The Pain of Being a Failure

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From birth, it's treated as a terrible, taboo thing. Something to be kept at arms length. No one wants to be labeled as one, and nobody wants to associate themselves with one. Everyone's failed once, and everyone's experienced that awful sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach.

But... what if we turned that around? Instead of avoiding it like a plague, why don't we treat it as motivation? As fuel for the fire we each hold? Accept that you'll fail once in a while, and try again. Accept that you need to learn in order to grow.

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I think that the truly great personalities of this world are not those who do not fail; they are those who are not afraid to stand back up when they fall down.

I think that in order to feel real, deep happiness and satisfaction, you need to fail and learn from those failures.

The lows of life make the highs all the sweeter.

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We have all felt the fear of failure. Personally, I can vividly remember the fear of failing on a math test and then having to share that failure with my parents as I shamefully showed them my grade. The feeling was awful! As I moved through life I became afraid at failing at much bigger things like marriage and parenting.   

I also found that my fear of failure was holding me back from trying new things.  It was my own personal sabotage. I came to realize that failing actually made me more resilient. It was part of what made me grow and make me more confident. Although I can't deny that I still feel that same nagging feeling each time I am faced with a challenge, I have worked hard at overcoming it.

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