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  2. SableC.

    Smartphone Etiquette

    I'm shamefaced to admit that I used to act like your friend. I would rationalize that it was okay to do because I was working rather than just looking at Instagram or surfing the web. It was quite the ridiculous justification as the world wouldn't end if I didn't answer a query immediately. Since then I've trained myself to leave my phone alone and not answer work emails or text messages when I'm spending time with someone else. It really can wait until I'm alone. We're all busy people in this world, so it's impolite to ignore someone who is making time for you. Having said that, if my companion pulls out their phone first, I figure it's fair game and will get mine out to work. Does it bug anyone else when friends and family take photos of you or your home and put them on Facebook? A colleague of mine snaps every dinner party I throw and shares them online. The kicker is that she changes things in my home like the shade of my curtains. It's bizarre! I assume she doesn't like the color I picked out. I have another friend who is talented at Photoshop. When she shares a picture of us together, she always gives me a tan. I have fair skin actually.
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  4. When I was younger I always wanted to be a Lawyer, watching Matlock and Cops. At the tender age of 37 with two children, I wonder if I still have the energy and drive I once had. I did complete HS and I have an AOS and a BS, but I think I'm tired of school, but I still have the want.
  5. G R

    How To Make Children Obey Their Parents

    I can't argue with that. It is a good way to do it. I always took the approach of listening, understanding and showing genuine concern for what my daughter felt, thought and was going through. It is hard to not do as you're told when you are a child when your parent(s) is just so darned nice. 😉
  6. G R

    Smartphone Etiquette

    I guess I live in a part of the country (U.S.) where that doesn't happen alot because I don't see it alot. I will take my phone with me because of my on-call status for work outside of my regular shift, but I just put it on the table beside me and forget about it. I think it's rude for the people who have to see "phone addiction" in public, and it's kind of sad for me to see........coming from a generation that didn't have this growing up.
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  8. JewelsCat22

    Smartphone Etiquette

    I do find it rude when friends are on their phones when we're hanging out. I understand responding to a text quickly or taking a phone call, but most of the time, my friends are scrolling through Facebook or checking email when we're hanging out. Those things can wait. I'm guilty of getting caught up in my phone occasionally, too. If a friend is poking at his phone while we're hanging out, my instinct is to pick up mine and do the same because I'm feeling ignored. I've started to be very mindful of this and try to engage the person in conversation instead.
  9. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  10. anthonyhurtadox

    Hit My 7th

    Hi Admin. I just completed my seventh post. I look forward to hearing back from you.
  11. anthonyhurtadox

    Tipping... The Outdated Wage

    I agree, most places have waiters share they're tips now anyway, they usually no longer make more than the minimum wage after sharing their tips at least this way they would ensure they get the minimum. Besides if restaurants are so concerned with having to pay waiters, they could just not hire any and have patrons pick up their dish rather than use a loophole to not have to pay workers their fair share.
  12. anthonyhurtadox

    Save Yourself Now

    I don't know I think we may have a bigger issue of over diagnosing due to a larger cultural problem. You have to remember that psychology is also a business, a business that might be willing to convince you there's something wrong with you to make a quick buck.
  13. anthonyhurtadox


    There's always risk involved with anything and while you should mitigate unnecessary risk.I think dieting isn't risky enough to not attempt it, I mean think about it people have fasted for religious reasons for centuries without many incidents of problems. In fact there even appears to be many health benefits to going without eating.
  14. anthonyhurtadox

    Stay Or Leave?

    Always leave not only because your underappreciated, there are many advantages to job hopping such as picking up skills, networking, building your resume etc. besides you shouldn't stay at a job that has no opportunity for growth. I think most people stay because it's comfortable to their detriment. Statistics show the highest earners job hop not only for the reasons I mentioned but probably because they always have an eye out for opportunities.
  15. anthonyhurtadox


    I wish I was good at chess, it just looks like it feels satisfying to slam pieces on the board quickly, while making witty remarks. If only I had someone to play chess with, I've only played against a computer which gets boring. I think the often neglected aspect of chess is the social aspect. Now that I think about it I haven't heard anything about the strategy of talking a player into making mistakes.
  16. anthonyhurtadox

    Do people change over time?

    I'm pretty sure people hardly ever change even though I've personally witnessed people make complete transformations, most people I've met don't. Imagine if that wasn't the case though, the world would be too unstable.
  17. anthonyhurtadox

    Should A Man Bring Home The Money?

