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  3. jenlv2ski

    Should A Man Bring Home The Money?

    The days of men bringing home the bacon are a thing of the past! Men and women are educated, have careers and are capable of earning a good living. Men and women are also great at parenting and taking care of a house. This is a new era of sharing responsibilities. I am all about equality in the household.
  4. jenlv2ski


    I know I am not alone when I say, “I have laid in bed at night wondering what I would do if I won the lottery”. What would I do first? What would I spend it on? Who would I share it with? Who could I help? The questions and thoughts swirl around my head until I drift off to sleep. When I awake the next morning I find that I am still in the same life. I have the same bills. The same car. The same house. The same dream. The truth is, I have a fine car and a pretty nice house and a spectacular life. I have a job where I help people everyday. If we take a look at what we’ve got, we may have already won!
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  6. Spontaneo

    Hit My 7th

    I am so excited to have a possible chance at working with you. I like unique posts...kind-of like entertaining a bunch of friends over a wine cooler or cup of coffee. Hope to receive a reply soon.
  7. Spontaneo

    On Being Afraid Of Dogs

    I have always had the fear of being afraid of dogs. But, I am not stupid. Every time I gather the courage to walk my neighborhood, a loose dog appears. The last time, an untied pit bull. A friend has called the dog warden in the past, only to be told, that unless the dog bites, the dog is fine. Unreal. Dogs look at me and say, "Yum...Dinner". While, I silently cry, let me be free.
  8. Personally, I think drug testing should be required in schools. What if a kid were high on drugs and seriously hurt a fellow student or instructor? I do not care what people say about marijuana. What if the substance were laced with something unknown to the kid?
  9. Personally, I think the answer to this one is simple. Yes, traditionally, the man brought home the money while the woman took care of the kids and put the food on the table. They made due with what they had...for example, the Depression era. Some women did go to work in factories. But, these days, if the man is out-of-work, the woman goes into the workforce, while the man stays at home with the kids. Not a thing to be ashamed about. These days they are affectionately known as SAHM (stay-at-home moms) and SAHD (stay-at-home dads). So, who ever brings home the bacon...fry it up in a pan!
  10. Personally, I do not think a woman should be allowed to be President. Woman are too emotional. What if the woman needed to make a serious decision, but was on her monthly cycle? What if she were needing to make a tough decision but going through menopause? Hormones are reality and not predictable.
  11. Stress, fear and anxiety cause the over-production of cortisol, a stress hormone, that goes straight to the belly, causing belly fat, the most dangerous fat. One needs to have coping skills in their "mental toolbox" for when feeling stressed. For example, one could do adult coloring, listen to music or any safe activity. Getting plenty of exercise can help one get rid of the present large belly. Also, eating the right foods. Good luck!
  12. The topic of priests being able to marry-or-not is a tough one for me. Could you imagine going thru life without experiencing sexual intercourse? If priests were allowed to marry, I just do not think things would be the same again. Priests are looked upon with respect for their sacrifice for the Church. I thought about becoming a nun once. But, then thought, I would never experience that little girl dream of mine to marry. Priests give up that dream to actually marry the girl of their dreams. So, the respect for priests, I think, would end, if given the opportunity to marry.
  13. Spontaneo

    Are Sports Idiotic?

    I just do not understand the logic of sports. All one does is worship a ball of some sorts. Professionally, a player earns millions. In university/college, one gets a scholarship. While, most people are just getting by either way. People even pay millions a year on athletic gear representing their "favorite" team. For example, football teams love the ball so much that they scream for a "Hail Mary". Well, say a "Hail Mary" for me as I attempt to make money on a forum for .02 a post!
  14. InannaM


    My sisters and I were off and on raised by our maternal grandparents. At the time of my grandmother's death, my sisters and I were living with them in their home. I was a teenager then, and did not really believe in the supernatural at all. However, two of my five sisters told of separate incidences when they had been "visited" by our deceased grandmother. I can only recall the story that one sister told me, and it was when our toddler nephew was sleeping on his mother's bed one day and my sister thought it would be a good idea to wake him. She said that she had leaned over the bed, just about to shake our nephew, when she felt something that felt like hair brush across her face. She looked up to see my grandmother shaking her head at my sister in disapproval. My sister was so shaken that she ran from the room and jumped into my bed with me. At the time I believed myself to be an atheist, but I believed her story. My grandfather also told us of the many times that my grandmother had wakened him to let him know when my eldest sister or I were coming into the house at night. He would call our names when we came into the dark house, and would tell us that he always knew which of us it was coming in because she would tell him. I have heard several stories from different people who were visited by loved ones, but no one has ever visited me after their deaths. I would surely welcome such a visit!
  15. I believe in magic. I believe in miracles. I am not sure about coincidences, but have experienced some timely occurrences that Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, called "synchronicities". For that matter I have become interested in the idea of manifestation, that is the belief that we can make our desires a reality by declaring the desire and then believing that the Universe (or whatever higher power) will conspire to make it happen for us. That is the shortened explanation for the actual process, of course. Anyway, I have decided to try manifesting my own desire. I declared it, I believe it will happen, and now I am just waiting to enjoy the fruits of my labor! If nothing happens, that does not mean that it never will; perhaps the timing is just not right. If it appears at some point that the particular desire that I tried to manifest will never happen, then at least I have gained a bit of wisdom while losing nothing. Either way, it is a win for me!
  16. Even with billions of people in the world and several social media platforms, it is possible to find oneself shut off from the world and living in what amounts to social exile. You might be someone who shuns interacting with others or may be shunned by them. You may have cut off contact with family and have no friends for whatever reason. In many cases, this could lead to despair born of loneliness or depression, but what if you decided to use the time alone for introspection, and for improving yourself from the inside out? Instead of focusing on the lack of social interaction, you could benefit from this time alone as an opportunity to work on becoming the very best version of yourself. Working out, meditation, reading self improvement books, practicing or learning a skill, or developing a new hobby are just some of the things that you could be doing during this time that will not only distract you from the feelings of loneliness, but also serve to make you a more interesting person with much to offer for when the time comes that you come out of isolation, you no longer have to worry about falling back into the patterns that led to the situation of social isolation in the first place.
  17. harry777

