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  3. Lizzy

    Hit My 7th

    I have made 7 posts and now waiting for my review.
  4. I have never been to America but what I can see from the movies and internet, the way they socialize with other people really is different.
  5. The news today doesn´t focus on the most important stories. they want viewers and so they make decisions to leave out important but maybe not so interesting stories. If you look at conspiracy theorys then one of them is that news is actually there to distract us from the more important things.
  6. Lizzy


    Lottery is all about luck and I think you have to follow the universe on this one. If you deeply feel lucky for some time there is no harm in trying to play lottery, but if you do it all the time and never win, it´s the universe saying "stop!"
  7. Lizzy

    Love isn't a fairytale

    I think love is a fairytale if you make it one. If you want to recieve love and romance you have to start by giving it out. It´s up to you to make every moment magical. If you don´t do it, how can you expect your partner to do it?
  8. Lizzy


    There are a lot of depressed people around us and don´t know that they can live better. Most of them don´t even realize that the constant sadness is caused by the illness. How can we make people more aware of the fact that depression is a very real and serious issue and that the way out is not hard to find?
  9. Lizzy

    Should A Man Bring Home The Money?

    I think this is about balance. If one person in the relationship keeps the house livable and takes care of the kids then the other should bring in the money. If both of them do housework and also bring home the money then it´s fine. It doesn´t matter if it´s a man keeping the house clean or the woman. As long as everything is in balance and both parties are happy.
  10. Lizzy

    Should you start smoking?

    My aunt didn´t believe that quitting smoking is hard and she wanted to show her smoker friends that it is easy. So she smoked for a month and tried to quit. 11 years later she smokes a pack a day.
  11. Raja33

    importance of trees planting.

    Trees planting is the first factor to consider when speaking about possible solutions to climate change. Planting trees indeed is of utmost importance in the process of fighting back the advancement of desertification in many areas around the world. Moreover, it is proven that forests and woodlands can convey clouds carrying water in the sky, enhancing the rainfall amounts in the surrounding areas.
  12. Raja33

    Should you start smoking?

    Please, don't start! Smocking is highly addictive. I have been smocking for many years and I wouldn't recommend getting into this unhealthy pattern. What for? You will end up wasting your money, your health and your precious time.
  13. Raja33

    Wants versus needs

    Every time I catch my mind wandering into desire, I ask myself if I really need what I'm longing for. It is tricky to decide if the thought is related to a mere craving or a real need. I find that there isn't a general rule to apply: I just investigate the intention behind my need and determine if it is genuinely necessary.
  14. ziblitBz

    Hit My 7th

    I've hit my 7th and it's been fun. Thank you so much for the opportunity
  15. ziblitBz

    Taking Care Of My Health

    I recently had a health scare that put me in the hospital for three days. The experience was dreadful, not only because I was extremely ill but also because I could not stand the doctors. For various reasons having mainly to do with the lunacy of the attending physicians, I walked out on the third day. Since then, I've radically changed my diet and am now exercising again. At 63 I feel better now than in years and hope to never sleep in another hospital bed as long as I remain standing. Fingers crossed.
  16. ziblitBz

    Do like writing? How did you fall into it?

    One of the only regrets I have is not completing a degree in creative writing when I was an undergrad. My reasoning was pretty flimsy: I disliked an instructor who was extremely uninspiring for me. She had a mechanical approach to her class presentations and, in retrospect, I think that she may have been less than excited to have been teaching young plebiscites she felt had no idea of what it took to write creatively. Of course, I never asked and eventually dropped the class and returned to a major in human services.
  17. ziblitBz


    For the most part, I only use my cellphone while at home. I don't take it with me when running errands or going to the store. Like ReginaPhilange, technology surpassed me years ago. But, this was by choice because I felt there were better things to do than to keep up with the latest iteration of a smartphone or the so-called internet of things, technologies at the center of issues regarding privacy. I use the KISS approach to technology and get along just fine.
  18. ziblitBz

    Challenges of a freelance writer

    Freelancing does come with its challenges. Among the most difficult are the dry spells, when there doesn't seem to be any work. While I do draw retirement income; it isn't sustaining. So, I rely on freelance writing in order to augment my retirement and pay the bills. My chosen way of life can be tough at times, but I can't imagine returning to the 9-to-5 work world. Although a steady paycheck would be nice....
  19. ziblitBz

    PC games - Old vs New

    Most of the popular PC games today a far too violent for my tastes, so I gravitate towards older point-and-click games. I enjoy a good mystery or something along the lines of fantasy (aren't they all?) if they don't involve bloodshed. Older hidden object games are a straight-forward way of wasting time. While I now own a number of titles I've also discovered that I'm not very good at playing PC games. So, I stick to playing card games on my computer; I guess i'm getting old.
  20. ziblitBz


    I rarely play the lottery but do use it at night as a replacement for counting sheep when it's difficult for me to fall asleep. Like the email lottery scams; I've won various amounts, but also seem to do the same thing with the winnings: I give most of it away. Amazingly, I've never had a dream of winning...don't know what to think about that.
  21. i finished binge watching NCIS seasons 1-15 last night. Netflix doesn't carry the 16th season and I've got to say that I'm a tad bit lost. I guess you could say that I was a bit obsessed, but I can think of worse shows to be hooked on. However, i did manage to break away long enough to watch the recent Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr stand-up specials, which I thought were great as well.
  22. TravelBug

    Your healthy hobbies

    I just recently got back into dancing after taking a dance class when I was in Brazil. I've been going out and dancing my heart out and I realize how amazing it is to be doing something you love when at the same time it is good for your physical (and mental) health. What are some hobbies of yours that you really enjoy doing and that are also healthy for you?
  23. ElenaB

    Hit My 7th

    Good morning, As requested, I have just finished sharing 7 unique posts. It was fun, and I look forward to sharing more. Best Regards, Elena B.
  24. ElenaB


    For me, You Tube has become my virtual encyclopedia and how-to manual. Today, the recipe I used to prepare homemade blueberry pancakes come from YouTube. My spouse used it to learn how to fix our water sprinkler. My daughter learned how to edit her website on it. Before I travel, I watch recent videos. When I want to laugh, I watch funny videos. Also, I watch international and BBC movies on You Tube.
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