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I think what the world needs now, is a little laughter!  It's good for your muscles, it literally feels healthy when you smile and laugh!  

As a young girl growing up I was a beauty.  I am not telling you this to brag, I am telling you this because it is the gist of my story.  There was a group of bully girls who wanted to always beat me up because I was pretty.  I would hide in corners, at the rollar rink I would have my older brother hang out so nothing could happen to me. 

Then that one day came, when I couldn't hide and my brother was busy.  They cornered me in the girls bathroom, and just as one of the girls went to punch me, I thought of something funny and shared it out loud.  I must have known instinctively that this would work, I guess many times I have surprised myself.  Anyhow, she stopped with her fist and started to smile a little and she said to me:  "what did you say?"    I said, "why was six afraid of seven?" Cause seven eight nine."   They all started laughing hysterically, and I, well I ducked out under her arm and ran!!!  After that day, they never bothered me again!!!

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Hahaha! That's a great joke, and a brilliant way to get out of a sticky situation like that! Well done. You clearly gained the respect of those bullies.  I have found the same thing, that you can usually disarm people through humour. If you can make them laugh, you are the one with the upper hand! Laughter is assuredly one of the best ways of relieving stress. and keeping in good health. If you can laugh at problems, it has the effect of diminishing them, making them seem smaller and not so serious.  So that is why I always try to see the funny side of every bad situation I am in; I can usually find something to laugh at, and it really helps. 

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