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The Rise of the Superhero Hype

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Over the last decade, movies about superheroes have skyrocketed (pun intended), drawing vast crowds to theaters to see the latest installments. Why is this? Some might suggest that the rise of these comic characters come to life is a draw for nerds who have spent their adolescence studying the backstories. Yet, these movies are breaking box office records while the movies that steal the awards, are barely seen by audiences. There is a difference from the elite that decide where art imitates life and the audience that supports with enthusiasm where art transcends life.

Young girls imagine being able to be stronger than their attributes that others say make them weak. Young men find inspiration from being able to wield some magical weapon or possess some power that he can use to save the world. Superheroes are for everyone. Whether it is a personal struggle or a world-altering crisis, heroes are needed. Our humanity inclines us to want to help our world and to transcend the bounds of what others deem as our limitations. Thus, the superhero is the virtual representation of what we want to become. When you see them struggle, it makes your own struggle seem surmountable.

You can be that hero, to yourself or to the world. This is why the superhero movie is soaring. We don't want to deliberate on heavy topics that require facing ugly truths, when it is more inspiring to see your struggle in a being that transcends and overcomes in ways that eradicates the evils of the world. 

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