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  3. autumncafes

    Hit My 7th

    Hello! I have completed my seven post requirement and posting my eighth one here! Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am looking forward to creating topics and interacting with others in the future! 😁
  4. autumncafes

    Language Learning

    Everyone learns differently, so every way is the "best way" to learn the language. It just depends on what your learning style is. Some people learn better with books, some people learn better with apps, some people learn better traveling to the country where the language is spoken, some people learn better with a native speaker or teacher in class, while others learn better on their own. The list can go on! Play around with different materials until you find something that fits your learning style. The thing is, once you learn something, you have to maintain it. The things you learn starts in your short-term memory first, then goes into long-term memory as you use it and review things. Let's say you're learning for vocabulary and you are learning the words for objects in your living room. Start referring to those objects in the language you're learning. You don't have to say them out loud, but at least think the word in that language, instead of, for example, "sofa" in English or your native language. As you learn grammar, then you can say (or think) "this is a sofa" in said language. Then "this is a red sofa", "this red sofa is in the living room", "this red sofa is on the right side of the living room," etc. I've personally taken language classes and self-studied languages. I believe I learn better on my own. For example, I am learning Italian and Korean. I study Italian everyday using apps and websites and then I talk to my girlfriend only in Italian. For Korean, I use those same apps and websites, and then I naturally use the language everyday because of the music I listen to and looking up music I like in Korean. You can definitely do this! If you ever need to find people to talk to to maintain a language, you can find people everywhere online! Social media, penpal websites, etc.
  5. autumncafes

    Valentines Day

    I think what your girlfriend thinks is going to be more important than what anyone else thinks. What matters is that it's the thought that counts. If your girlfriend loves the card and she never expressed dissatisfaction, there is nothing to worry about.
  6. autumncafes

    Stress Reliever

    I usually write, learn a foreign language, draw, program, play video games or listen to music! I also love to take walks around my neighborhood as long as it's not too hot or too cold. I also enjoy watching Youtube videos.
  7. autumncafes

    Long Distance Relationship

    I am currently in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend. I'm from the US and she's from Italy. We communicate, we're there for each other, we talk about our favorite things. I'm also learning Italian just for her and when we talk, she gets excited when I use her language and really loves it when I do it! Trust each other, be there for each other, be honest! Let them know that you're thinking about them, send them gifts or letters in the mail from time to time, make plans to visit each other in person, call/video chat with each other(there are apps out there that you can do these things for free if you're worried about phone bills). It is definitely possible to be in a long distance relationship! Treat them as if they're actually within close distance from you.
  8. autumncafes


    I am kind of new to cryptocurrency and have very small amounts of various coins, but plan on investing into them in a long term. I would either save a lot of money and invest in bitcoin later, or buy little bits at a time. There is also the option of buying other types of cryptocurrency. You can always transfer them to bitcoin at a later time!
  9. autumncafes

    Thunder Storm or Snow Storm

    I prefer thunderstorms to sleep to, as long as the thunder is not loud. I have autism, so very loud things can cause me to have sensory overload. Snow is pretty to look at, but after a while, I wouldn't want to see it anymore.
  10. autumncafes

    Getting Started in Stocks

    I am very new to stocks and investments as well. I actually got started with these investment apps such as Robinhood, First Trade, Stash, etc. I am still new to how the entire thing works and when it would be good to sell a stock, as apposed to endlessly holding on it. I would also like to start investing in real estate one day once I understand better how stocks work and save enough funds for it. We are all beginners in things at some point! I wish both of us luck!
  11. SableC.

    Losing a Job

    It really is! It's rotten that you were laid off, but you've got the right attitude to keep moving forward. I wish I had some helpful tips to share, but when I'm down, I just let it all out. I usually start feeling better after I've whined for a bit. I hate this happened to you! It's a tough time to be a writer right now, even for talented folks like you. But you know what? You got this girl! You'll bounce back in no time. I'll keep my eyes open and if I find any writing work that looks good, I'll message it to you.
  12. JewelsCat22

    Losing a Job

    A couple of weeks ago, I was laid off from my job. I was writing for a company's blog (along with five other writers), and the company decided that after 11 years it was time to shut the blog down. I had been with the company for nearly two years. We were only given three days' notice, which is legal because we were all independent contractors. In any case, I'm busy trying to find new work and do the work I still have with other clients. I find it overwhelming at times because looking for new work is a full-time job in and of itself. Have any of you ever been laid off? How did you cope with the change? How did you stay motivated and keep a positive attitude when things got challenging?
  13. Nickel


