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I want to work hard as I can on my health. I exercise at home at night, after my radio show goes off the air.

I have tracker watch that i wear, every night I do my in room exercise class. now the only problem I have

now is my diet. I am not a cook so I lose that battle. I can't eat frozen foods, I was told not to, I can't have salt

I have to watch my water intake, so I don't know how I am going to come out of this.

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Trust me, you don't need to be a chef to be able to cook healthy and delicious meals. Just remember to prepare simple meals that don't require complicated procedures or expensive appliances. Maybe try making something simple like a salad? If you don't like that, there are many healthy and salt-free recipes online that are cheap and easy to do.

Good luck! I hope your health gets better soon.

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I recently had a health scare that put me in the hospital for three days. The experience was dreadful, not only because I was extremely ill but also because I could not stand the doctors. For various reasons having mainly to do with the lunacy of the attending physicians, I walked out on the third day. Since then, I've radically changed my diet and am now exercising again. At 63 I feel better now than in years and hope to never sleep in another hospital bed as long as I remain standing. Fingers crossed. 

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