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    OK. I went back to the hospital to visit my daughter-in-law and new granddaughter. I believe it is run by the CIA or NSA, but certainly not the PTA. As I looked for elevators to the cafeteria, I ran into a sign that said "ICU Waiting". I don't know if this was meant as a warning, but I took it as such. I knew I was under surveillance. We are living in a brave new world. I will begin stocking food, medicine and arms at my home in Minnesota. I will dispose of all technological devices and burn them. They'll never penetrate my defenses......
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    R' U' Nuts? If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I could donate my Social Security to the poor. Alas, I received no nickels, so I'll need to depend on my children's taxes until death do we part. I currently live in the Chicago area. I will retire in northeastern Minnesota. All I hear is "Isn't it cold up there?" Yep. As crazy as it sounds, I like cold. I hate hot. I hate to sweat. I hate bugs crawling everywhere. In the Midwest there are 4 months of cold weather, five months of hot weather and 3 months of comfortable weather. In Northern Minnesota there are 6 months of cold and 6 months of nice. I'll take that anytime. I will wear my new nickname as a badge of honor as I fish, snowmobile, explore off road and curl up with my wife next to our wood burning stove. Yep, call me nuts.
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    As a new retiree, one of my bucket list drives will be taking the "Great River Road" which begins where the mighty Mississippi originates in Minnesota all the way down to New Orleans, Louisiana. When you think of it, nobody would ever start this trip in New Orleans and go up to Minnesota would they? That would be anti-climatic. What a comedown it would be to begin your trip in the land of Mardi Gras and the Gulf of Mexico, drive 2000 miles and then end at the puddle of water where it begins? Where's the Climax? Food for thought.
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    I've been told that I tend to think "outside of the box". This could be true because while using a hospital restroom adjacent to the family birthing center at a local hospital, I noticed there was a "baby changing station" on the opposite wall. Amazed as I was, I was confronted by blank stares from the waiting room as I commented on this unique guarantee of 100% satisfaction with your newborn.
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    Every parent wishes that their children are self-confident, i.e., are confident in themselves. What most parents however do not know is how to raise their children to become self-confident. At birth, every child by nature is naive. It takes parental grooming, nurturing, proper guidance and exposure to instill self-confidence in a child. Here are some tips that can help parents to inculcate confidence in their children: The parents should work on themselves first to attain self-confidence before working on their children. A self-confident parent will most likely raise self-confident kids. Allow the child to be a child; don't expect too much from them and allow them to make their mistakes and learn from them. Don't be overly critical. A child that is overly criticized will ever lack self-confidence. Avoid indulgence. The more you indulge a child, the more they remain dependent, naive and unable to be themselves. Be generous with words of praise for every progress the child makes and for every achievement. Finally, make good use of the three important A's in the life of every child - Attention, Affection and Affirmation. These six steps will help any parent who so desires to raise self-confident children. Shalom.
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    What are the best shows on Netflix right now? They have been slowly removing all of my go-to shows like 30 Rock, Malcolm in the Middle, and Always Sunny in Philidelpiha. Now, Bloodlines and (supposedly) House of Cards are over, so I'm in desperate need of some new shows that are worthy of binge-watching. I usually lean towards comedy shows, but I can do more serious ones if the cast and storyline is compelling enough. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    You know what, I have always been a procrastinator and so I have just signed up for the free trial that expires after a month. I always hear everybody talk about Netflix and how great the movies and TV shows in there are fun to watch. I am just about to watch Journey 2. Any reviews/spoilers?
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    We recently put my mom in a local nursing home for her safety and well being. I know everyone has one horror story or another about nursing homes but we are so pleased with mom being there. The staff is wonderful and they all love her. Of course we do pop in at odd times almost every day. The sad part of these visits is to see some of the residents don't ever get any visitors. My plea to everyone out there is to take some time and go see a relative or friend or someone you don't even know. Trust me when I tell you it will make their day.
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    People have said that to be a success in life you must raise your standards, however what standards will you live by and what do you define as success? The way people qualify what it means to be successful varies from country to country, culture to culture and even person to person. Some would view success as having a good career and making a lot of money. Others would say you need to be well liked and have a lot of friends. There are those who define success as having a family; getting married and having children. I know those who believe success is about doing good and making a difference in the lives of others. I grew up in a religious culture that defined success, or high standards, as getting married young and being a virgin when you do so, living according to a very specific moral code and having a lot of children. I think freedom comes from looking inside ourselves to figure out what we define as success, what standards we believe in and want to live by, and then challenging ourselves to reach for that without worrying about the standards of others and their view of our goals for our lives.