    Last fall, I stayed at an old hotel in a small Vermont town. The carpet was rundown and the outside could've used fresh paint, but the hotel fit the area in the best ways — historic, woodsy, and quiet. I got lobster from the deli across the street, and later that night I got just-popped popcorn from the main street's theater. I love being a short-term local during these stays.
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  15. MrAirForceGuy


    I once used the phrase friends can fill your head but only you can fill your heart. Many times, in life we listen to the advice of others at the wrong time. There are also times when we don’t listen at all then kick ourselves for not listen especially it the advice given was spot on. However, in saying all of that there will be instances where only you can follow your heart and do what’s best for you.
  16. MrAirForceGuy

    Simple Life

    Life is a simple thing; we chose to make it complicated. I try you use the Three R’s in life. Relax, Relate, Release! Relax- let the stress go, become less tense Relate-be in tune with life find your happy place all day everyday Release- escape from the daily confinements of the negative energy around you. You only die once, but you live everyday!
  17. MrAirForceGuy

    Thunder Storm or Snow Storm

    Everyone in the world no matter where you are from, has certain things in life they like. So, my question is which is better sleeping weather? Thunderstorm or Snowstorm? And Why?
  18. MrAirForceGuy

    Who Is More Important

    Who to keep your significant happy? Then figure out who is more important... her/him or the outside friends. So many time while in relationships with someone special we get caught up with trying to please everyone on the outside of the relationship. We worry about what our friends will think about us. You worry about losing that friend of the opposite sex that lowkey wants you and you don't believe it, but you S/O knows and sees it. So my question to the world is "who is more important"? The person who want to spend the rest of your life with or the person you've know since your first day at work a year ago?
  19. MrAirForceGuy

    Workplace Snitch

    What do some people feel they gain by being the "Workplace Snitch". During a recent job evaluation I was told by my supervisor that my co-worker who 2 yrs older than ( I'm 46) me stated I spoke to her in an unprofessional manner. My exact word to her was "Read the email that I sent you" as I ran by her office door on my way to the restroom. After being the military for 20+ years that was something that I was taught while on Active Duty was to try and solve problems as the lowest level possible. She could have talk to me about that co-worker to co-worker or if she didn't feel comfortable doing that we could have both sat down with my supervisor ( which is her supervisor as well) and straightened things out.
  20. MrAirForceGuy

    Live & Love

    With the recent death of NBA star Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi, I think hit has brought a lot of people specifically men and their daughters a lot closer together. I know for me as a father after it happened, I immediately called all three of my children and told them how much I love them. I also sent text message to some of closet male friends and say hey fellas " WE Are Blessed & We Are Loved". I know a lot of people take life for granted and don't believe that anything tragic can happen to them or a family member. It may just be that some people are just not in touch with their feelings to where the tragic lost of life doesn't bother them...Who knows?!
  21. SableC.


    I thought it was just me! I love them too and housekeeping is one the reasons I prefer hotels to getting an Airbnb. I'm not loyal to a certain brand, so I join all the rewards' programs to make the most of my stay.
  22. Nickel


    I love hotel stays. It doesn't matter if it's a low-budget place or if there isn't much to do right outside the lobby. As long as my room's in good shape and the staff is kind, I enjoy that extra reminder that I'm getting away for one night or longer. Plus, I don't have to clean anything! Do you have a go-to hotel you use when you're making travel plans?
  23. PikaCHUA


    I suggest that you stay away from investing in something you don't fully understand. This is the quickest way to drain your hard earned money.
  24. PikaCHUA

    Social media versus real life

    Sadly, our gadgets are becoming the center of our universe. Everywhere we go we can't seem to detach ourselves from our gadgets. Slowly, it is taking over our lives.
  25. PikaCHUA

    Long Distance Relationship

    Keeping the love alive in a long distance relationship is a huge challenge. The only way to keep it alive is to be completely honest with your partner.
  26. PikaCHUA

    Hit My 7th

    Completed my 7 posts. Thank you for the opportunity. Really enjoyed reading and responding to the posts.
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