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      Nearly $500 paid out so far in February. New writers - grab a piece of the action. Next pay claim period - 27 Feb - March 2nd    01/24/2017

      **** Next pay claim period - Next pay claim period - 27 Feb - March 2nd [If anyone hits a time when they are desperate for the cash between the dates listed above I will pay every. So long as you have completed all spots claimed for, as usual.] FOR NEW WRITERS If you have completed your part of a job you can claim during the dates listed above. No need to wait on other writers.  Please make sure you request payment using the form stickied and labelled in the info section. Double check the Paypal email you list is correct. PFP is not responsible for missing payment due to inaccurate email addresses being given. When you have completed a job remember to move the link and info from your 'active' DSN [first post]. Most writers use the reply feature to create a place to store old claims. Cheers, Val  


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      Please read "How To Apply To Be a Writer" in the "The Application Process" section carefully before starting your test posts.