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  2. LA

    Does Anyone Snail Mail Anymore?

    That's a shame Sable! Even if you say thanks via email a least have the courtesy to do so! I don't use snail mail much myself, but my mother sends my kids a card for every holiday, their birthdays, and occasionally just because. They absolutely love it!
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  4. SableC.

    Does Anyone Snail Mail Anymore?

    That sounds like fun, JewelsCat22. How did you find a pen pal? I had a regular writing buddy in elementary school from California. We exchanged letters for three years before losing touch. I send thank-you notes, sympathy cards, and invitations to formal events the old-fashioned way. I definitely side-eye those who fail to do so and never forget their rudeness. My mother was big on proper etiquette and it stuck with me. I've noticed that most young people today don't make the effort. I have yet to receive a card, phone call, or email message expressing thanks for the latest round of graduation gifts.
  5. alihasnain

    Hit My 7th

    Good night team and admins! I have successfully hit my seventh mark and am waiting for review. With my Master's degree in writing and an extensive history of posting in many forums, I believe that you will find my topics designed to increase the flow of comments while approaching a broad spectrum of audiences. My replies to posts have been encouraging to other members while still attempting to continue a conversation and, in turn, increase the number of replies to topics. I hope you find my brief bit of work exemplary and I'm looking forward to working together in the future. Regards, Alihasnain
  6. alihasnain


    PlayStations are extremely expensive devices to use despite being so popular in the gaming community. As new versions come out, they increasingly become out of reach of gamers. This leads to the financial divide between gamers as some can afford these expensive consoles, while some can’t. How unfortunate.
  7. alihasnain


    Video games and mobile games should encourage positive message alike. Their dependence on violence and gore should be minimized as they become more popular among the younger generation that is easily impressionable. Negative undertones should be avoided at all costs.
  8. alihasnain


    Telepathy is a mysterious form of communication. Its roots are still disputed yet it seems to be spreading like wildfire. It is mean through which ideas and thoughts are communicated through mental instincts or in simpler worlds, instinctively. The transfer of information in this way can assist those with impaired hearing and speaking senses.
  9. alihasnain


    Television is an important aspect of every individual’s lives these days. Children as young as 3 months old are now glued to the screens and now it is more important than ever to ensure that these shows are regulated and their content age-appropriate. Additionally parental guidance should be advised whenever necessary.
  10. alihasnain


    Clocks are fascinating inventions. They are what that keep schedules on track and ensure that matters are run smoothly all over the world. They give rise to punctuality in every professional’s life and develop a sense of responsibility in students, businessmen, and employed professionals alike.
  11. alihasnain


    Judging people on every small thing isn’t beneficial at all. We are mostly surrounded by people who will judge and criticize us on every small act and sometimes these acts turn into bullying. I think this is the time that we realize that these acts are toxic.
  12. alihasnain


    Distance learning may seem hard because the teacher does not have enough knowledge about how their students are learning but with the addition of some features like mobile learning is becoming very affecting and helping many of the students to learn different lessons on mobile from anywhere they want.
  13. JewelsCat22

    Does Anyone Snail Mail Anymore?

    Does anyone here send snail mail anymore? What I mean by snail mail is sending cards, letters, or packages through the postal service rather than sending email. I have a few pen pals I've been writing with for years, and I really enjoy getting their letters in the mail. Seeing a letter arrive in my mailbox brightens my whole day, and I know i brighten my pen pals' days when they get a letter from me, too.
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  15. Mal

    Hit My 7th

    Please follow the applicant instructions and post this in the appropriate thread. Thanks!
  16. winuxchrosh

    Encouragement Instead of Blaming

    In today's society, we tend to find the faults of everyone and start blaming them for the problems we encounter. On the news, the left and the right attack each other and let the people choose which side they are on. In schools, many teachers find the faults of the parents for the students' misbehavior. On the other hand, many parents are blaming the school's staff for not teaching their children proper manners. Then there are the politicians who blame people for their own mistakes. Why can't we just find solutions to the problems we are faced with and encourage each other to do better with instead of finding whose fault it is?
  17. Glittergirl

    Hit My 7th

    Hit My 7th
  18. Glittergirl


    There are a lot of movies to pick from. Some people have a hard time deciding which one to watch. I have an idea. How about find one that you would not normally watch. Find out what you think. You never know what you might find.
  19. Glittergirl


    I have friends like many people do. Life gets busy and it is hard to spend time with friends. Schedules, work, and daily demands get in the way. Sometimes simple ideas can keep a friendship active. A text, email, or phone call. Meeting for a cup of coffee, even if it is on your lunch break. Why not take care of two things at once?
  20. Glittergirl


    I have a vase of artificial flowers on my table. They have nice colors. The colors are yellow, purple, and white. The vase is small and simple. It reminds me of the real flowers that can be put in a vase. A small sample of nature is right on my table.
  21. Glittergirl


    News can be emotional in many ways. It can be good, bad, or neither. When it is good, you feel uplifted. When it is bad, you can feel down. If it is neither, that is not a problem.
  22. Glittergirl

    My Cats

    I have four cats that are adorable. They are all adults now. One cat is an older one. He is all black and has some gray hairs. I have another that is black and white and is getting older. I have two younger cats. It is nice to see them interact with each other. I especially enjoy it when one of them want to cuddle up next to me.
  23. Glittergirl

    Good Luck

    Good luck is often said to someone. It is an encouraging to hear someone say "good luck." I feel that someone really cares about what you about to do. Remember to say "good luck" to someone who shares with you what they are about to do.
  24. Glittergirl

    Not Yet Asleep

    Tonight I have not crawled into bed yet. I think it is a good to finish my thoughts for the day in my post. It is good to have a way to relax before bed. I like to discover ways to creative even when it is late. Try it sometime.
  25. Mal

    Hit My 7th

  26. SummerJ

    Hit My 7th

    I hit my 7th! Thank you!
  27. SummerJ

    Toys from your childhood

    Anyone know what year this toy is from??
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