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  2. I was hoping to transition to a different position at work. I had been helping out the current employee with her job and enjoyed it. She was leaving the company to pursue other interests and I felt that I would do well at the position. The company's owners agreed that I would do well and we started the process of training me to do the job. Here is the tricky part. I am still doing my old job as well. These are both full time positions on their own. They know that I need help but they are taking months and months to figure out what help I am going to get. They want both jobs done fully and correctly. How can I get the help that I need without coming across as failing at my job?
  3. Gold19

    Tension And Conflict

    Tension and conflict are an inevitable part of any relationship. However, tension and conflict must not necessarily lead to the destruction of a relationship. It is important to keep the lines of communication open in times of tension. You must never make the mistake of giving your partner the ’silent’ treatment or just storming off without giving them the chance to explain themselves. The lack of communication will only make the situation worse.
  4. Gold19

    Generation Gap

    I can now really feel the generation gap between me and the children of today. I find difficult to appreciate some of the music they listen to. In my ears, it will all be noise but the youngsters will be enjoying themselves. Then there is the matter of clothing. I will never wrap my mind around the fact that someone can go into a shop and opt to buy torn jeans.
  5. Music is a staple in our lives. It engages several regions of the brain. It affects areas of the brain that deal with planning, emotion, and rewards. It releases the ’feel-good’ chemical dopamine. Studies have also shown that music can make you feel that you are not working as hard as you actually are. Which why it is very common to find loud music being played in gyms. However, for you to gain maximum benefit from music, you must pick the genre that you love.
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  7. fredwriter

    Soccer ; A New Religion

    I'm afraid it's not just soccer! Without mentioning team names, I always get dirty looks from rival fans when I wear a certain baseball cap. I think sports are fun to watch, but some people take them way to seriously.
  8. fredwriter

    The beauty of pure Michigan

    I really admire folks from Michigan for taking so much pride in their home. Whenever you meet someone from there, you find they're always trying to teach you stuff about their state, like that it's shaped like a mitten... or that the state's residents are called “Michiganders.” This is the polar opposite of my state, Florida. When I was a kid you used to hear the word “Floridian” on the news sometimes, but I don't think anybody uses that word anymore. People are just totally jaded and cynical about state, which I don't get. I honestly don't think it's such bad place to live, even if I don't live there anymore myself. The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess.
  9. fredwriter

    New Years Resolutions

    My resolutions are basically the same: work on my business and get in better shape. I know what you mean about writing your ideas down. I always used to think that New Year's Resolutions were kind of silly and self-indulgent, but now that I'm older I see that they can be quite useful. The emphasis is on the “can,” since most people just don't follow through because they set unrealistic goals, or they have no idea how they are going to see their idea through. Like you said, the main thing is to write your goals down so that you can think about what concrete steps you need to take to make them a reality. I guess it's more about actually getting yourself to do something, not setting some bar for yourself that you absolutely must pass no matter what.
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  11. Migi

    Ice Cream

    This conversation reminds me of a certain debate about mint chocolate ice cream. The haters claim that we are eating toothpaste! Such a bold statement. I think I've been using a mint-flavored toothpaste all my life, but the thought never crossed my mind even once. I used to be a die-hard fan of everything chocolate, but it's too sweet for me now. Vanilla and matcha/green tea are my top ice cream choices these days.
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  13. TravelBug

    Ice Cream

    I am a big fan of mint chocolate chip. I just had it for the first time when I was on vacation, never tried it before even though I am obsessed with Junior Mints. But honestly, anything with chocolate or chocolate fudge gets my vote.
  14. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  15. Kuuipo143

    Hit My 7th

    Hey there! I'm excited to let you know I just completed the 7 required posts. Kuuipo143
  16. Kuuipo143

    New Years Resolutions

    Most years I completely skip setting resolutions. I feel like making myself a better person and doing things to improve my health, finances, love etc. should be an all year long task. This year I took a different approach and wrote down my goals and what it would take to get there. To have an actual plan gives me more clarity and I feel motivated. My resolutions include growing my business and working on my fitness. What is everyone else's resolutions for 2020?
  17. Kuuipo143