    what is our basic need?

    Nowadays everyone is struggling to achieve his/her goals of life. Many people have many basic needs according to their interests. I think so that education is our most important and basic need nowadays. By getting a good education, we will be able to complete our dreams that we have in our minds and thoughts. We will go for a better future and character building of this society. We will be able to bring some unique and better changes in our society, country and in this world. We will be much more familiar to the emerging technologies of this world. what will you say about your basic need ?
  18. My favorite actor in Hollywood is Tom Cruise. He is the an with some unique characteristics rather than other actors. He used to do the real stunts in his all movies. I like the Mission Impossible by Tom Cruise, in which he has done many great and unbelievable stunts in the most difficult and interesting scenes. His acting style is much better, unique and impressive than all other actors in the Hollywood.
  19. JewelsCat22

    Too Many Tourists?

    I don't like crowds. I don't even like going to the grocery store when it's crowded. However, if I ever got the chance to go and see some place amazing, I would definitely go. I wouldn't pass up a once-in-a-lifetime experience because I don't like the crowds. I think for that kind of experience, I could tolerate the crowds for a bit.
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  21. Migi

    Too Many Tourists?

    I'm torn as well. Even though I may be uncomfortable with dirty eaches, I think it's impossible to miss visiting beaches in Pattaya if I've never been to Thailand before. I think it boils down to each visitor to mind their manners. The government probably should put strict regulations if things get out of control. As uncomfortable as it is, I can understand, and I will respect their decisions.
  22. purrnurple

    Favorite Holiday

    This time of the year I get a little sad, especially since we won't have another holiday until September. It just seems to be plain wrong that we do not have a holiday in the month of August (at least here in the US). However, my favorite holiday is Christmas. I like to spread it throughout starting in September until December, which I know some people think is way too long. But for me, I love the whole package of it. Everything from the scents to music, to movies, to food and just the general feeling of joy.
  23. Lynn

    Hit My 7th

  24. jenlv2ski

    Hit My 7th

    Hello Admin! I have reached my 7th post and I am excited for the opportunity to work with your team. I look forward to hearing from you.
  25. jenlv2ski

    Favorite Holiday

    I am one of "those people" who have the Christmas music playing way too soon for most. I enjoy everything about Christmas. Spending time with family, holiday lights, the music, the tree, baking, shopping, decorating...all of it! My childhood memories and traditions of Christmas are embedded in my memory. Christmas was magical! My parents made sure of that and I am determined to do the same for my kids.
  26. jenlv2ski

    Things that bring me joy

    Living in the Mid-Atlantic region of the county, we get to enjoy four seasons and I love them all. My favorite, is Fall. I enjoy the smell of the crisp air and pumpkin spice, the colors of the trees and the crystal blue skies. Apple orchards are buzzing with activity and kids are playing outside. I love to see pumpkins on every porch and tall sunflower fields. Everything about Fall brings me joy, even the anticipation of Winter.
  27. jenlv2ski

    Adoption prices & wait times

    We adopted our son and have personally experienced the outrageous costs and wait times you speak of. It was grueling and emotionally exhausting. We knew this going into the process and we were mentally and financially prepared for what was to come. My advise to all prospective adoptive parents is to be ready for a rollercoaster ride! The reward at the end - WORTH IT!
  28. jenlv2ski

    Casual fashion for females over 50

    Who says you can't be fashionable at 50? I will admit, I no longer shop in the Juniors section of the department store (yes, I still shop the department stores) but I am not ready for the polyester pants and tacky applique sweatshirts just yet. For me, I like a worn-in pair of good fitting jeans, paired with a flowy blouse or an oversized cardigan. I like fashionable boots, converse sneakers or a ballet flat. A good, stylish, soft leather satchel bag or messenger bag draped over the shoulder can make any outfit look fantastic! I am not about making a flashy statement with my personal style. I like my look to seem effortless but put together with a comfortable, casual feel. Women can still look great at 50. Confidence paired with comfortable style. How can you go wrong?
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