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  5. I do agree that first impressions do have a huge impact. If a companies website does not look good (inept) then you will not continue shopping on the site. If the companies website was fresh and clean you would be more likely to return and tell your friends
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  7. Aly

    Hit My 7th

    Hi! I just hit my seventh. Looking forward to your answer.
  8. Dr. Daniel Kahneman, a famous psychologist once stated that "If people are failing, they look inept. If people are succeeding, they look strong and good and competent. That's the 'halo effect.' Your first impression of a thing sets up your subsequent beliefs. If the company looks inept to you, you may assume everything else they do is inept.” Do you agree? As for me, I believe that first impressions leave a huge impact that sometimes it becomes impossible to change a person's opinion of you.
  9. Aly

    How to Make Money Online

    This is the challenge of working online. You won't know if it is legit or not unless you try it yourself. Finding jobs online is hard at first. But when you get the handle on things, it will become easier. You can read a lot of false promises online such as big payouts, big paying jobs and the like. If you are just starting, you'll get ensnared by false promises. Before joining anything, reading the reviews is very important. There is always something written about a site especially if it is a money-making site.
  10. Are you someone who invested in bitcoins or interested in it? Do you think this can be a good investment for the future? As we are now in a digital age, cryptocurrencies are hot. Some people seem very interested in it and I have friends who invested in it.
  11. Aly

    Are Ghosts Real?

    I do believe they exist. There are a lot of things in this world that are left unexplained. In the back of our minds, we always have that nagging feeling that there are things that we cannot explain. I have encountered these kinds of situations. I met people that are said to have been possessed by an "unexplained" entity. I took pictures and someone who is not there is there. Imagine that? How are you going to explain a person appearing in a picture who is already dead?
  12. I totally agree with you. Not everything written on the internet is facts. It can be a post written by a totally unqualified person who has access to the internet. I can go to the internet and write something about the benefits of apple cider without me studying it. I can write that this herb can cure this particular disease without having the proof for it. I can totally these things because the internet is free. So, you have to be really careful about what you read, believe and learn on the internet.
  13. I totally agree with firewoman. I believe that nowadays, people are reading more but not in a traditional way like reading a book. Because of the internet information is just one click away. This leads to people reading a lot in a more convenient and flexible way than reading a book. We can read anywhere because information has become very accessible. Knowledge is just a click away. People are hungry for knowledge, especially in this tough society. Therefore, there is a rise in literacy rates.
  14. Aly

    Is Higher Education Useful?

    I agree with all of your opinions. You each have a point. Higher education is not indeed the basis for success. I always believe that it lies in a person's character and attitude. As for education, it gives us an edge in our world today. If you think that furthering your education will help you, then, so be it. Pursue a higher education. It really is up to you. People with higher education tends to have more chances than those who have none.

    Hit My 7th

    Number 7 is done.

    Cereal for dinner!

    Lucky Charms , who doesn't love Lucky Charms. My son would not eat anything except cereal at one point. At first I was so worried about this. I thought to myself he needs more nutrition he needs meet on his plate( we are now vegan) etc etc etc.. well I brought this up to my doctor and after laughing at me for a brief second he assured me that eating cereal was perfectly ok as long as he was eating something. If we feel secure enough to feed it to him in the morning the only difference is man made up time of what to eat at what time. Whether eggs is for breakfast or dinner or lunch . when it doesn't matter as long as you eat.
  17. I will say that reading books is something that is not as prevalent as it was in the past but reading is. Before people didn't really read unless they bought a book or was looking for directions or information etc. Now a days with use of smart phones and portable laptops tablets etc. reading is something that people do without even realizing it. Reading messages or emails . The ability to purchase books online or read blogs all of these things have in my opinion have only sparked a rise in reading literacy maybe not by way of books .

    How To Overcome Panic Attacks

    Panic Attacks can sometimes feel like you are having a heart attack. What works for me is the rule of 3... 3 things I can see, smell ,touch ,hear. The process of doing those things seems to take my mind off of the anxiousness of what is happening at the time. the focus is now on searching for the things around me.

    Is Higher Education Useful?

