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  2. phantom7

    Hit My 7th

    I have reached my 7th post. The forum has been fun and I hope I've done something useful on it. Thanks.
  3. I was searching online, bored, when I decided to look for the most powerful cameras on the planet. Little did I know that one of the search results would be a normal-looking camera. The Nikon COOLPIX P900 amazed me, as I expected it to be atleast telescope-like in some of its outer features, like its size. Most amazing were its videos on YouTube, which included someone zooming and being able to remarkably view the Moon's surface! This gadget is a must-have for all who wish to have a new experience with cameras.
  4. I have seen many people in gyms who hop on treadmills and that's all they'll need for the day. I kind of wonder if having a bicycle can replace having a treadmill, or going to gyms. First of all it's cheaper and also allows you to travel while exercising. That's just my view and I would like to get other people's views which will help me purchase the better option.
  5. It was in 2015 when I experienced the very bad situation of losing a loved one. My first reaction was confusion, followed by denial. The next thing I realized was that I had developed high blood pressure at just 25 years of age because of the trauma I felt after losing my mother. Then came the panic attacks! It was roughly two months after the bad day that I started fearing almost everything, including my own shadow. By that time panic attacks had found their way into my once normal life; I could no longer move from home or go more than ten kilometers from my doctor, who I saw as my savior. To cut the long story short, I had a very hard time due to panic attacks. So, what remedy or solution would you suggest for effectively removing panic attacks?
  6. phantom7

    Quit smoking right now !

    Thanks @Patrascu Bogdan for your post. But just like @Lots2Say has explained; it isn't easy to just quit smoking, meaning it should be a gradual process. I appreciate all who have admitted they smoke, which is the first step towards the solution.
  7. phantom7

    How to motivate others

    I can assuredly tell you @Rubesh that motivation is one of the human characteristics that has enabled us to develop ourselves. Without it we'd still be far behind. Secondly, there are two types of motivation: Good motivation and bad motivation. Therefore we should choose wisely.
  8. phantom7

    Do you wash hands before eating?

    Washing hands before and after meals is customary in most African societies. This is because we still have many disease prone areas and littered household rubbish areas where children can innocently play from. Lastly, the soap used to wash your hands is also important, as not every soap will be effective. Antibiotic soaps like Dettol can do the trick.
  9. phantom7

    what is your aim in your life?

    Thanks @Rubesh for your post. What I can pick from it is that most people have dreams or plans for their lives, but circumstances tend to block their paths. That's why many people can survive although they don't fulfill their aims.
  10. rubesh

    Hit My 7th

    Sir, I have reached my 7th post.. Thanks for your support and I expect a favorable reply at the earliest
  11. My favourite tourist place in INDIA is Pondicherry-south India . I love visiting this place every year as I am completely taken aback by its serene beach and food. Last year, when I visited Pondicherry it was heavily raining and beautiful .
  12. Achieving goals in our life is not an easy task as it needs many sacrifices of an individual. If at all we are assertive the job becomes slightly easier. Most of the people who are not able to achieve their goals are not really focussed and hard workers. We need to be focussed and hard working person to achieve our goals
  13. Aimless person is headless person according to me. A man without head cannot live and like that aimless person cannot Aimless person is headless person according to me. A man without head cannot live and like that aimless person cannot survive in this competitive world. If we aim higher, our results will also be higher and so we should always have good aims for achieving a this competetive world
  14. Hygenic life is must for all individuals who want to lead a disease-free life. You can become a healhy person only if you are hale and healthy, which is possible by a basic task -washing hands before you eat. The scientists have confirmed that many dangerous germs will get washed away if we wash hands .
  15. Motivation is the key for many people's success. Right motivation would improve the quality of life and also give excellent results for an individual . There are lots of motivation videos and stories online are found for the people who want to come up in their life. We should be able to catch best ones leaving the rest that are not suitable for our life
  16. rubesh

    Stress free life

    The word stress gives us a lot of insight about our future and present life . Yes, the present world population , majority of people, is suffering from stress due to many reasons. However, I am sure that many of us have not understood the real meaning of life and hence the result is stress. We should know how to lead a stress free life in our daily to day life and if not we need to suffer and it would lead to depression,
  17. rubesh

    online earning

    Online earning is becoming mandatory for many money aspiring people like me. However, we should be tactic and sensible to select our platform to cope with the expectations.
  18. SableC.

