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  2. knchatty


    Yes I have been out, four times now. I started in a small lake with a big group of friends. I figured if I fell out that they would help me. I did not fall out! I did get soaked though. At first I rolled around in circles but quickly got the hang of it. The fourth time I went out (Friday afternoon) I went on a river. Wow, what a difference. I had to paddle less often but was a bit tipsy and tricky getting around rocks and logs. It was great fun though!
  3. Nickel

    What are you watching?

    I just finished the Cobra Kai series on Netflix. It's a continuation of The Karate Kid, 34 years later. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are back as enemies Daniel LaRusso (now married with kids) and Johnny Lawrence (not married, and it's complicated). I loved it so much!
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  5. SableC.


    Have you been out yet, Knchatty? I took a kayaking safety course that was helpful. I learned how to self-rescue should I capsize and how to get back into the kayak while in the middle of a body of water. That's when I quickly realized that for me, watching a video wasn't the same as actually doing it. I needed hands-on instructions to get the hang of things. Whether I'm skiing, rafting, or kayaking, I just love being out on the water! It's a great way to relax.
  6. mesi.asf

    Hit My 7th

    Hit my 7th and waiting for your response. Thanks.
  7. When you consider it, strength training may be more significant for women than it is for men. It appears, there are numerous health and weight loss issues experienced by women that can be dealt with strength training. It is an activity that can assist women to stay strong, burn calories, and build healthy bones. Strength training may increase resting metabolism by around 7 per cent and help limit muscle loss. Additionally, when you strength train, you get more calorie-burning bang for your buck. “Good things come to those who sweat.”
  8. mesi.asf

    Tension And Conflict

    I am not a relationship counselor. I am sharing my experience. Relationships are not as tricky as we have made them. Me and my partner, we both have committed to listen to each other before jumping to conclusion. We discuss everything which can effect our lives in any way possible. However, we do respect each other's personal space. We inform each other of every detail which is important even if we are living in different cities. We believe communication is the key to successful relationship and its working. I hope it works for every one.
  9. Considering the global response on COVID-19, I am partially convinced that one day, remote working will leave conventional jobs far behind. Five months pf pandemic and quarantine, and what do you see? All the schooling systems have been shifted to Google Meet and Zoom. Almost every brick and mortar store has switched to online store now. Net banking has taken over the cash flow. An obvious example can be seen in China where people use WeChat Pay and AliBaba more than cash. Machines and modern technologies have decreased the demand of labor. Foreseeing the growing technologies, soon robots will outpace labor force. Yet 2020 is welcoming 5G (Fifth Generation Technology)...
  10. This question popped into my mind while I was reading about pregnancy tips. We always hear and believe that "Like always attracts like" and this happens as well. Positive thinking brings peace and success in your life. But the question is, "Can you always rely on Law of Attraction?" I don't think so. You can't pass an exam unless you prepare. You can't become a CEO unless you work for it. Your effort is much important than your positivity. postivity is a crucial part but hard work and passion is the key to success. There is still room for a counter argument. Do you support my argument or disagree with it?
  11. I have seen many people working day and night to achieve their dreams including students who study all night. What I have noticed is that they work hard but not smartly. Smart working can save much of your time and struggle. What is the meaning of studying whole night continuously when your mind can't work efficiently after 90 minutes, scientifically proven. I am not against the concept of hard-work but I believe that planning and prioritization of your tasks is much better than doing bulk work. Hard-work + Smart=work = Genius
  12. COVID-19 pandemic has been hindering the process of globalization since its breakdown. Not only it effected health system, it severely damaged international economic system. Individual quarantine, National Lock-down and international isolation strategy broke the mere backbone of global trade. Stock markets are facing facing loss of trillions of US dollars. Companies like Latam Airline, Hertz, Stein Mart and Sunex International are in great financial trouble. These are few negative impacts of corona pandemic on globalization. Do you have any counter argument?
  13. knchatty

    Trying new recipes

    Well I am glad that you tried something new. The BBQ chicken pizza sounds delicious! That is where I am different then you, ordering new things. I tend to stick to the same items when I go out to eat. We went to Maine a few weeks ago and I wanted to try lobster (lobstah to them) but I chickened out. I'm in Ocean City, NJ this week and I am trying catfish tonight.
  14. SableC.

