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I live in the south and no one ever wins the lottery it seems.  I don't know if it is because we don't have a lot of places to buy from or what.  I have friends that have been playing the same numbers for years and still no luck at winning. 😭

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I honestly think that if you don't realize that you won't win on a lottery, you shouldn't play. Really, you shouldn't play to win, you should play because you genuinely get hyped from scraping the lottery tickets, but still, have a reasonable thought that you won't win. 

When you go to the casino and play roulette, there is almost a 50/50 chance that you will win if you go with either red or black. Your rewards, is double what you placed, and your chances of winning are almost 50% (not quite 50% due to the color green). Buying a lottery ticket, allows you to win millions of dollars, for only a couple of bucks. Any reasonable human being can easily calculate that the chances of winning, drastically dropped to below 1%. 

They're not designed to make you win :)

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What fascinates me is you hear stories about people who have won the lottery more than once! The chances of that happening alone are staggering but, on top of that, they usually end up squandering it on holidays and other indulgences. I once read a story about a man who won the lottery and wasted all the money. He then declared himself bankrupt but within a short amount of time won it again. I'm pretty sure he ended broke again down the line.

For most of us ordinary folk though, there is only two chance of winning the lottery:

1) Slim

2) None


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I have always thought that hope is the strongest motivation of all. In fact, giving the way our entire lives revolves around hopes, I think it's safe to suggest that hope is one true religion worshipped by all. You might be wondering why I brought hope into this topic. Well, I believe the game of lottery revolves around hope, the hope of eventually wining someday. 

As may already know, lotteries are more like gambling to be honest. Any line of action or game that has a 50/50 chance with odds controlled by random, external and unforseen factors are quiet difficult and almost impossible to achieve a positive result. 

I personally don't play the lotteries given the opinion I share towards the subject. I prefer indulging in sports bets which has a much higher wining possibility. I advice you don't get too attached to the idea of winning the lottery so it doesn't continue to bother you when you don't. Just keep on playing as if you enjoy playing with random numbers. Who knows, you might be the next big winner. 

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I know I am not alone when I say, “I have laid in bed at night wondering what I would do if I won the lottery”. What would I do first? What would I spend it on? Who would I share it with? Who could I help? The questions and thoughts swirl around my head until I drift off to sleep.

When I awake the next morning I find that I am still in the same life. I have the same bills. The same car. The same house. The same dream. 

The truth is, I have a fine car and a pretty nice house and a spectacular life. I have a job where I help people everyday. If we take a look at what we’ve got, we may have already won!

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