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Adoption prices & wait times

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I personally have never tried adopting. But I have a very close friend that has adopted multiple kids. The prices and wait times are OUTRAGEOUS! Why make somebody that is wanting to help give kids a good home pay so much money and wait so long? I honestly don' get it. She spent countless nights crying because she didn't know when she'd actually be able to hold her kids in her arms. Be able to tuck them in at night. It was so hard watching her struggle day by day. It took months and to finish the adoption process. I feel like it shouldn't take that long to finish it. It also shouldn't cost as much as it does. It is truly sad.

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We adopted our son and have personally experienced the outrageous costs and wait times you speak of. It was grueling and emotionally exhausting. We knew this going into the process and we were mentally and financially prepared for what was to come. My advise to all prospective adoptive parents is to be ready for a rollercoaster ride!

The reward at the end - WORTH IT!

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We adopted our son when he was 10 days old.

There are reasons for the long waiting periods and for the high costs.

In the USA, there are very few babies available for adoption. Some sources estimate that there are 36 couples (or people) wanting to adopt for every baby or young child available for adoption.

It also takes time for adoption agencies to complete background checks, home visits, etc. It is time consuming to make sure that the potential adoptive parents are good candidates.

The cost is high because there are a lot of expenses involved in setting up and completing the adoption. The agency staff who handle the case studies and paperwork need to be paid. The agency has overhead to pay as well. Some adoption agencies are for-profit entities, so a profit might be added. Adoption fees usually cover the medical bills for the pregnancy, birth and baby. Then are also legal fees for the adoption.

From what I’ve heard, the waiting period and costs skyrocket if the adoptive parents decide on an international adoption. This is largely due to the strict laws in most countries regulating foreign adoptions.

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