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  2. Nickel

    County Fair

    When I was in elementary school, I would go to the fair with a friend's family. We got to see a couple of shows. One year, it was Bill Cosby (yikes!) and another year it was the Beach Boys. The Beach Boys concert was the first time I saw a crowd waving lighters in the air. It confused me then, but now I look back and I'm glad I went.
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  4. TravelBug

    Your life heroes

    I admire anyone who gets through life making a name for themselves. Anyone who finds success in life, career and love. People who don't count on their religion or help from the outside to make it, but are able to look in the mirror and create their own path, but aren't afraid to ask for help when necessary.
  5. JewelsCat22


    I'd like to start using the coupons I get in the mail, but I'm at a loss as to how to organize them. How do you all organize your coupons? By category? By date? And how do you remember to actually use them?
  6. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  7. naghma

    Hit My 7th

    Hit my 7th , thanks !
  8. naghma

    self improvement

    Life is changing, and we have to keep up with these changments , thus, self improvement is a process that all of us must go through as humans in order to be able to live a great life, and to reach our goals and dreams. Now, the thing with self improvment is that it may be complicated at times, there is plenty of stuff that we can work on , there is plenty of fields to discover, and the whole process can be overwhelming, not to mention that being committed is not that easy to achieve. That being said , what are some of the little changment that you did and affected your life ,and how do you stay committed and focused on your goals, thank you !
  9. Nickel

    Addicted to online shopping!

    Is there anything that you don't like shopping for online? For me, it's makeup. It's fun researching different brands and reviews, but I want to see eyeshadow and lipstick shades with my own eyes and compare them on the spot.
  10. naghma

    How do you stay motivated?

    I don't think that we can stay motivated all the time, and that's definitely normal. During your journey you may go through phases where you lose your motivation, you try to get it back , do stuff that motivates you the best, but, it seems like motivation is not there anymore. I think that, if the goal is great, then even if you are not motivated you will keep going, because there is something making you move forward, something beyond motivation and it's called the power of will
  11. naghma

    Dear Me in 5 Years...

    Dear me in 5 years, I hope that you already figured what you want and how to achieve it, i know that we have been through a lot and i hope that you are still strong as i have always known you, or even stronger. I know that you moved forward, defeated your mental problems and gotten used to you health conditions.I have pushed you a lot, stopped you from getting some of what you want in life, forced you to do stuff you didn't like, but, it was all for your sake, for this moment and for the great human being you have become . Keep being nice and remember to accept and cherish yourself, life is so short so make the most of it!.
  12. naghma

    Avoid Anger.

    I used to get angry a lot. I get angry, overreact, make a huge fuss over nothing, hurt people then reflect and start blaming my self!. I was stucked in this circle for a long time and my relationships gotten toxic because of it till the day i decided to be a better version of myself. I can say that it took a lot of work to be a calm person but i'm so happy right now, i believe that we should learn how to control our temper ,that will save our relatioships and will certainly help us live a better life.
  13. naghma

    Mental Health

    I agree with you. I've had chronic depression and severe anxiety for a long time now and i'm really sick of people telling me that it will pass eventually and that once i shift my attention to something else i will be ok while others think that i'm just "too weak" or over sensitive . I think that people have misleading ideas when it comes to mental health, somehow they forget that the brain is an organ that can have several problems, those problems may leads to conditions such as depression and anxiety, our society needs knowldge and enlightenment.
  14. Lynn

    Language learning as an adult

    That's really wonderful that you speak so many languages, @TravelBug! Other than English, what other languages did you grow up with? I took seven years of Spanish in school and used to be semi-fluent. After seven years, I should have been very capable with it, but I really didn't have an interest in learning it, so I did only what was necessary and managed to squeak by. As an adult, I have very much been wanting to learn Italian. I have a couple of audio programs for it, but I find it difficult to make time with family life, work, etc. Now that my daughter is a little older, I may start playing the CDs when we're driving together. I think it would be a lot of fun for both of us to learn it and then we'll be able to actually use the language when speaking to each other.
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  16. Lynn

