Up to now, they haven't been and these people are thoroughly enraged saying the place is going to hell. Groceries here in Arkansas have to be cheaper than anywhere else in the country. Last month chicken was on sale for thirty-nine cents a pound. Although this town is mostly white, from what I see, everyone is polite and social to everyone. It is really easy to get into public housing here. For some odd reason, they have an excess of extremely nice, brick public housing. You can fill out the section 8 housing application and go anywhere in the country. I invite you to come to Arkansas.
  10. Do You Care About the Royal Wedding?

    Oh Yeah! I was terribly disappointed to hear that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aren't going to have a royal wedding like Princess Diana's. I want to see the horse-drawn carriage that is made out of real gold that the family is supposed to own. I want to see the knights in shining armor marching in formations, trumpeters, royal messengers, and the 3 musketeers. I think it is their responsibility to bring what little girls envision alive. Long live the Princess and her Pea!!
  11. Starbucks Hype

    Like Musicfan96 I think they are overhyped and overpriced, but also just too high calorie for me. Before taking on that addictive habit, I'd buy a goat. After milking, you are supposed to heat up the milk to pasteurize it. A skin forms on the top of hot milk that when added to coffee with a bit of sugar is good enough to forget Starbucks forever.
  12. Saving money and budgets

    RobinAnna It is very difficult to save, especially when one doesn't know where to begin. I can only tell you what works for me. When payday comes, I pay the house, utilities other monthly payments due that day, and put aside savings. Every penny has a place in a written budget. I only need about $50 for groceries for the month; however, I worked up to that point by buying in bulk years ago. When eggs were on sale at their cheapest, bought 35 cartons and microwaved them until dehydrated. After grinding them, I put them in a can with a lid. Now when I need an egg. I don't spend 8 cents (regular price), I spend 4 cents (the sale price). I buy wheat berries in bulk at .30 cents a pound and canned poke leaves with reusable lids. I regrow green onion tops in my living room window. All cooking is done outside over a fire in the summer. Not counting soy sauce, spices, and vegetable oil, I can spend 30 cents and make a delicious meal. It is possible to eat in 2018 in the United States for $1.00 a day. When it comes to cooling, I use my clothes drier to suck hot air from the attic and blow it out of the house. The dryer both cools the house a little by getting rid of attic heat and also doesn't use the dryer element to heat at all in the summer and less in the winter. Ceiling fans circulate the air. In my younger days, I had a heck of a trench dug in the yard, 8 feet deep. I have a 10-inch pipe that is accordioned up and down that pipes in cool air as long as I have that vent open. There are unpleasant days, but I put up with it. But then, I never use the air conditioning in my car to save gas. There are a million and one ways to save, mostly it takes a driving desire to see how cheap you can be. There are many people in this world who live on almost nothing. Find out what they do. Your goal shouldn't be to see how rich you can live on your money, but how much you can keep.
  13. House/apartment

    House vs Apartment While it's handy to not have to do repairs or save the money to pay someone else to do them, I love the feel of Independence of living in my own home. There is something about loving my own beautiful floors, my own shiny kitchen counter that just isn't there for me when it's not mine. I agree with "Divinity" that the idea of being safe on a hill while having a view of the sea but I also envision a garden of flowers, and children playing with sheep in my yard. My soul calmed by the slowly washing waves, nervous with anticipation of squalls, and joy of the sunbeams in the sunrise. I would feel one with the waves.
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  15. Hit My 7th

    I've completed my 7'th post. Though I was a little confused about where to post this, I hope you will forgive. I look forward to hearing from you.
  16. My 7 Are Up!!!

    I can be serious. I can be funny. I can adapt to fit your needs. Give me a shot (bourbon would be nice).
  17. 7 IS UP!!!

    Please follow the applicant instructions and post this in the appropriate thread. Thanks!
  18. 7 IS UP!!!

    If you want someone who thinks "Out Of The Box", hire me. You'll have no regrets.
  19. The Scary Hospital

    How funny tungincheek! What a great sense of humor you must have. Thanks for making my day with this little quip.
  20. 7 IS UP!!!

    If you want someone who thinks "Out Of The Box", hire me. You'll have no regrets.
  21. Mom

    My mother, God bless her, was given an "Alexa" as a present. I thought this was a wonderful opportunity, being legally blind while insisting to live on her own. However, each time I come over, Alexa is unplugged. I ask why and I'm told "Alexa got mad at me because I kept asking her questions she didn't like". I tell her that Alexa is simply a computer and there are no feelings involved. However, when I plug it in and ask Alexa questions, my Mom warns me that I'll make her mad. This makes me contemplate what future technology will be like and how I'll cope with it. Technology seems to be advancing faster than some folks can keep up with. Will that be me? Technology is exciting. Can I keep up?
  22. The Winter Olympics

    What a bizarre Winter Olympics this time around, hosted by South Korea, and North Korea wanting to compete. If they have a "goosestepping competition, the North is a shoe-in to win. Will there be a "Dear Leader fawning" competition? A nuclear missile development competition? Somehow, I don't see them winning any snowboard events. Will Kim Jong-Un simply launch a nuke if he loses? It takes a lot of guts to be an Olympian.
  23. The Scary Hospital

    OK. I went back to the hospital to visit my daughter-in-law and new granddaughter. I believe it is run by the CIA or NSA, but certainly not the PTA. As I looked for elevators to the cafeteria, I ran into a sign that said "ICU Waiting". I don't know if this was meant as a warning, but I took it as such. I knew I was under surveillance. We are living in a brave new world. I will begin stocking food, medicine and arms at my home in Minnesota. I will dispose of all technological devices and burn them. They'll never penetrate my defenses......
  24. New Nickname

    R' U' Nuts? If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I could donate my Social Security to the poor. Alas, I received no nickels, so I'll need to depend on my children's taxes until death do we part. I currently live in the Chicago area. I will retire in northeastern Minnesota. All I hear is "Isn't it cold up there?" Yep. As crazy as it sounds, I like cold. I hate hot. I hate to sweat. I hate bugs crawling everywhere. In the Midwest there are 4 months of cold weather, five months of hot weather and 3 months of comfortable weather. In Northern Minnesota there are 6 months of cold and 6 months of nice. I'll take that anytime. I will wear my new nickname as a badge of honor as I fish, snowmobile, explore off road and curl up with my wife next to our wood burning stove. Yep, call me nuts.
  25. The Big Muddy

    As a new retiree, one of my bucket list drives will be taking the "Great River Road" which begins where the mighty Mississippi originates in Minnesota all the way down to New Orleans, Louisiana. When you think of it, nobody would ever start this trip in New Orleans and go up to Minnesota would they? That would be anti-climatic. What a comedown it would be to begin your trip in the land of Mardi Gras and the Gulf of Mexico, drive 2000 miles and then end at the puddle of water where it begins? Where's the Climax? Food for thought.
  26. New Age

    I was disappointed as I walked through the hospital where my grand daughter was born. I know this is a modern age with modern attitudes and that medical marijuana is becoming more accepted, but I still believe a measure of professionalism should be displayed. Instead of this department being called "Alternative Medicine" or "Specialized Pharmaceuticals", did they really need to call it "The Joint Replacement Center"? They might as well named the bathrooms "Dudes" and "Chicks". Where is this world going to?
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