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Videogame addiction is a lot more complicated than you think!

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When we talk about video game addiction nowadays, people assume that it is something bad, like alcohol or smoking, while in reality it is a lot more complicated than you think.

For those who do not know, every addiction has a psychological aspect to it. For example, people who like to drink often use it as an excuse to avoid/forget certain problems. These problems could be pursuing them and therefore they want to dodge themselves from facing and solving them.

When it comes to videogame addiction, people immediately assume, that the addicts are just trying to avoid reality, same as with alcohol. In fact, it’s not exactly the truth. Some people, who are gamers, indeed prefer to avoid reality, but not because they’re afraid to deal with their problems, but because the reality isn’t so "bright" as the videogame’s world is.

For example, one could come out of their house and see dirt, as well as air pollution from nearby factories. When he comes home, he logs into his gaming world and virtual reality, where he sees rainbows and beautiful terrain (mountains, lakes and etc).

Some people prefer videogames because they just don’t like the interaction with their current society, which is known to be not so friendly and honest anymore.

That’s basically it, videogame addicts are rather a myth than something truthful and scary. As soon as we fix the problems in our society, people would stop seeking peace in alternative reality.

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