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  2. Advice you would give to your younger self?

    This is what I would say to an eleven-months younger version of me: "Quit your job right now. You recently got your tax refund and 13 month pay, that'll be enough to keep you going for the next few months. Choose to earn online. You won't have to sit anymore next to someone that you dislike. I have sent a comprehensive guide to wealth to your email. Thank me by following my advice."
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  4. Hit My 7th

    Hit my 7th.
  5. Hey guys. I've been searching online for a workout that I can do every morning for about 5 minutes. That's all the time I have to spare and so I want to make the most of it. Does anyone know any muscle-toning workout that can be effective even when done only for a short amount of time?
  6. Has anyone else read the book 'The Richest Man in Babylon'? I read it recently and the one thing that stood out for me was the fact that anyone can become rich just by following a simple concept: A part of all you earn is yours to keep! This is just a fancy way of saying save at least 10% of everything you make and invest it wisely and you will be wealthy in no time. The older you get, the richer you will get. I think it's worth trying out. What are your opinions on this - do you think getting rich really could be that simple?
  7. I have some mixed feelings when it comes to the idea of marriage. On the one hand, I was brought up to believe that as a woman, you were not 'validated' until you found yourself a good man to marry and start a family with. Now I know so much more and I've discovered that I can be and have anything that I want - and I can do it all without a man if I decide to. Do you think that the idea of marriage still makes sense in this modern world or do you feel that it's something that worked a hundred years ago, but is not suited to the world we live in today?
  8. Would you go without power for 30 days?

    For me, that's an easy yes! I grew up on a farm without electricity and I know how to make the best of such a situation. Of course, having lived in the city for the past 20 years has changed me a lot, but I feel that I'll always be able to cope if ever I found myself without running water, power, internet or any of the other modern conveniences we enjoy today.
  9. If you're looking at society as a whole, I would have to agree that it certainly seems like people have become so used to being spoon-fed information that they have lost the will to think for themselves. I do believe, however, that there are some individuals who see past all that and are able to make up their own minds about what their reality is, and that any one of us could do that if we so desired.
  10. Emilia Clarke and weird stockings

    I haven't seen that movie, but Emilia Clarke is one of my favorite actresses. I read an article recently where some people were questioning her acting skills, but I think she's really great at what she does. I'm going to look for the movie you mentioned and get back to you after I see those stockings.
  11. Big Bang Theory Nerds

    I don't think that those things have died out, but from what I see around me, most people are now opting for online dating rather than trying to meet people in physical places because it's just that much more convenient and you get to meet so many more people in a short space of time than you would if you were going out looking for them.
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  13. What's good during holiday season

    The best during in the holiday season, is travel to the tourist attractions, and enjoy sleeping in the hotel.
  14. Hit My 7th

    I hope you will consider me as a poster. Thanks. Redwriter
  15. The holiday season is a time for creativity, like decorating the house and creating your own cards and Christmas cookies. Still, it is also a time of stress, and some of us can feel down because we are far from family or don't have decent friends nearby to celebrate with. Upbeat movies like "Elf" and John Grisham's "The Kranks" can give us some relief and fun during the holiday season.
  16. In the movie "Me Before You" Emilia Clarke wore these weird outfits. The thing that really stood out was those bumble bee, black and yellow striped tights. Not exactly my choice for leg coverings. Where would you even "find" a pair of stockings like that?
  17. I wonder what Jennifer Aniston uses to make her face look so smooth and wrinkle-free? She may use that Aveeno lotion, but that is just for the body, not the face. She looks at least 10 years younger than her real age.
  18. For those who remember, John Lennon was more than just the lead singer and co-writer of songs for the Beatles. He was a political advocate. The Vietnam War seemed to bring out a lot of protesting musicians, more so than I think any other time in American history. And he was certainly original, with a "bed-in" for peace and his songs "Give Peace a Chance" and "Imagine," the latter a peace song even if people didn't realize it. Musicians today seem to shy away from politics or talking about war, but young people need more to think about love and getting someone's booty.
  19. According to an online source, taking iodine is very good for breast health. I've taken iodine supplements for several years in hopes that my breast cancer would not come back. But a recent blood test showed my thyroid function was pretty low. Now I'm on a thyroid replacement supplement, taking Vitamin D3 on the side to assist my immune system. I'm hoping this will keep cancer and other serious illness away. But I've read both good and bad reviews on zinc supplements if you have a cold and wonder if it's worth it.
  20. Big Bang Theory Nerds