    I am a retired Municipal worker. I think knowledge is useful but higher education is a waste of time and money. Its another we are forced to pay to government.( i.e. loans) . Bring back the day of on the job training. Yes I do believe there are things we should look to a university for because somethings like anatomy and law those things take time and practice to learn. But needing a college degree for things like social work is ridiculous in my opinion. Experience compassion and empathy and a willingness to learn can out shine a degree anyday

    Why TV series are worse than movies

    I find that TV series are worse that movies only because the TV series almost becomes a part of your make up.. It has now trickled its way in your life as a thing to do on a regular basis. Characters almost become people you know. You get attached to a character and often times cant see them in another role which can be a detriment to the actor. Although I do enjoy the regularity and familiarity of the characters as sometimes in a movie it can just 'end to soon' . I have left some movies feeling like man I wish I can find out what happened to so and so. on the other hand the use of the imagination is what movies leave you with.. you can ultimately right your own ending however you want.

    Adult-ing is Tiresome.

    I can remember as a child complaining to myself about how much I hated being a child. I could not wait until I was old enough to do what I wanted when I wanted. At the time it seemed like such a burden to have people tell me what to do or how to do it. I mean I just knew I COULD DO IT BETTER. what a joke … I am 42 years old and I am here to say that becoming an adult is overrated. How I wish I could go back to the time when my only upset was an adult telling me I couldn't do it.... now my biggest upset is because I did do it.. No one tells you adulthood comes with Bills ,Judgement, criticism, ungratefulness, kids that hate you because they want to be adults now.... the Cycle ..but I have learned in this adulthood that everything is perception. As a kid perception is all your problems is because you are a kid... as an Adult perceptions now you are an adult all you have is problems... key lesson.... Change your perception Change your thought that "adulting is tiresome "

    Are Ghosts Real?

    Yes. there has always been a feeling of something not quite explained in the back of all our minds. Probably stemming from the deep curiosity of what happens to our spirit when we past on. Energy is definitely a real thing and "ghosts" are "spirit energies" for lack of a better term. We can feel them once we are in tuned with our inner selves. They come to us in dreams or as a smell maybe goosebumps on the back of your neck all of these things is your body senses making you aware of the energy " ghost" around you.
  23. Lena Lvova

    Hit My 7th

    Hello, I've just made seven comments! Thank you!
  24. Lena Lvova

    Classical music makes you smarter

    As a classically trained pianist from Russia (playing since age 3), as a music teacher, and as someone who has a degree in Music Theory, I must respectfully disagree with your take on this. First off, classical music often wrongly used to describe all instrumental music, when it was actually a period between 1730-1820. Other periods include Romantic, Baroque, and Renaissance. People often balk at anything new and what they deem to be intellectually demeaning, as is prevalent with the aversion to rap and the backlash that Beethoven faced when he first unveiled his new style of composition. All music is similar in the sense that there is a time signature, a key, and a recurring theme (whether that be melodic motif or rhythm). Deconstructed, "classical" music can be replicated with electronic instruments such as guitar and bass, and the same piece will suddenly sound like a metal song. In the same vein, a rap song can have it's electronic backing tracks transcribed for instruments such as harp and violin, and give it a more "refined" sound. To truly be an educated, intellectual listener, one must try to find the beauty and wisdom in all genres, instead of casting aside those that we think are lesser.
  25. Lena Lvova

    Are Ghosts Real?

    Short answer: yes! Long answer: ghosts and energies that we cannot explain definitely do exist, but not how they're portrayed in movies and TV. Rather than being fully formed entities (covered in white sheets) that go around yelling 'Boo!", ghosts and spirits manifest as a sort of energy that you can feel around you, whether by temperature changes or intuitive thought. They are not always malevolent, although they can be, so keep an eye out!
  26. Through personal experience, I can safely say that a majority of these courses are outright scams. My mother lost her job several years ago, and purchased a much too expensive course on making money through advertising online. What I noticed was that a lot of the topics in the course were just the same things being said over and over again in different words, and then at the end of every module there would be a "helpful item/extra course material" that the person was pressured to buy. Google is an amazing modern resource, and I highly suggest trying it out on your own before investing in a course. Also, public libraries have a plethora of information on jobs, both online and on site.
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