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      Slight changes to payouts   06/25/2016

      Hi all, couple of things on pay claims,. 1. You may have noticed that PayPal has stopped taking a charge from you for receiving payment. I have no idea why, but long may it last!! 2. Please try not to respond to messages where you have made a pay claim. I have to keep them all for the accountant and it makes a lot more work this end to have to remove all extra comments beyond your claim and my acknowledgement, plus it increases the chance of important information being lost. [I know it may seem a bit rude to not respond in some way, but it is fine.] 3. In order to streamline things I am trying out a new system where payouts are made mid and end of month only. This will take immediate effect and be reviewed in a short while to see how it works. I know this is a fairly change from how it works now but please try to bear with me for a short while. Claims may be submitted anytime, and paid out mid and last day of the month (UK time). 4. Please bear in mind that claims should be made at the latest 2 months after your job completion date. Thank as always. Val


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