    "The Big Bang Theory" TV show gives nerdy guys hope they'll one day find Ms. Right in their lives. Sometimes you can meet a neighbor who becomes more than a friend. But more often than not, more couples today opt to go to an online dating service, taking all the fun out of discovering things about the other person through experience. Whatever happened to the community dance, more face-to-face ways for young couples to meet? Have they totally died out?
  21. National Parks Worth It

    After visiting Yosemite in California I have to agree with filmmaker Ken Burns. Our national parks are a real treasure, and people living in big cities are missing out. At least those living in New York City have nearby Central Park for some access to the natural world.
  22. Beach or Mountain Top?

    Considering I live in a coastal city in Northern Europe, I have had enough of cold. I also come from a fairly mountainous area, so great views are nothing new to me. Based on that, my choice is very easy: beach any day. But for other people it might be different. Maybe living in the mountains means you love it and it is where you wanna be at all times, also on holidays, not just when at home. And living at a warm seaside maybe does not mean you wanna spend holidays in the cold mountains.
  23. Online shopping

    A lot of people have struggled with shopping online - paying too much, receiving the wrong item or finding the pictures online very deceiving. I have been shopping online for years now and I am very satisfied with everything I ever got, or I have contacted the seller and fixed whatever problems. For one, it is very important to make sure what you see online is in fact what you will get. On Ebay it is usually looking for pictures that look real, instead of a beautiful photoshoped pictures. Looking up reviews and customer feedbacks also helps. Secondly, checking return policies and all the shipping cost information before you make the order. The price of your item might end up being way higher than you expected when it is too late to change. You also want to make sure you have the possibility to return the item and want to be sure about the conditions of this. Doing a little bit of a research on sellers of your desired item might prove essential. You might find better price or better conditions. You could also find better pictures of the item and therefore make sure it is what you are going to get. You might also find information about sellers and avoid scams and possible problems. Lastly, if the item is expensive, you might want to establish contact with the seller before the purchase. This would help you understand if the seller is open for communication, if they are helpful and how much they care about the customer. Using a PayPal account is very easy and can prove helpful. It provides you with easy overlook of your finance spending and functions as an easy platform for financial transactions between you and the seller. Not only it is safe and easy to use, if you are to get refunded, the seller is more than likely able to do it very easily through your PayPal account. I hope this helps for not getting scammed or disappointed.
  24. I believe there are many aspects that need to be considered when picking a vacation destination. What is vacation to you? Do you want to be active with sports or do you want to do a lot of sightseeing or do you just want to stay at the beach by the sea? There are very specific vacation destinations based on what you want. For example mountain resorts offer skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities. While it is more the historic or very modern place that offer sightseeing - Rome, Madrid, Stockholm and so on. Sea and the beach are offered by most seaside resorts. Then the price comes in mind. For cheap getaway you might wanna look what is near you, rather than exotic destinations. These are in my opinion the most important points to look at in order to narrow your options. I hope you find your dream holiday :).
  25. Hit My 7th

    I just made my 7th post and am looking forward to being a member of this great team. Thank you for your time and consideration!
  26. Online shopping

    While I love online shopping, mainly for the hunt of getting the best deal on sites like eBay, I don't think a virtual tour would ever satisfy me enough in comparison to the actual adventure. This is even more so in a place where there are ancient sites or ruins because nothing would beat actually exploring them and pictures or footage just doesn't even begin to compare. Truthfully, I can't think of one single place that I would be satisfied with just a virtual tour. At best that would just wet my whistle and leave me wanting so much more.
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