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I am a unique person who find pleasure in small thing. Many small things bring me joy but there are two particular ones I would like to share. Watching children play makes me so happy. I don't mean playing a video game, I mean play outside. This reminds me of my childhood, playing with my siblings and neighbors; those were the happiest days of my life. Secondly, I enjoy spending time alone with a little book to read. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and I love being alone, no distraction, no disturbances, just me. So when I combine the two, it makes me very happy. 

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Living in the Mid-Atlantic region of the county, we get to enjoy four seasons and I love them all. My favorite, is Fall. 

I enjoy the smell of the crisp air and pumpkin spice, the colors of the trees and the crystal blue skies. Apple orchards are buzzing with activity and kids are playing outside. I love to see pumpkins on every porch and tall sunflower fields. Everything about Fall brings me joy, even the anticipation of Winter.

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