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  2. Nickel

    Your work soundtrack

    When I'm at my desk, I can't listen to anything with a melody because it really distracts me. I end up working in silence or listening to nature sounds through the window, Alexa, or YouTube. What do you listen to while you're on the job?
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  4. knchatty


    I'm an avid fruit eater. I love fruit - fresh, frozen or in smoothies. My favorite memory of fruit was when I went to Punta Cana. I probably ate fruit and only fruit for breakfast and lunch most days. I'm not picky, I like most varieties of fruit.
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  6. SableC.

    Quotes You Resonate with Most

    The image above is a pithy saying by Phyllis Diller that always makes me smile when I run across it. A little humor brightens the day, and sometimes that's enough for a quote to capture my attention.
  7. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  8. Mar1t

    Hit My 7th

    I've now hit seven posts, tried to write about different topics. I'm looking for interesting opportunities. I'd like to receive some feedback, to develop myself further.
  9. Mar1t


    I played popular mmorpgs as a teenager, and find still several online games somewhat interesting. Now I play sophisticated ones with less battles and with more intelligent elements.
  10. Mar1t


    Music is a significant part of my life. I take a break, maybe put the headphones on, and pick my favorite playlist. I love rap music, which often deals with social issues. It can help us understand the world.
  11. Do you know some areas of theoretical math? Have you read a college math book? It's far from high school math, it's another world. I enjoy, particularly combinatorics, and applying it to games with complete information. There are many areas to explore. Somebody may find mathematics a nice hobby too.
  12. I like most romantic books, short stories, and chick-lit. I prefer non-fiction to fiction and try to avoid thrillers and detective novels. What kind of genres do you enjoy?
  13. Mar1t

    New to Knitting

    I'm too a knitter. I like crocheting, but prefer knitting. It's an awesome, relaxing and creative hobby. Is there somebody who has made own patterns? I sometimes edit patterns and play with colors. I love small projects; they are easier to finish.
  14. Mar1t

    The education system.

    There are highly specific positions, but, if one is a practical nurse, she can work in a hospital as well as in a nursery. There's more engineering training here than there was before, and we really need engineers here. It depends probably much of the country.
  15. Mar1t

    Should you eat fast food?

    I think that fast food meal occasionally isn't probably excessively harmful for most of us. However, if someone eats unhealthy fast food dishes every day, I wouldn't consider it a healthy habit.
  16. knchatty

    New fascination with birds

    My grandparents tried to teach me about the birds and I just didn't listen. I really don't have a favorite one yet. We just had a visit from a couple of blue jays, they are beautiful but bossy! I do love watching all the different woodpecker birds we get.
  17. SableC.

    New fascination with birds

    My grandmother got me interested in birds when she became less mobile. Birding is a hobby that we can still do together. It's incredibly relaxing. Do you have a favorite bird yet? I'm partial to the variety of nuthatches. They are endlessly entertaining.
  18. Pokcare

    Quotes You Resonate with Most

    Words are helpful as much as it is deadly because there have been times when a single thought made my day and also ruined it. During unmotivated days, scrolling through my newsfeed helped inspired me at some point because of the quotes that I would come across. Some quotes gave me realizations, while others reminded me of my principles whenever I would doubt the meaning in my work. What quotes do you find helpful for yourself?
  19. Nickel


    One of my favorite travel mini-memories has to do with dragon fruit in Hong Kong. The hotel staff put a ripe dragon fruit in my room each afternoon. Now when I see a dragon fruit, that memory plays right back.
  20. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  21. Milly

    Hit My 7th

    Hello admin and everyone. I am happy to have completed the first step of my application process after making four topics plus three posts. I'm hoping for the best feedback. 🤗 Thank you for this opportunity.
  22. I used to be afraid of death but not anymore. Most people on earth are afraid of death because of the unknown. No one knows where they will spend eternity after they die. But only the creator of heaven and earth can take this kind of fear from us and replace it with hope and expectation of spending eternity with His son.
  23. I strongly feel the education system in many countries has let children down. This is because, the job sector doesn't match the education that most graduates hold. I feel there is need to update the information taught in school so as to match candidates with the right job. What do you think about this?
  24. Milly


    I really don't think you should accept that kind of fate. You could purchase a screen protector to protect your phone's screen. My previous phone had many cracks on the screen but I had stayed with it for four years before replacing. My current smartphone is three years old. I believe you can make your phone last longer by taking care of it.
  25. Milly


    I support your point completely. Mental illness is nowadays talked about openly, but no one is well prepared enough when it comes knocking on their door. I feel that parents and guardians should be quick to accept so they can help a child recover faster.
  26. Milly


    I really don't think you should apply sanitizer after you washed your hands. This is because, the hands are already clean. I personally prefer washing hands than sanitizing them because some sanitizers are harsh on the skin. Let me know what others think.
  27. As the title suggests, I would like to know the ideal age for marriage for men and women. I know some got married as young as 18 and some as late as 35. Since I'm not married myself, I would like to hear this from an experienced person.
  28. Milly

    Are zombies real?

    I had watched zombie movies like, The Walking Dead, few years ago but I don't think they are real. I wonder who came up with the idea about zombies. It is so serious that there are people preparing for a zombie apocalypse. Don't you think this is just too much?
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