    Well, what's the point? Is it even more efficient? To me it seems that if everybody in a household took care of themselves and carried their own weight you would avoid the conflicts that come with working as a team. On top of that, I feel it's better to hold on to your independence. This is not to say that you can't do things for people but you shouldn't undercut someone's self respect by doing things they can do for themselves.
  18. SableC.

    Smartphone Etiquette

    I don't find it rude if people are looking at the phone together and engaging in conversation about what they're viewing, but that's not usually what I see. Instead, one person will be staring at their own screen and ignoring their companion or family member completely. Now that's rude.
  19. Kharl2319


    I am a fan of Chess. Although I wouldn't go as far as saying it is the most exciting board game ever invented. It allows you to see into the thought process of the opponent while also looking into your mental capabilities. I understand where you are coming from when you say it is exciting. The tension created is powerful during a good game.
  20. Black magick and love spells are nothing to joke with, If you used any magick to harm someones energy or ur family or anyone for that matter, you will have karma come back and bite you in the butt! Iv have delt with someone who was jealous of my relationship and wanted what I had. She used a love spell on my Capricorn. She took my happiness away , she was a aquirius Female named Alexis, My Name is Alexandria, I am a taurus-gemini Cusp of the zodiac signs. My intuition and higher self gave me all the insight I needed to know. I had to walk away from my Capricorn, when I walked away he came back to me. I had to let go of him to be able to break the spell because u cannot take.. someone who is ment to be with someone else and try to make them yours, because what is not ment for you won't stay... This experience taught me alot and now I know what unconditional love is because of this experience.
  21. Kharl2319

    Pass It On

    What are your opinions on Good Deeds? I have helped out many people in my short life; I have often wondered if any of those people I helped passed it on? My Dad always said, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."
  22. Kharl2319

    Stay Or Leave?

    I've always been one to do the task at hand. There are many jobs that I have left due to not feeling appreciated. I could have stayed and just done my job, being wanted and appreciated can mean the difference between an employee staying or leaving.
  23. celebrate


    Students face a lot of pressure on what their next step would be after high school. Not all of us dream since kids about the career we want to pursue. There are just so many different paths that it gets overwhelming. To add up to the indecision, society expect students to make this decision at a very young age, and parents don’t feel comfortable if their son doesn’t go to college or university right after graduating high school. I believe students should be able to be comfortable to take some time off to make the most important decision of their lives.
  24. I am familiar with buying an instrument so that you can finally learn to play it, only to keep it stored. As adults we have pretty busy lives and we not always make time for ourselves. Consistency is key! Just like you said there are a lot of ways to teach yourself to play an instrument online. You just must make time to learn. I bought my ukulele two years ago, but these last 3 months are the only ones I have practiced. What helped me to commit is to make a schedule. The goal is to practice every day. But I recommend setting a schedule you know you can keep, otherwise you can get discouraged and stop practicing at all (been there). The tools are all out there all you need is the motivation and dedication!
  25. celebrate


    I have always been a sucker for paranormal stories. I find them very entertaining. Stories like yours are my favorite, when someone has a little “extra-time” with a loved one that has passed away. It is a very comforting idea that our loved ones are still close and watch over us. My sister also had an experience recently where she felt a breath on her neck while she was alone. She came running and shaking because she was extremely scared. It’s hard not to believe someone when you can see that they’re freaking out! Our lives can get very predictable. We have a routine. That’s why I like to believe that extraordinary things can happen.
  26. celebrate

    Wants versus needs

    It's all about balance. To do the things that you need so that you can live the life you want. Of course, that is easy to say but not so easy to achieve. I believe in working hard but in the progress always making time for yourself and for what you want.
  27. celebrate

    Traveler for life

    I have always said that the best way to spend money is travelling! Material things can get outdated or broken, but you cherish this type of experiences all your life. It's easy to forget how big the world is if you spend most of your time in the same place. For me, it's crazy how much is out there that I don't know of. Canada is the last country I visited, and I am already planning my next trip. Greetings from Mexico!
  28. Lynn

    Smartphone Etiquette

    I find it incredibly rude when someone is on their phone while we're dining or even just having a conversation. I'm talking about doing unnecessary things like scrolling through Facebook, though, and I do understand if someone needs to take a call or answer a text. To add to your observations, @Nickel, I've noticed that a lot of people no longer say, "Excuse me" when they need to do something on their phone. It's almost like many people expect you to understand that staying constantly connected is now a societal norm and they shouldn't have to excuse themselves.
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