Eric Tsuma

importance of trees planting.

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Eric Tsuma

Planting of trees is very important in people's day to day life. Trees are very important because they play a big role in our environment  because trees helps to make them environment to be a better place that can support human life.

Trees bring rainfall which can be used as water for human and animal consumptions. The water can also be used  for watering plants.

Trees can also bring fresh air to our environment whereby it will keep people to feel fresh and comfortable. 

Finally trees can provide us with timber which can be used to make furnitures. 

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Jenny Bliss

I see people are more and more aware about the importance of tree planting for a healthy environment, and actually brands like Yves Rocher are engaging in this movement. I also found a search engine named Ecosia that promises to plant a tree with each search made.

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Trees planting is the first factor to consider when speaking about possible solutions to climate change. Planting trees indeed is of utmost importance in the process of fighting back the advancement of desertification in many areas around the world. Moreover, it is proven that forests and woodlands can convey clouds carrying water in the sky, enhancing the rainfall amounts in the surrounding areas.     

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