    The beauty of pure Michigan

    I have only been through Michigan in passing, but it sounds beautiful. I certainly understand what it's like to have a deep connection to your home town.
  18. Kuuipo143

    The Danger of Envy

    Wow that sounds extreme. Hopefully you were able to get over her attempts to sabotage your job and relationship. Out of curiosity is your "then fiance" now your wife? Did your hater break you and your fiance up?
  19. Kuuipo143


    I try to avoid going shopping Black Friday at all costs and most years am happy to take advantage of online deals. This year I actually opted to go to work and skip shopping all together. I felt much better making money rather than spending it.
  20. Kuuipo143

    Technological Gadgets Vs Family Life

    I agree! I had a TV in my kids room and each had a tablet too. Once I realized how little quality time we spent together I removed the television and tabs completely. At first I felt like it might be more like a punishment for me lol, but a year later I feel like we are much closer. I have given them a bit more tech time, but they are very limited and spend less than one hour per day on their devices.
  21. Kuuipo143

    Career Guidance For Children

    Even though my kids are only 8 and 12 I am already asking them what they want to be and how they are going to do it. My 12 year old especially is aware that the decisions she makes right now will affect her and her future. She is an artist and understands that it is a very difficult field and is already thinking about art schools. She has a plan to get a job at 16 and start saving for schooling. She has an idea of what type of art she can do to make a livable income for herself and has even gotten to talk to people in her desired field to find out what it takes to get where she wants to be. It is absolutely essential to get our kids ready for the "real world" so they can be productive contributors to society.
  22. Kuuipo143

    Take that Break

    Too much stress can definitely de-motivate and make a person lose focus. I try to make sure I stop and take a moment to myself so I can think clearly. I agree that it is very important to take a break to gain clarity. Its absolutely necessary to avoid burning out.
  23. JewelsCat22

    What have you achieved this year?

    Yes, winning a MUSE is a real honor! I had to look at the program about 10 times and still didn't believe I'd won until a fellow CWA member messaged me congratulating me. I didn't expect to win one with my first and only entry into the contest. My article was on how to care for a cat when you are visually impaired. I have learned so much over the years and wanted to help other people with vision problems care for their kitties, too. It has lots of little tips in there that most people wouldn't think about. For example, Carmine and Tylan's collar bells are of two different tones, so if they shake their bell, I can tell who is who even if they aren't right by me where I can see them.
  24. SableC.

    What have you achieved this year?

    That's fantastic, @JewelsCat22. Way to go! I follow a few cat blogs so I'm vaguely familiar with the Cat Writers' Association. From what I've read, earning a MUSE medallion is quite an achievement. If it's not too personal I'd love to know what topic you tackled.
  25. Nickel

    Your healthy hobbies

    Such an encouraging thread! I've been trying to eat more vegan and vegetarian items. I drink plant-based milks more often now, and I'm having more meals where the main protein is from legumes or beans.
  26. SableC.

    Your healthy hobbies

    I have my faith, my friends, and my pets which all help to relieve stress, at least that's how it feels. So, I count those as part of my healthy hobbies and habits. I don't sleep much and I have a poor diet, but I haven't suffered for it. I think a lot of it boils down to genetics. MIgi, that's how I am during the cold season. My only physical activities revolve around sprinting from one warm place to another. Then I'm under a mound of warm blankets with my laptop. I just find the cold unbearable. Would you prefer to have more time to engage in physical hobbies or are you pretty satisfied with things right now? Travelbug, that sounds like tons of fun!
  27. Tori Loft

    Hit My 7th

    I'm glad I've hit on my 7th post. I'm looking forward to working with you. Thanks.
  28. Tori Loft

    Health by Subtraction

    Many scientists in the past devoted their time to finding "the fountain of youth" all to no avail. The assumption they make is that you need to add something to improve health. But today we are finding out that subtracting can even be more powerful. Removing alcohol, drug stimulants, refined sugar, and negative people from your life could increase your health significantly. If prevention is better than cure then subtraction is a good way to achieve it.
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