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  3. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  4. Jh

    Hit My 7th

    Hello! I did hit my 7th post. This was fun. I hope I get chosen. I would love to do this job.
  5. Jh


    I like summer, when it`s not hot. Winter is awesome, because you can always put on more clothes if you get cold, but during summer you can only look for a shade or find ways to cool down. I do like summer, when it`s slightly cooler outside and nice breeze. What time of year do you prefer?
  6. What is the most efficient way to study for exams? What are your tricks and techniques? I have found that the best way for me to remember things is to find a partner who would test me with questions and revise before lecture and after as well.
  7. Jh


    I don`t think the income you get from just playing games is very good, but looks like a fun way to earn something extra. I used to had a classmate who earned money like that. There is so many different opportunities in the world.
  8. Nickel

    Ice Cream

    Carmine is a cutie! It's hard for me to settle on just one favorite. For now I'll say vanilla soft-serve, but there are other incredible flavors that are a close second like mango, green tea, coconut, and cookies and cream.
  9. Jh


    There are so many ways to lose weight. I don't really recommend dieting, because if not done properly it can cause health issues. You should always ask advice from your dietician or doctor, before starting any diets. Just regular exercising and healthy and balanced eating is good enough, if you don`t have any major health problems. Running is completely free as well. The good feeling you get afterwards is the best.
  10. Jh


    I have a friend who always complains about how unhappy they are with their work and life. If you are unhappy, then you should change something to become happy again. Don`t you think? I know it's not always easy, but even taking the small steps towards the change is a start.
  11. Jh

    Washing hands.

    I have noticed that a lot of people after using toilet or before eating don't wash their hands. Even though it's so important. It helps us to prevent getting sick. You should even wash them if you get home for the day and start doing any home activities, this way less bacteria is finding their way into your home. Stay hygienic.
  12. Lately, I have become really aware of the waste that we create. I wonder a lot about different ways to use less plastic, wasting less food and so on. Even though I think about it, the actuality of the matter is in such a large scale, that I keep thinking, if me reducing my waste is having any impact at all. I know there is small impact, but sometimes it just gets frustrating.
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  14. Starling

    Hit My 7th

    Well, that was fun! I had no idea such a thing existed. Looking forward to making your life easier and enjoyable. Sincerely, Starling
  15. Starling

    Children and their electronics.

    Mother-Father, this crying of children over lost electronics is our creation. We all know better as this is a short term solution to a long term problem. All anybody wants is the Presence of some real Face Time with the ones they love. Besides if we all knew how this was a socially engineered experiment to get everyone as addicted automatons we would be in the streets burning it all down. Best of luck to you, my friends.
  16. Starling

    Save Yourself Now

    Yes, yes, yes! The Age of Mental Health is upon us. As we're all going through the same thing just handling it in different ways. And this is a perfect opportunity to wield the shield of Compassion and remember that a sincere smile and genuine greeting (even to yourself) will go a long, long way in restoring Harmony on Planet Earth. Best of luck to you, my friends!
  17. Starling

    why you must work- out daily

    Amen! Absolutely we must work out every day. Even a simple and deep stretch releases endorphins and keeps the body-mind supple. I am a huge fan of working out or playing and having some type of physical fun. Eventually, you and your body will get to the point of needing it every day instead out of the misguided expectation of it being a luxury of time. Besides the body is meant to move and is one of the greatest gifts to have. You can do a work out right now, reading this post. If you're sitting down with your feet on the floor now, lift your feet up to your soles and tippy toes and you've worked out your calves. See? Simple and Fun because you just looked like a little ballerina in a tutu. Ha!
  18. Starling

    Passionate Money

    I came across a book that changes the perspective about money quite nicely. The title of that book is Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow by Marsha Sinetar. So yes, we still live in a world where we need money. However, how about we change the way it works by doing something we love instead of doing something we hate and have to do. That perspective changes the feeling of money, doesn't it? You are no longer a slave to money. You are now the master of it by getting it out of love instead or hate. Then, of course, there's all the underlying feelings about self worth in getting what you want and deserve in that money. Yet that's a whole other topic. Another great saying, "Self worth is the bane of human existence." - Caroline Myss Best of luck to you my friends!
  19. Starling

    What is your lucky number?

