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Casual fashion for females over 50

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I have been an outdoorsy gal all my life.  While I haven't totally ignored fashion, I have mostly worn utilitarian clothes for sports as well as jeans and sweaters.  In fact, there are twice as many pairs of boots in my closet as high heels. Recently I took a good look in the mirror and said, "Girl, you need help." The years of sun and wind, of fat and skinny, have taken their toll.  My hips are giving out like an old dog's and the size of my spread has nothing to do with what property I own.  So it is that I have started to read all sorts of posts about makeup for mature skin and to look around at what women over 50 are wearing.  There are a lot of opinions out there, and not all of them are nice!  I bristled as I read that as a matter of etiquette a woman over 50 should keep their shorts knee length so others wouldn't have to see varicose veins, or that crepey skin should be covered up.  I don't think a woman's main role is to be easy on the eyes, and yet I have to admit that I have seen a few fashion mistakes that I'd rather not have seen.  Since I'd rather not be a fashion mistake myself, I've picked up some new moisturizers, including a face serum and a tinted moisturize.  I've changed the shade of my lipstick.  I've started combing through Pinterest to plan some new casual clothing choices.  I'm glad to see that jeans are still OK - all they need are some cute shoes, defiantly new cardigans and dressy teas, and of course accessories.  I'd love to hear your take on casual fashion for females over 50. 

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Who says you can't be fashionable at 50? I will admit, I no longer shop in the Juniors section of the department store (yes, I still shop the department stores) but I am not ready for the polyester pants and tacky applique sweatshirts just yet.

For me, I like a worn-in pair of good fitting jeans, paired with a flowy blouse or an oversized cardigan. I like fashionable boots, converse sneakers or a ballet flat. A good, stylish, soft leather satchel bag or messenger bag draped over the shoulder can make any outfit look fantastic!

I am not about making a flashy statement with my personal style. I like my look to seem effortless but put together with a comfortable, casual feel.

Women can still look great at 50. Confidence paired with comfortable style. How can you go wrong?

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