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  2. I live in Asia and he lives in the UK. I realize I've been a bit naive and too optimistic when we started dating, thinking everything will be easy as long as we love each other. Alas, life happens and it makes you realize it takes more than love to make a relationship work. To those who have experienced being in a long distance relationship, how do you keep the love alive?
  3. I live in Asia and he lives in the UK. I realize I've been a bit naive and too optimistic when we started dating, thinking everything will be easy as long as we love each other. Alas, life happens and it makes you realize it takes more than love to make a relationship work. To those who have experienced being in a long distance relationship, how do you keep the love alive?
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  6. fredwriter

    Hit My 7th

    Hi, I have hit my 7th post. Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to your response. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I realize it is pretty ironic that I am basically posting a question in this thread, but what do you think of posts that ask for the the readers feedback? For example, suppose you start a topic about your pet peeve and you conclude by asking the read what his or her pet peeve is. To me this is pretty much a cliché nowadays, although it might have been clever twenty years ago when writers started using it in magazines. Does anybody know a more subtle way of eliciting reader response than asking them at the end of your post or article? (Yes, I see the irony.)
  8. fredwriter

    Generation Gap

    On the other hand, my sister says I become more like my father every day. In some ways we are different from the generation that came before us, but in the end we all end up the same.
  9. fredwriter

    Asking for help at work is tricky

    Unfortunately, this is all too common. The irony is that if you leave, they'll have no choice but to hire two new employees, since no one in their right mind would take a new job with an 80-hour-a-week workload unless it was remunerated accordingly. You've probably already done this, but is there any chance you can try to subtly call attention to the aspects of your old job that you don't really have time for, while focusing on the new one? In the meantime, get your resume together and think about your prospects elsewhere if your bosses continue to drag their feet.
  10. fredwriter

    The Greatest Teacher of All Time

    I agree, Tori. You never really learn until you see the consequences of not doing something, or not doing something properly, or doing something you shouldn't. You can only hope that the mistakes that you make aren't so bad that you can't come back from them, but the truth is that someone telling you just isn't enough.
  11. Daisylove05


    I don't remember many of my firsts. My first words, high five, steps and days of schools are lost to me. I don't remember them at all. But I know they happen and they were followed by many many more. I grew up with a family that loved me and tells the stories of my first adventures that I can not remember. As I got older I start to remember my firsts. First day of middle school, first sports game, first dance, first boyfriend and of course first kiss. I remember and cherish those thoughts. Along with the numerous other first that happened to me to this day. My last first was the biggest of them all. It was my first child. It is now my children's first that have me in awe and inspire me. Their first laughs, steps and falls are moments that I will never forget. I will share them with them over and over again. The joy that I felt hearing those first laughs escape their lips was wonderful. Even know as we have our first 13 year old I am still loving and cherishing the firsts. Like the first solo in the school concert and the first great play in the lacrosse game. They amaze me everyday and I still can not want to experience the next first with them.
  12. Nickel

    Online Education

    What do you see as the pros and cons of earning a degree or certificate online? I think a huge plus is being able to follow classes as early or as late as needed. A negative is losing that interactive feeling from group discussions and being able to talk to the instructor in real time.
  13. Garth Strummer

    Hit My 7th

    The “Magnificent Seven” posts completed Now I wait to be deleted At least I got the seven done If nothing else it was quite fun
  14. Garth Strummer

    Max is a VERY bad Kitty

    Three months ago I venture out to The Kitty Café. I’m getting a new kitten to replace poor Starvin’ Marvin who had lived his good life and passed away. My tactic was to go in, sit down in their cat lounge area, and wait for the cat to pick me. After a fruitless 20 minutes or so, I go up to the two ladies running the show. “I’m looking for a male kitten” I say. “But I don’t want just any male kitten. I want the worst behaved kitty you have. I want the one that tries to escape each time you open the door, the one that knocks your pens off the counter, the one you shout at multiple times per day” Both girls say, at exactly the same time “Gigi!” That’s how I ended up with Gigi, renamed Max. I shall also mention that every cat in the store cost between $20 and $75 but Max cost $80. Off to a good start. Max came as advertised. He’s a VERY bad kitty. He’s up on the kitchen counters, stealing people food whenever possible. He has a part time job knocking anything on the dining table or the bedroom dresser to the floor. He doesn't come in from the deck when called. BUT, he’s a lover and a snuggle merchant, so he gets away with it. There’s a good boy Max.
  15. Garth Strummer