    Hit My 7th

  17. TravelBug

    Language learning as an adult

    Children pick up languages much easier than adults. I grew up trilingual but I've always loved languages even as an adult! I have been able to learn to speak two languages (German and Portuguese) fluently as an adult, but you have to invest a lot of time and energy! Have you learned or are you learning a new language as an adult and if so, how do you go about it? If you haven't, what language would you like to learn to speak?
  18. 4ScienceYouMonster

    Hit My 7th

    Done! Thanks for this opportunity.
  19. 4ScienceYouMonster

    Progetto Quasi

    An Italian association, Progetto Quasi (Project Almost), is revamping the philosophy of pet shelters. Fabiana, the founder, named her organisation after her dog, Quasi. Indeed, Quasi (Almost) is everything but ordinary. Due to Short Spine Syndrome, she looks “almost” like a boar, “almost” like a Tasmanian devil… hence the name. The organisation, as mentioned, opted for an unconventional style of communication. Whereas most volunteer associations rely on pity, Fabiana made a 180-degree turn. Instead, she developed her own mix of humour, irony, and sarcasm. In her own words, her association deals with the rescue, care and adoption of pets who are “wrecked, almost warm, almost dead, and about to pass away”. From her point of view, there is no such thing as an “unadoptable”. Her light, playful approach conveys a strong message: no one deserves to die alone.
  20. 4ScienceYouMonster

    Mental Health

    Mental health stigma should not be a thing in Anno Domini 2019. The brain is an organ, like lungs and pancreas. Like all the organs, it can suffer several forms of damage and malfunction. Yet you don’t hear people say “asthma is only in your lungs”, or “you are too dependent on insulin, have you ever tried not to be diabetic?”. So why are many still considering mental illness a matter of willpower? Anxiety is not "feeling quite nervous before a job interview". Depression is not sadness, nor laziness. We should stop trying to define other people’s experience on the basis of our own.
  21. qualf

    Avoid Anger.

    I am a very calm person. I don't get angry easily, and if I do, I can control my temper with ease. Turning the other cheek became a habit to me for whenever I get angry at somebody. Some people react violently, but violence does not solve anything.
  22. qualf

    What you want to become?

    Everybody has a dream job. One that they enjoy it so much, that they can't even call it a job, but just something they like to do. I always wanted to work at home, from my laptop. This is why I wanted to become a programmer, and because I'm fascinated about computers and technology. I'm still working on it and I hope one day I will succeed.
  23. qualf

    When I Grow Up

    It's not childish to to believe in yourself. There is nothing wrong about dreaming big, because there are people that succeeded and turned their dreams into reality. But it's not going to be easy, and most of the people just give up. You must always have faith in you and never give up. Don't let your dreams be dreams!
  24. 4ScienceYouMonster

    Understanding feminism

    I recently had a discussion with a friend about feminism. In his opinion, feminists only take into consideration female victims of abuse. They turn a blind eye to any situation of violence against a man. As a feminist, I disagree: rape culture is not only the “look at what she's wearing, she’s asking for it”. On the other side of the coin, male victims are the target of jokes for “not being man enough”. Women can sometimes join men in mocking those victims; sexism can be learnt by both men and women. Yet, real feminists are the ones who listen, understand, and offer appropriate support.
  25. Migi

    Hit My 7th

  26. 4ScienceYouMonster

    Hit My 7th

    I just hit my 7th! I'm looking forward to receiving an evaluation from you, with thanks.
  27. We are living in dark times for scientific progress. In a modern witch hunt of ignorance against knowledge, vaccinations represent one of the favourite targets for all the most atavic fears and retrograde beliefs of humankind. As a doctor, I’ve probably heard it all: people who just keep on believing in a 12-case study declared a hoax 20 years ago, even when studies on more than 600000 children prove the contrary; parents receiving death threats because they asked for the vaccination of their immunocompromised child’s classmates; parents who are still contrary to vaccinations after their own child spent more than a month between life and death due to a preventable disease; politicians bragging about sending their own children to pox parties. I’m starting to think there is nothing, absolutely nothing we can do to make antivaxxers change their mind, but I see some light on the horizon. The youngest generations are less prone to irrational beliefs and prejudice, instead they are showing critical thinking and empathy. Kids are the ones asking for immunisation to protect that classmate who just got back from hospital. Kids are asking Reddit how to get their vaccinations done bypassing their parents’ authorisation. There is still hope for the future.
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