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      Pacing, pacing, pacing - and responsibilities   06/25/2016

      Hi all. First a massive THANK YOU to all those who have stepped up that extra inch or three and taken some of the outstanding jobs. I need to remind everyone that pacing is crucial. This means working out a rough plan of how much you need to post to finish a job on time, without flooding or neglecting. [Of course if you take a spot late this is different.] If you need help read the guidelines again, or ask in JT/Q & A section.  The more time I spend chasing people up is less time to do my side of the work here. Senior writers should remember that they are holding that position because they are trusted to be able to manage their workload properly. Regular pacing issues will lead to a temporary loss in that status, and/or, for all writers, a cap on the number of jobs you may take at one time until you can catch up on things. So in a nutshell - thanks for helping out but please don't overload yourself to the point you cannot keep up. And as always we are here to help you,so never be afraid to ask.    


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