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  2. SableC.

    Staying Active During the Pandemic

    I am fascinated by the interactive workout mirror and exercise bike. I'd probably get bored with them after the novelty wore off, but the infomercials and testimonials keep me intrigued. Has anyone here tried interactive exercise equipment?
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  4. knchatty

    Christmas Shopping For An Adult

    I agree Pokcare! I love getting socks for Christmas. I put them on my list every year. I also have a standing order for zip-up black sweatshirts. It is funny how our lists change as we age. This year I am asking for a new vacuum.
  5. Pokcare

    Christmas Shopping For An Adult

    Most people become practical as they get older that it requires better consideration when buying them presents. It seems funny now because I would've been disappointed receiving socks before, but now it's something I will appreciate. Maybe you can use his hobbies when choosing a present for him.
  6. knchatty

    Christmas Shopping For An Adult

    I agree that it gets a lot harder to buy gifts for family as they get older. I require "want lists" from all of the people I buy gifts for. My older children always want some new kitchen gadget or tool. Would either of those items work for your nephew?
  7. Nickel

    Working from Home

    If I had to choose, it would be full-time remote work. The time and location flexibility can't be beat. However, I do miss in-person work relationships. Talking to a coworker or boss about concerns or just something funny, face to face, can't be replicated on Zoom or Skype. Not yet.
  8. Pokcare

    Working from Home

    During these times, companies should be considerate with employees' preference of working environment. Others are just more worried than their co-workers concerning the situation that they would be more comfortable working in their homes. On the other hand, some people would prefer to work in the office. Since working from home has its inconveniences, especially for people who have children. It's good to hear that your company is being flexible.
  9. SableC.

    Working from Home

    I'm a workaholic, so I'll work anywhere if need be, but I perform the best when I'm in the office. I've isolated myself three times after being exposed to the virus, so I worked from home during those periods. I found it depressing and frustrating, but I'll always be thankful that I had the opportunity to continue working without using up my vacation or sick days. We currently have the choice to stay at home or come into the office, though this could change in the future. Our ventilation system has been redone at work to decrease the spread of COVID-19. We also limit meeting times, and we keep the windows open when have them. Most employees still wear masks. Those at home are included through Slack and Zoom. That level of flexibility and understanding has increased my loyalty to the company. Some other employers have been terrible during the pandemic! Although I don't prefer to work from home, a good employer should keep that option open for now.
  10. Nickel

    The Coronavirus

    It's steady but quiet. The bosses are still strict about social distancing, including only allowing two at a time in bathrooms that can easily fit four or five people. I took on an additional job, and now my days are beyond full! Thanks for asking, @SableC.
  11. Pokcare

    Working from Home

    Most people are still working from home because the pandemic is far from over, especially with the new variant. Some companies are allowing employees to return to the workplace, but this is very limited. What are your thoughts on working from home? Some people prefer it; however, others find it unhealthy physically and mentally.
  12. SableC.

    The Coronavirus

    Yikes, I'm so embarrassed by what I wrote in April 2020! Back then, though, I didn't know that so many people were going to perish, that some families would be torn apart, that a multitude of people would lose their jobs, that schools were going to close, and that health care and retail workers alike would be putting their lives on the line just to keep the world spinning. I believe in making sacrifices to support the common good. I have embraced social distancing and I continue to wear a mask. I also got vaccinated and learned to count my blessings. There are worse things than being an extrovert during the pandemic. I never stopped. It doesn't bother me to wear a mask. Thank goodness turtlenecks aren't required! How did your new job turn out, @Nickel? I hope things worked out for you.
  13. Although the last Harry Potter film came out several years ago, I still enjoy re-watching the films! What is your favorite one out of the eight? I really love the third one, which was directed by Alfonso Cuaron, because it really made the emotions in the book come to life.
  14. Hi all! What are some books that changed your life and that you think more people should read? I recently picked up The Book of Joy and I must say, it has significantly impacted how I view life and other people. I highly recommend it to everyone!
  15. robbb

    Subbed or dubbed?

    A question for people who watch anime, K-dramas, and other media in foreign languages: do you use subtitles or dubbed audio? I've tried both when watching anime. I find subtitles better, simply because the original Japanese voice actors complete the experience, but when I want to multitask while watching, I use the english dubbed version.
  16. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  17. robbb

    Hit My 7th

    Hello! I have completed the 7 posts. Hoping for your positive response. Thank you!
  18. robbb

    Best Kanye album?

    In anticipation of his upcoming album, I'd like to ask the fans: what is the best Kanye West album in your opinion? Mine would probably have to be Graduation, although The Life of Pablo is a close second. I think Graduation showcases his creativity and innovation, while The Life of Pablo is bold and controversial (which worked in his favor).
  19. robbb

    Do it scared

    Part of my new year's resolutions this year was to face my fears after I read a quote that said something like "If you can't beat your fear, just do it scared". So I decided I'd speak up more in class even if I wasn't sure of the answer, and to talk to more people despite my fear of rejection and embarrassment. A few months in and I think I've been able to do these things, although not always, but I'm proud that I'm trying!
  20. robbb

    Dating offline

    Hi all! As a person who's decided to quit dating apps once and for all, I'm now wondering if it's even still possible to meet someone "organically", as in meeting in real life, not through dating apps or social media. It seems like we are in the age of sending DMs instead of smiling at a cute stranger in the grocery, and COVID isn't exactly helping our social lives.
  21. robbb

    Home workouts

    Seeing that face masks are still required in gyms and COVID variants seem to never end, I plan on sticking to working out at home. However, I find that I need a bit of variety in my workouts, or else I don't get as excited. What are your favorite forms of exercise at home? I enjoy jumprope, bodyweight workouts, and swimming!
  22. A question for all the students out there: do you prefer using digital or printed notes/handouts? I have an iPad where I can read my notes on but I'm wondering if I should go fully digital or keep printing handouts. I find it convenient to be paperless but I have some friends who say having physical notes makes retention better somehow. What are your thoughts on this?
  23. Hi all. I was just scrolling through social media and saw a post comparing fake vs real designer bags, and I started wondering why it's such a big deal. I personally never really had any desire to own luxury designer items because 1) I can't actually afford them, and 2) I don't see the point in owning such expensive things. But I'd like to get some insight as to why people get so invested.
  24. As someone who needs caffeine to feel fully awake in the morning, I drink coffee with my breakfast everyday. The thing is, I don't want to get dependent, as I heard from some friends that the withdrawal is a horrible experience. What are some alternatives for coffee?
  25. Pokcare

    The Coronavirus

    We were supposed to have a celebration this coming month but decided to hold it off because of the new variant. I'm worried about how many mutations the virus would undergo, because realistically speaking, it's expected that it would. I find it better to wear the mask than face worst-case scenarios.
  26. Nickel

    The Coronavirus

    Thoughts on mask mandates – again? It's been nice going mask-free this summer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Delta cases go down really soon.
  27. Aquarlefty


    Music is everything to me. I live and breathe it. Hearing songs I could connect to makes me feel valued as a person when I am going through a hard time.
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