    Katherine, actually there is a thing with numbers and it's called numerology. It's the study of numbers and has been in use for centuries. Being able to calculate your numbers is a valuable tool in understanding yourself and your life path. For instance, if you added up your birthday, it would probably add up to 9 as it seems to be your number. Example: June 18, 1969 6+18+1969= 49=4+9=13=1+3=4 or 6+1+8+1+9+6+9=40=4+0=4 Either way, my life lesson number is 4 and ironically, my favorite number. As a 4, I am meant to learn about Foundations. The number 9 being the last number of the single digits is about Endings/Beginnings. I find numerology to be fascinating and am constantly amazed by it. Almost seems magickal.
  20. Starling

    Should you start smoking?

    Aaarrrgh! Absolutely never, ever NOT should someone start smoking to get more breaks. This was actually socially engineered by war time. A soldier was given cigarettes as a ration thus implementing the practice of a smoke break. Besides if you knew that the tobacco industry makes cigarettes to be more addictive than heroin by STIMULATING the relaxation response, you wouldn't do it! Obviously a hot topic for me. What about a water break instead?
  21. GiNZ, it is such a relief to read this post about American Culture. I thought I was the only one that recognized everyone seems to be loudly crawling over themselves when speaking to each other. It always felt like crabs in a pot trying to get out all at once. Pppsshhew, I feel better! Even though I've picked up that bad habit myself, this post is a reminder to be more mindful in my communications to others. Thank you.
  22. JewelsCat22

    Ice Cream

    Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some ice cream (but if you ask me, anytime is a good time for ice cream!). What is your favorite flavor? I love plain vanilla ice cream because I can share it with my cat, Carmine. He's the one in my profile photo. I also love mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough, but when I have those, poor Carmine doesn't get any.
  23. The American Culture is a league of its own. I am initially form Africa, I came to American 13 years ago, and I can tell you there is a big cultural difference. Of course the there is a huge Socioeconomic difference due to the industrial advancement of this county. I work in a casino and have been for 12 years now, I’m taking this opportunity to share the encounters I’ve had with the mixed variety of the people I get to interact with five days a week. Since America is composed of a conglomerate of people from different cultures, you can be sure that they behave and curry themselves differently. But there is a certain American altitude that’s shared by most American’s, even these who immigrate into this county later in life tend to catch up with it. Talking loud, and talking over each other where three people are talking at the same time. I had the hardest time following when I moved here, even today I still get drowned when I start saying something and someone finishes it for me as if they are in a hurry to move on. With good intents though, I realize that most Americans even though they talk over you, they don’t think its rude, its like an assurance to themselves that they know what you are talking about, and it is natural for them to be a part of it.
  24. SummertimeBullet

    Hit My 7th

    Hello Admins, I have made seven unique posts. I hope I met your standards as I would love to continue to post on forums for you. Thanks, SummertimeBullet
  25. SummertimeBullet

    Should you start smoking?

    Most people believe that smoking employees get more breaks than regular employees. In an eight hour shift, I smoke three times. I smoke before I get to work. I smoke on my fifteen minute break two hours in, I smoke on my lunch four hours in, and I smoke on my second break 6 hours in. Then I smoke on my way home. I do not get any more breaks then a regular worker. I could also smoke less in a day, but I choose to use my breaks this way. Some days I have to use the bathroom on my break and miss my smoke, but I don't extend my break. I believe it is an unfair assumption that we get more smoking breaks. Please speak out if you see someone abusing "smoke breaks" and let me know what you think.
  26. SummertimeBullet

    Tipping... The Outdated Wage

    Tipping has risen up the ranks in hot topics. To tip or not to tip? Most people agree you tip by percentage. Some people believe you tip by service. But what if you didn't have to tip because the employer paid the worker a proper wage. What if you could tip them because you wanted to? What if you couldn't tip at all? Some tipped workers prefer the tip system as they can make a decent amount of money, while other tipped employees don't make enough to make ends meet. I believe we should raise the minimum wage, for tipped workers as well as everyone else.
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