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    Kids can pull off the hairs from your very skull if you let them throw you off guard. Some childish behaviors are so irritating that you may find yourself reacting in a most unbelievable manner to a childish provocation. Some parents throw every caution to the winds when they are angry with their kids; they call them all kinds of undeserving names and tell them all sorts of things, in a bid to vent their anger. There is no excuse for wrong behavior and, using abusive language is a type of wrong behavior. Therefore you have no excuse whatsoever to be abusive when talking to a child. But in case you're already addicted to it and cannot but speak the wrong words and make the wrong statements when you're angry, there's one statement you should never make to a child. You must not say it to a child no matter how angry or bitter you are. What statement is that? Never say to a child: "You're are good for nothing." Please don't ever say it to them. That singular statement is enough to ruin the life of a child. It unconsciously transmits a sense of worthlessness into a child. Permit me to say it again; don't ever tell a child that they are good for nothing. Shalom.
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    Mental health stigma should not be a thing in Anno Domini 2019. The brain is an organ, like lungs and pancreas. Like all the organs, it can suffer several forms of damage and malfunction. Yet you don’t hear people say “asthma is only in your lungs”, or “you are too dependent on insulin, have you ever tried not to be diabetic?”. So why are many still considering mental illness a matter of willpower? Anxiety is not "feeling quite nervous before a job interview". Depression is not sadness, nor laziness. We should stop trying to define other people’s experience on the basis of our own.
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    I think what the world needs now, is a little laughter! It's good for your muscles, it literally feels healthy when you smile and laugh! As a young girl growing up I was a beauty. I am not telling you this to brag, I am telling you this because it is the gist of my story. There was a group of bully girls who wanted to always beat me up because I was pretty. I would hide in corners, at the rollar rink I would have my older brother hang out so nothing could happen to me. Then that one day came, when I couldn't hide and my brother was busy. They cornered me in the girls bathroom, and just as one of the girls went to punch me, I thought of something funny and shared it out loud. I must have known instinctively that this would work, I guess many times I have surprised myself. Anyhow, she stopped with her fist and started to smile a little and she said to me: "what did you say?" I said, "why was six afraid of seven?" Cause seven eight nine." They all started laughing hysterically, and I, well I ducked out under her arm and ran!!! After that day, they never bothered me again!!!
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    I love online shopping. It takes everything I dislike about actual shopping out of the equation. Namely, the sales associates who circle around you like vultures to inquire if there is anything they can help you with. Yes, you can help me by going away and letting me shop in peace. I avoid going in stores if I see the employees hanging around not doing anything. They're the most likely to rush over to you to try and "help".
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    @JewelsCat22 I'm using Cetaphil for Oily Skin, and I like it so far. I can use it twice a day without making my skin dry and patchy. Other than being sensitive, what other problems does your skin have? I think we all can benefit from more moisturizers and sunblock, but the rest of them depend on the issues you want to tackle.
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    That's what I thought too although I have never done an exact calculation of the expenses to prove that theory. My father usually complains by saying that I can walk to the stores to save the transportation fees and get healthy at the same time. Sometimes I do that when I have some time to kill, but that rarely happens now thanks to the long hours at work.
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    We live on a woodland park especially for people over 50 years old. All of our bungalows are detached and surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers, so, although I can see my neighbour's house across the road, I can also see the squirrels running from my rose garden over to her willow tree. I see the pairs of collared doves settle on the quiet road, deigning to shuffle to the side when an infrequent car slowly passes my window. I always know whose car it is and I recognise everyone who walks past because I know everybody in my wooded lane and a great many of the 300 or so people on the park. It is quiet and peaceful, except when the odd pheasant screeches on his way to the fields behind us, and it's the best home I have ever had
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    Hi everyone! I'm needing some advice and would appreciate and insight! What would you personally do if your husband's sister asked your daughter to be the flower girl in her wedding? However she said that she would need to pay for the dress - which is $350, plus jewelry (another $75), and a professional hairstyle, which I assume would be about $40 at least. Unfortunately, we are doing good just to pay rent right now and there's no way we can afford the dress, plus the jewelry. The dress that she had picked up for her is not a matching dress as the bridesmaids. Do you think it would be rude if I asked if we could please get a cheaper dress? And that I could do her hair as well? Thoughts? I really don't want to go into debt over this. But I also don't want to come across as rude. What would you do?