    Christmas in September

    I haven't come across any Christmas themed commercials yet, but the winter holiday is certainly creeping into stores earlier and earlier. Christmas tree displays look so odd among back-to-school shopping items. I guess Halloween and Thanksgiving just don't have as much commercial value. Then again, do people really start Christmas shopping this early? It's 100°F here. I'm not in the Christmas holiday spirit.
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  20. JewelsCat22

    Christmas in September

    The other day I was watching Law & Order: SVU on Netflix, and up pops a Christmas commercial! We haven't even had Halloween yet! Is it me, or does it seem like companies, stores, etc. advertise Christmas earlier and earlier each year?
  21. Lots2Say

    Hit My 7th

    Thank you😊
  22. Lots2Say

    Quit smoking right now !

    There are times that I enjoy a cigarette and I think to myself that I like smoking and I'm not going to stop, but most of the time I hate it and myself for letting myself be held hostage by this white paper stick that has dried up weeds, bugs and chemicals rolled up in it. It does make my clothes, vehicle, house, hair, purse, and even my clean clothes hanging in my closet stink and smell of smoke. I did quit, once, for six years. Then I went through a divorce and fell back into old habits and it has now been almost eight years of smoking again. This is something that I am not proud of and I realize that it is a poor example for my two young grandson's, but this has bee the most addicted I have ever been. I smoke two packs a day and very little detours me from having a smoke whenever I want one. My doctor has told me that smoking is more addictive than heroin. It is a body, mind, and hand addiction. If I'm not craving it, then the habit gets me or just the desire to hold one between my fingers. I know that all sounds trivial and easy to get around, but an addicted person can hardly deny these "addictive" triggers. Then there are as many emotional triggers as there are scenarios to present that entices me to have another one. If I have any cigarettes at all when I do manage to wrap my brain around the idea of quitting then I have to smoke them all up because I have already spent the money on them. Cigarettes are not cheap and there is no way to recoup the money. So, I make myself believe that after I smoke those up then they will ne my last. It never happens that way. I always find a reason to buy another pack.
  23. winuxchrosh

    Encouragement Instead of Blaming

    I grew up in a very conservative Christian family. I just had a conversation with my father yesterday, and he insisted that climate change is only a hoax. I'm not a liberal, but I believe that climate change and global warming are real because the physical evidence is already in front of us. This example is one of many that divide our society, even in the family.
  24. TravelBug

    Encouragement Instead of Blaming

    People forget to listen to each other. We get so caught up in our own ideas and our own frame of reference, it is hard to open our eyes to other ideas. We want to convince others that our way of thinking is the right one, when we should be listening to each other more in order to try to understand instead of listening in order to pick each other apart.
  25. I once believed that I will never reach the goal that I always have in my mind since I was a child. I always say to myself that I can't do it but I bet everyone also had a chance to think like that. I sometimes cried, asking, what did I do to experience all of this? Am I not worthy? I almost gave up. I thought I couldn't do anything anymore, I felt useless. But I realized, if I will give up on myself, no one will be able to help me but only myself. I tend to believe that all things were possible. That, if you really push hard, you will reach your goal in no time. I thought it was easy but I was wrong. Until one day, all those sleepless nights, never ending cries, and infinite thoughts within my mind became a memory of mine. A memory that keeps on reminding me on how I managed to get here on the very place I am living on right now. I have reached my goal and all was worth it. I am now back in college, studying Engineering, and I can say that I am now facing my next battle. Fighting over my dream. Something that I never thought would be possible again.
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