    My wife and I both love to cook. Fresh ingredients and herbs that we grow ourselves are the key to our cooking. She is a much better chef than I. Give her 6 ingredients and she’ll whip up a feast in fifteen minutes. I’m more of a, “google a recipe and follow the instructions” guy and then saving it in my repertoire if it’s a hit. The problem with being good chefs is that when we go out to dinner, we have to go high end and drop $150-$200 as the regular $20-$30 a head restaurants just ain’t good enough!
  16. Garth Strummer

    Wine Tasters Anonymous

    Is there anything better than a glass of red wine (or two) at the end of the day? Which bottle do you buy though, and how can you tell, by taste, which is better? I know I can tell the difference between a $4 bottle or a box, and a $12 bottle every time. Most times, I can differentiate between a $12 bottle and one in the $30-$40 range. I can’t afford to test my skills on a $100 bottle versus a $40 though!
  17. Garth Strummer

    Social media versus real life

    I was driving close to my suburban home last April. It was a beautiful spring day. Over on the sidewalk is a young man walking with his girlfriend and his dog. He has his face fixed on his phone. I want to pull over and yell, “Dude, it’s a lovely day, you’re out with your lady and your dog that love you and you have your face stuck on a screen looking at trivia. Life’s right in front of you and you’re missing it.”
  18. Garth Strummer

    Ketchup Warning

    You’re a guest for dinner at my house and I’m cooking. I’ve taken the time to marinade the perfect rib eye. It’s been cooked in a cast iron pan to perfection and served with a fine selection of culinary accoutrements with a rock solid bottle of French red to boot. If you dare to ask for the ketchup, it’ll be your last visit.
  19. Garth Strummer


    Do I really need to put a smiley face at the end of every joke on text or social media? Surely its true meaning is that either my writing wasn’t good enough to convey the joke, or the joke went over your head. (Before anyone suggests it, I know I should have added a smiley at the end of the post.)
  20. Garth Strummer


    My guitar has six strings. So does Stevie Ray Vaughn’s My guitar has twelve frets before it repeats itself. Twelve frets, multiplied by six strings equals seventy-two available notes. This is the same number of notes available to BB King. I have two hands equipped with two thumbs and eight fingers. Eric Clapton has the very same biological set-up. If I practice eight hours a day for ten years, I still won’t be as good as any of those three maestros of the axe. On the plus side though, I will be good enough. So will you, don’t quit!
  21. I was hoping to transition to a different position at work. I had been helping out the current employee with her job and enjoyed it. She was leaving the company to pursue other interests and I felt that I would do well at the position. The company's owners agreed that I would do well and we started the process of training me to do the job. Here is the tricky part. I am still doing my old job as well. These are both full time positions on their own. They know that I need help but they are taking months and months to figure out what help I am going to get. They want both jobs done fully and correctly. How can I get the help that I need without coming across as failing at my job?
  22. Gold19

    Tension And Conflict

    Tension and conflict are an inevitable part of any relationship. However, tension and conflict must not necessarily lead to the destruction of a relationship. It is important to keep the lines of communication open in times of tension. You must never make the mistake of giving your partner the ’silent’ treatment or just storming off without giving them the chance to explain themselves. The lack of communication will only make the situation worse.
  23. Gold19

    Generation Gap

    I can now really feel the generation gap between me and the children of today. I find difficult to appreciate some of the music they listen to. In my ears, it will all be noise but the youngsters will be enjoying themselves. Then there is the matter of clothing. I will never wrap my mind around the fact that someone can go into a shop and opt to buy torn jeans.
  24. Music is a staple in our lives. It engages several regions of the brain. It affects areas of the brain that deal with planning, emotion, and rewards. It releases the ’feel-good’ chemical dopamine. Studies have also shown that music can make you feel that you are not working as hard as you actually are. Which why it is very common to find loud music being played in gyms. However, for you to gain maximum benefit from music, you must pick the genre that you love.
  25. fredwriter

    Soccer ; A New Religion

    I'm afraid it's not just soccer! Without mentioning team names, I always get dirty looks from rival fans when I wear a certain baseball cap. I think sports are fun to watch, but some people take them way to seriously.
  26. fredwriter

    The beauty of pure Michigan

    I really admire folks from Michigan for taking so much pride in their home. Whenever you meet someone from there, you find they're always trying to teach you stuff about their state, like that it's shaped like a mitten... or that the state's residents are called “Michiganders.” This is the polar opposite of my state, Florida. When I was a kid you used to hear the word “Floridian” on the news sometimes, but I don't think anybody uses that word anymore. People are just totally jaded and cynical about state, which I don't get. I honestly don't think it's such bad place to live, even if I don't live there anymore myself. The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess.
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