    Trying new recipes

    That sort of thing never happened in my household. Well, my parents boiled eggs once a year so we could dye them for Easter, but that was as fancy as it got. The culinary arts just don't interest me either. Raw meat is gross, I don't want to burn or cut myself, there's a huge mess to clean up afterward, and I usually don't like the way homemade food tastes. Cooking just isn't my thing, I guess. I still like the idea of trying new foods though. I had the most amazing BBQ chicken pizza yesterday and it's all because your topic inspired me to try something unique.
  15. mesi.asf

    Intermittent dieting

    I started last month. My mom scared me so much when I decided to go for intermittent dieting. But believe me, you should try. I was 65 kg and now its 62. Its not about the weight only, my body looks much fitter and my double chin is gone. I had few difficulties at beginning like cravings, stomachache and anxiety. After a week, I started noticing a kind of natural energy and strong concentration during my activities. Dark circles started fading. But I should warn you. Take care of your diet and calories. Its very important to consume healthy food. Increase your intake of fluids like water and fresh juices. Stick to your plan. Best of Luck!
  16. Nickel

    Trying new adventures!

    That's cool! I've only sat on the back of a motorcycle once. I'm looking forward to the day when we can all hit the road anywhere – without quarantining afterwards!
  17. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  18. manvij

    Hit My 7th

    I've hit my 7th and now I shall await my results with exquisite anticipation!
  19. The current trend of using YouTube for publishing content has made some of my favorite bloggers slow down their blog posts. I was surprised to find them active on YouTube but then I realized that their video content is so much more immersive than mere text and images on their blogs. Would you prefer your favorite blogger on video, or are you fine with their blog posts only?
  20. I am an old school movie buff, choosing to watch movies on the big screen only. But ever since the pandemic struck, I have been hooked to my smartphone for watching content from streaming platforms like Netflix. Not only is it much cheaper but I can even watch movies when I am in bed or on my treadmill! What about you - do you miss the large screen during the pandemic?
  21. manvij

    What is it about Facebook?

    It doesn't surprise me at all! Facebook is still the most popular social platform with 2.6 billion users as compared to Instagram with a little over 1 billion users and Pinterest with 367 million users. However, I do wonder what people must be searching for with respect to Facebook, especially if they are current users of the site.
  22. manvij

    Are airplanes safe?

    Flying in an airplane is safer than crossing the street or driving a car. Accidents are an exception in the aviation industry while the same can not be said for road safety. I sure do feel much safer in an airplane than when I sit in a car!
  23. manvij

    Dealing with a Breakup

    I takes time to heal the wounds caused by a relationship gone wrong. Keep yourself busy and don't allow your mind to drift back to the old days of the relationship. It may seem easier said than done, but once you get over it, you will realize that you only needed more time to forget.
  24. I wish schools would reopen during the pandemic but we have to keep in mind the susceptibility of elders and those with comorbidities to the virus. Prevention is better than cure and what better way to stop further fatalities than stay at home and follow social distancing!
  25. manvij

    Favorite music genres?

    More than genres I am a fan of artistes, especially those who have diverse music transcending several genres. I don't have the time to listen to my favorite artistes either. Instead, I listen to a lot of instrumentals since it helps me focus on the work at hand and makes me more productive.
  26. JewelsCat22

    Trying new adventures!

    Wow, you've had a busy and exciting month! I've never been to the Northeast, but I'd really like to visit someday. I have lots of friends who live over there. I like trying new things sometimes, but I'm a pretty big chicken when it comes to things like heights, so I don't ever plan on doing things like skydiving. I think it's a good thing to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones, though.
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