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    Recent natural disasters are the headlines today. Hurricane Harvey, hurricane Irma, hurricane Jose and the earthquake in Mexico last night. My heart goes out to all the people affected by these acts of nature. I just cannot imagine what they are going through. Why is it that some years are worse than others? Does anyone have an opinion on this?
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    Illegal immigrants should not be thrown out. If that were the case, wouldn't we all have to be thrown out because mostly every single person here in America doesn't belong. The native Americans were here before the people from Europe and abroad 'founded' this land. They killed the natives, enslaved them, and worse just to get this land. Most of us have origins in other countries. Illegal immigrants usually are fleeing from someone or something. They need a safe place to live and America just happens to be the spot they came to. If the shoe was on the other foot, we'd expect Canada or Europe to let us live there. Why should it be any different for a Mexican, Islam, or Pakistani person?
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    Fear is the made up emotion from our brains. It is within all animals to keep from harm. It is a basic survival mechanism. For example, if an animal (humans are animals too) is confronted by bear about to attack, all animals run or fight for self preservation. Humans do not stare at it and replace our fearful thoughts with positive ones. Humans always run away or fight. Humans do not have to fight anymore, but still have the fight or flight mechanism. Unfortunately, people still experience the anxiety and panic of the fight or flight emotions today even though our environment is safe from deadly threats.
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    If you relate to fear as enemy to be defeated, you are averse to fear and become a tragic irony of feeding the phenomena you are scared of. Fear has saved your life and is not an enemy although certainly a barrier at times.
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    I agree in your post that the end justifies the means, because you have the validation of your intention or a plan of something through the results you get. It is only hard to choose on how to do it, because others might think you are doing the wrong thing at first but eventually they will see that the end result will be good.
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    Please review our How to Apply instructions and post in the appropriate thread.
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    Technology has changed our world in so many ways: 1. You can easily communicate through the phone or the internet with people located very far away. 2. You can watch live events on the television, computer or even on your smartphone. 3. You can study and work online. 4. Programmable machines and devices are now used to speed up production in factories and in other places.
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    My favorite candy is Candy Corn. Man that stuff is so good. To be honest i do not even wait to eat that stuff every Halloween. I buy it year round. Candy corn is my favorite candy because of its texture and the way it tastes. I could eat that stuff all day long.
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    I hit my 7th on August 25, 2017 at 1248 am.
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    Do you know that the tips a waitress gets are meant to compensate her for the discrepancy in salary up to the minimum wage? If they are paid $2.35 (usual in our area) then they should make tips that would get her up to the minimum wage hence the need to report them to the owner. It is the owner's responsibility to make sure that everyone makes at least minimum wage. Many times, this does not happen here in New Mexico. Small business owners are unaware of the pay laws. 20% is the usual amount for the bare minimum. Good or excellent service always gets a big tip from me. I used to be a waitress years ago when the sun was little bitty in the sky and there weren't no dirt, it was all rock!
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    Well, like Quirah, I tend to go with the waiter's attitude and kind of service. I never see any justification in tipping a waiter or waitress with a bad attitude and if I have to, then it is equally important that I give my thoughts on the kind of service rendered. It would make sense to have a tipping standard, probably based on the amount spent.