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What is, in your opinion, the best fighting game right now?

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While not as big as it used to be, the fighting game genre still continues to live on through the die-hard and loyal FGC (Fighting Game Community). The number of fighting games has increased, with fighters like Dragon Ball Fighter Z (the most popular one right now), Skullgirls, Rising Thunder, and other games that have entered the scene to compete with classic games like Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Mortal Kombat X (with XI currently in the making).

No fighting game is the same, and there are many differences between them in terms of gameplay and pace (Divekick is a unique fighting game that only has two buttons).

In your opinion, which is the fighting game (the latest version of a franchise, that means no Street Fighter IV, etc.) that is the best to play right now? I'd choose Tekken 7 because the gameplay is very polished and interesting (I am more of a Street Fighter fan though, but I don't like Street Fighter V).

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The Soulcalibur series has always been my favorite.  I like that they include pop-culture characters from other video games as well as a robust skill customization system. 

Although I must admit I'm not very good at the game :)


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