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  2. adebeaussaert

    Hit My 7th

    I just submitted my 7th post. Thank you for taking me into consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.
  3. adebeaussaert

    What's up with this meme?

    I am confused. Facebook and twitter are all ablaze with this lady yelling at a cat meme. Where did this come from and why is it funny? I can see using it maybe once or twice, but honestly people, my news feed is flooded with this meme. If anyone has any answers that could help me understand this meme, I would greatly appreciate your input. I know I am missing something. I just want to know what.
  4. adebeaussaert

    Beluga Point Alaska

    Last year I got to visit my daughter in Anchorage Alaska. While there, we took a drive on the Seward Highway to Beluga Point. This is honestly the place where God literally touches the earth. I have never in my 54 years seen anything so beautiful. You have the Turnagain Arm and Glacier covered Mountains surrounding the gorgeous blue ocean. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may even get to see Beluga whales depending on the tidal flow. I will be going again in December and look forward to visiting this amazing place again.
  5. adebeaussaert

    Let them be little

    To all the new and young mother's, please remember that your little ones are not little long. They grow up much too fast. Before you know it, they are teenagers. Then they are moving on to college or moving out of state. I know I made mistakes with my kids while they were young and if I could go back and make it better for them, I would. Remember, when you are stressed, your little one feels it. When you are angry, your little one doesn't understand that they are not the cause of your anger. They just feel it from you. Make sure they know how loved and important they are. Just let them be little. Hug them, kiss them and hold them for as long as you can.
  6. adebeaussaert

    Dealing with depression

    Depression is the ugly secret I have carried with me my entire life. Learning different ways of dealing with it has helped me tremendously. If you are suffering from depression just remember how much you have been through in your life and you have overcome it all. You are so much stronger than you realize. I have suffered with depression my whole life. I don't know why but I know that I will probably live with it for the rest of my life. Medications can take the edge off but there will always be an underlying feeling of sadness that can't really be explained. Just know you are not alone. Some of us know exactly what you are going through. We may have different struggles, but we feel the same kind of despair. Cry it out. Sometimes it's a good release. If you have suicidal feelings, please do not suffer alone. Call this number for help: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  7. adebeaussaert

    Baby blue

    I have a funny story I would like to share. For my daughter's bachelorette party, I wanted to do something cool for her. I rented a limousine, sight unseen, for the night of the party. We were all so excited as we were dressed alike and ready to party the night away. At 8pm sharp, up pulls our limo. If only someone could have taken a picture of the look on our faces, I am sure it would have been epic. What was to be our classy ride for the night was instead a very long, obnoxious, right out of the 70"s, baby blue limousine. This had to be the ugliest thing I had ever seen. Instead of showing disappointment though, these amazing and crazy ladies bursted into uncontrollable laughter. We must have laughed for a good ten minutes before we could control ourselves enough to proceed with the evening. It ended up being one of the most fun and memorable evenings I have ever had. We had a blast. It just goes to show you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I just had to include a picture of the big blue party mobile.
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  9. adebeaussaert

    A parents legacy

    Just sitting here thinking about what kind of legacy I will leave behind for my children and grandchildren. It's funny because the word legacy use to mean something totally different to me than it does now. I use to think you had to have loads of money to leave a legacy but my opinion of the word means something so different now. When I think of the legacy that my amazing Mom and Dad will leave behind, its not money but the 3 awesomely generous. loving and kind children they created. The beautiful grandchildren and adorable great grandchildren and the morals and values they have instilled in us all. We are so blessed beyond words to not only have been raised by these 2 extraordinary people but also create such a legacy of super amazing kids, who have created their own amazing kids. Thank you Mom and Dad for your loving legacy. I for one will cherish it.
  10. adebeaussaert

    The beauty of pure Michigan

    I was born and raised here in Michigan and have been here for 54 years. Although I have traveled and seen many beautiful places, I always come home to the vast and glorious wonders of my home state. People have asked me many times why I have never desired to live anywhere else. It's actually an easy question for me to answer. Michigan has so much to offer. We have our urban cities, that is true, but outside of that is a great abundance of hills and valleys, the awesome great lakes, the woods and the greenery. You can hike, bike, run, swim, camp, explore and the sight seeing is amazing. We have coastlines of beautiful water and lighthouses. It's a photographers dream come true. These are only a few of the reasons I choose to stay here in pure Michigan.
  11. JewelsCat22

    Black Friday

    I'm sure Amazon will have some great Black Friday deals, but don't forget, they'll have Cyber Monday deals, too! I hear that some companies are already starting to have deals for Black Friday. It seems to start earlier and earlier each year.
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  13. Gold19

    Hit My 7th

    I have just hit my seventh post and I am now hoping and praying for your favourable consideration. I like the look and feel of this forum and am eager to be accepted as a member of the family.
  14. Gold19

    Follow Your Dream

    You must never let the people around you kill your creativity. You must explore your ideas to the very end. History has shown that there were some ideas which were considered to be crazy when they started but they resulted in wonderful inventions.
  15. Gold19

    Stop Trade Wars

    There will never be a winner in a trade war. The antagonists are better off talking to each other and seeking ways of co-operation. Escalation of the conflict will negatively affect job creation on both sides of the fence. The indisputable fact is that the antagonists of a trade war need each other.
  16. I wonder why people bother to come up with new year’s resolutions. I have friends and relatives who always come up with new year’s resolutions which they never follow through. This is especially true when it comes to weight loss.
  17. It is very painful to lose a close relative to alcoholism. While there is nothing wrong with drinking, a lot of self-control is required. The drinker must always make sure that they are in full control of their drinking and not the other way round. Once someone feels the urge to visit the bar or pub daily, then this can be the beginning of a downward and uncontrollable descent into alcoholism.
  18. Children must be given career guidance as soon as they are old enough to go to school. This will give them more time to mould their thoughts and decide their career paths. It is also important for parents to advise their children on career paths that suit their personalities. For example, if a child is an introvert, then fields like public relations will not be good for them.
  19. Gold19

    The Tragedy Of War

    This is the tragedy of war. The people who declare war are not affected by it. It affects only the ordinary people. The leaders who declare war spend the whole day surrounded by soldiers and bodyguards. It is the defenceless people who bear the brunt of the war.
  20. Advancement in technology is a good thing. However, we must not let it destroy family life. In some families, you will find the children spending the whole evening on ipads, the father will be on his computer and the mother will be sweeping through her smartphone. There is no conversation at all between family members. This is a brutal assault on family life.
  21. vaporous

    Hit My 7th

    I hit my seventh post! Thank you for considering my application.
  22. vaporous

    The Danger of Envy

    Envy is a dangerous emotion. I think it's something that everyone struggles with, but some just internalize it as one of their weaknesses. I once had a woman envious of my job. She actually attempted to get me fired and broken up with my then fiance!
  23. vaporous

    Anxiety Wine

    I enjoy alcoholic beverages occasionally. It's good to not overdo it. An eternal truth I discovered is to not let anyone take advantage of me. I've had three relationships where this occurred.
  24. vaporous


    Black Friday can be an interesting time. No offense, but I think it can bring out crazy behavior. My mother once had her foot ran over by the shopping cart of someone in a rush.
  25. vaporous

    The Magic of Music

    The thing about music that touches my heart is the detail the artist puts into creating it. I pick up on subtle changes in the tempo, melody, synthesizers, drums or anything else. Sometimes when I listen the second time, I catch something I didn't hear before. This deepens the impact.
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